Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 708 – Let Me Play with Your Head

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Chapter 708: Let Me Play with Your Head

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It was very lively in the thunder mountains.

After Jiang Yi exited the city, he sat at the thunder ridge beside the thunder mountains and quietly waited for Chief Leng’s arrival. He seemed to already expect that Chief Leng would definitely come as he was calmly seated and cultivating on a mountain peak.

Huge changes were going on in the city for the past few days, and Jiang Yi was once again the one that led the change. There were close to 20,000 individuals at the thunder mountains, and all of them were locking their eyes at Jiang Yi’s fuzzy figure from a distance. Some of them had burning eyes while some were resentful, envious, jealous, or reverence.

Many of them were lowering their heads and having discussions. What did it mean for Jiang Yi to come here alone? The situation in the city had yet to be settled, and wasn’t it improper for Jiang Yi to be cultivating here? Could he be waiting for someone here?

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

When Chief Leng led five individuals and flew over from a distance, the thunder mountains were in a huge commotion. All their eyes lit up as Chief Leng and Jiang Yi had contradicting views. Now that the two were meeting outside the city, was there going to be a huge battle?

Chief Leng scanned the area with blade-like eyes and made sure that there were no experts hidden inside the thunder mountains. After making sure that Big Sister Bell was not around, he looked at the five individuals around him and slowly flew over to Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi didn’t move; neither did he open his eyes. He only opened his eyes when Chief Leng was around 10 miles away from him. Jiang Yi laughed and said, “Chief Leng, Jiang n.o.body had been waiting respectfully for you.”

Chief Leng didn’t stop and continued to fly towards Jiang Yi slowly. His face had a smile as he replied, “Chief Jiang. Since you called out for me, how could I not come? Does Chief Jiang have anything good to tell Old Leng? Why not discuss in the city?”


Jiang Yi let out a faint laugh and suddenly transmitted his message: “Chief Leng, I am looking for you to discuss a huge deal. It is inconvenient to talk in the city so I ask you to come outside for a talk. This matter must not be leaked out. Otherwise, both of our heads would have to drop. I hope Chief Leng can understand.”

“Huge deal?”

Chief Leng’s eyes flashed with light and transmitted a message to reply: “Chief Jiang is not cheating me?”

Jiang Yi laughed and transmitted a message: “Chief Leng. If you don’t believe me, you may return to the city. If you want to do something big together, then let us discuss in the thunder ridge. There are too many people here, and if the information was leaked out, it wouldn’t be good.”

Finis.h.i.+ng his message, Jiang Yi flew into the sky before heading into the depths of the thunder ridge. Chief Leng was stunned as his eyes flickered and looked at the others.

The five individuals looked just like ordinary underlings, and their aura presences were no difference from low-stage Heaven Monarchs. When Jiang Yi flew into the thunder ridge, five pairs of eyes shot out with chilling light while one of them said, “Chief Leng, could there be any trickery?”

“What trickery would there be?”

Another person sneered and said, “Big Sister Bell is still in the city, and none of Chief Jiang’s men had moved. As long as someone makes a move, Chief Leng’s men would definitely send a message. The members of the Lu Clan cannot come to the thunder mountains. What other tricks could Chief Jiang prepare?”

“That’s right!”

Chief Leng’s eyes flashed with killing intent and said, “We will use the fastest speed to work together and kill Lone Wolf. Even if Big Sister Bell wants to rescue him, it wouldn’t work. Once Lone Wolf is dead, that old witch Lu Ping and Big Sister Bell wouldn’t want to offend us because of a dead person. Do it or not, make your decision! Those that are not going to do it can go back to the city immediately. But I, Leng n.o.body, will say it upfront first. If I am to do big things in the future, that person will not be given a share…”

The five individuals’ eyes contracted as they clearly knew those big things that Chief Leng was talking about. They also knew that if they weren’t going to follow behind Chief Leng this time, they were going to be miserable when he received power in the future. At least, there would no longer be a place for them to seek shelter in Sky Thunder City.

“Do it!”

One of them shouted out while the others gritted their teeth and complied. Chief Leng revealed a smile and waved his hand before flying forward. He yelled out, “Let’s go. Wait for my command and release your strongest attack as soon as I do. We must kill him in a single attack.”

The six of them activated their divine s.h.i.+elds and flew into the thunder ridge. The martial artists by the thunder mountains were all feeling apprehensive as they had this abnormal feeling that something huge was going to happen. Perhaps the skies of Sky Thunder City were going to change.

Jiang Yi was flying in a speed that was neither fast nor slow. He flew over 40 miles into the thunder ridge and stood on a mountain peak while waiting for Chief Leng. Since Chief Leng had arrived at the thunder mountains, they were definitely going to enter the thunder ridge. He and Big Sister Bell had already made all the calculations.


As expected, the six figures drew across the skies shortly. All of them had cold eyes and killing aura. When they noticed that there was a bundle of Thunder Fire a few miles behind Jiang Yi, their eyes grew even colder.

“Chief Leng, ask your men to wait for there. Only the two of us can know of this matter.”

Chief Leng was still over ten miles from Jiang Yi, and he shouted out with a cold voice. Chief Leng’s brows knitted as he spoke as though he couldn’t care about Jiang Yi, “Chief Jiang, these five men are my most loyal underlings. There is no need to leave them out, right? Hahaha, to be honest, I am quite afraid that Chief Jiang might be plotting against me…”


Jiang Yi let out a long laugh and said, “If I am plotting against Chief Leng, then those five underlings wouldn’t even be of any difference, right?”

“Better than nothing.”

Chief Leng insisted and said, “Chief Jiang doesn’t have to worry. In fact, these five are my soul slaves, and they definitely will not leak out any information.”

“I see!”

Jiang Yi looked as though he had relaxed as he pointed to the mountain peak three miles away and said, “Chief Leng, you and your men will go over there. Don’t come too near. I am also afraid that you are plotting against me…”

Chief Leng let out an ashamed expression and said, “Chief Jiang must be joking. Leng n.o.body has already been defeated by you. Once Chief Jiang’s mystic fire emerges, I will not be able to resist it.”

Chief Leng and the others flew over to the mountain peak that was pointed out by Jiang Yi. Everyone scanned the surroundings and made sure that there wasn’t an ambush. Their eyes let out a trace of delight as they looked at Chief Leng and waited for his command.

Chief Leng didn’t move as he continued to sense the surroundings. He had this indescribable unease, but he couldn’t tell where the source came from. He looked around with blade-like eyes, again and again, but was still unable to find any anomaly.

“Chief Leng!”

Jiang Yi spoke and in a sincere tone. “Lu Di has left, and you have lost your backer. You want to do big businesses, but you have no connections to do it. I have the connections now, and the business I can do is bigger than yours… 100 times bigger. So, I am now sincerely welcoming you to get rich together. As long as you serve me, Jiang n.o.body will forget everything in the past. How about it?”

“100 times bigger!”

The five pairs of eyes behind Chief Leng flashed with radiance as they understood what this big business was. It seemed like Jiang Yi was really colluding with City Lordess Lu Ping. This time, they might be thinking of getting support from Chief Leng’s experiences and connections to do this business properly.

Chief Leng didn’t look tempted, but his heart was actually extremely enraged!

For seven years, he had expressed that he wanted to work with Lu Ping, but she didn’t trust him. While Jiang Yi had only been around for a few months, and she had decided to work with him? How could Chief Leng not be enraged?

Serve him?

This wasn’t what Chief Leng wanted. How much could he get if he served under Jiang Yi? The subordinates would always get the sc.r.a.ps while risking their lives for the bosses while being made use of. Chief Leng had been a boss for many years; how could he not know this logic?

Thus, Chief Leng scoffed twice and mocked him: “Keke, Chief Jiang’s big business is the selling of thunder stones, right? I am sad to say that Leng n.o.body had started playing this five years ago with Commander Lu Di, and I am already sick of it and don’t want to do it anymore. I am more interested in Chief Jiang’s head, why not let me play with your head? Chief Leng, Chief Hei, Chief Ying, Big Brother Hu, Big Brother Dong, do it!”

Buzz! Buzz!

Before Chief Leng could finish his statement, five aura presences flourished from behind him as they all lit up with radiance. Their figures and faces suddenly changed and turned into the original appearances of Chief Li, Chief Ying, and others. The six of them each drew their weapons and released their various strongest attacks!

Chi! Chi!

Six horrific attacks surged towards Jiang Yi which ripped up the spatial zones into pieces. Jiang Yi could already feel suffocation from the dreadful attacks even though it was still a few miles away.

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