Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Chapter 558 – Who Could Come and Clean Them Up

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Chapter 558: Who Could Come and Clean Them Up

“Sir, it’s not that serious. I really didn’t want to kill her. It was just a mistake!”

The policemen who were interrogating the paparazzo took the chance to pressure him. “Tell us everything you know!”

Feng Shanshan stayed late in the autopsy room because she wanted to know how much the paparazzo could spit out. Unfortunately, the paparazzo only admitted that he pushed Shen Qing.

Of course, he eventually told them everything he knew about Hu Ran’s car accident, including the name of the

As for the man who appeared in Shen Qing’s house that night, the paparazzo had only been able to get a picture of him with a lowered head and wearing a cap. They could not identify him at all.

“It’s already one o’clock. It’s very difficult to get a cab now. Should I let Tang Yan send you back?” The professor suggested.

It was very dark and windy now, of course Feng Shanshan was scared.

So, when she saw Tang Yan entering the forensics laboratory, Feng Shanshan politely said, “Sorry to trouble you, Officer Tang.”

“It’s the motorbike today. If you are not used to it…”

“I’m used to it,” Feng Shanshan said coquettishly. It was such a rare occasion.

Tang Yan did not say anything and pa.s.sed the helmet to her. “I thought you don’t beg anyone.”

Feng Shanshan lowered her head and rolled her eyes. “If I had a choice, I wouldn’t.”

“Let’s go.”

Feng Shanshan did not expect Tang Yan to be able to lift her up using just one hand. He put her on the back seat and got on the motorbike himself.

This man was very strong. With him in front, it was as if she had an impenetrable wall.

Feng Shanshan felt comfortable against the wind.

Soon after, Tang Yan sent her to the lobby of her apartment. After thanking him, Feng Shanshan went upstairs quickly. But to her surprise, her roommate had brought her boyfriend back home and they were making out in the living room.

So, she crept through the door quietly. But she was afraid of the stairwell, so she dashed back to the lobby and stopped Tang Yan’s motorbike.

“Officer Tang, please take me in for one night…”

Tang Yan glanced at her and looked up at her apartment. “What happened?”

“My roommate is with her boyfriend. I…”

Tang Yan glanced at her and approached her quietly. “You, a single woman, coming to my house. Is this an invitation?”

“I’m giving you my trust and respect because you are a police officer. Or maybe, you can lend me some money to stay at the hotel.” Feng Shanshan was irritated.

“Get on.” Tang Yan did not say much. “Don’t let my uncle know about it tomorrow.”

“Who will want other people to know?” Feng Shanshan flushed.

Why did she believe Tang Yan? First, he was a policeman. Second, this man should not be interested in feelings, since he was a workaholic. As for the third reason, after doing so much field work, she would always worry about her safety whenever she went to a hotel.

The speed of the motorbike was very fast. But the journey was long enough for Feng Shanshan to nearly fall asleep when they finally arrived at his home.

She followed Tang Yan into the apartment drowsily. The furnis.h.i.+ngs of his home really fit the aesthetics of a single man.

‘It’s totally the American industrial style. Look at that big sandbag hanging in the hall. Tsk-tsk.’

“I’ll sleep in the study. You can move freely in this area but don’t touch my things. The bedroom is upstairs. You can help yourself.”

Having said that, Tang Yan entered his study.

Feng Shanshan couldn’t help but take a deep breath. In order not to cause trouble to others and herself, she briefly washed up and lay on the sofa beside the bed on the second floor. She believed that the smell on her body was not very pleasant.

Because she was exhausted, Feng Shanshan fell asleep in no time.

As for Tang Yan who was in the study, he got curious when he could not sense any movement of Feng Shanshan.

So, he walked out of the study to take a look. Seeing Feng Shanshan curled up on the sofa, sleeping, he did not disturb her.

“Is she disgusted with my bed?”

Just because of this, Tang Yan finally got a chance to take a close look at Feng Shanshan in her quiet state.

Her face was well-defined, but her personality was not very likeable. She was a poison-mouth and she was bad to the bone. Tang Yan felt that this woman was totally not his type.

So, after glancing a few times, he moved away his eyes out of courtesy, and went back into his study.

Grandpa Sheng had fallen sick again. However, the problem with Huang Yao and Tiffany & Co. was resolved smoothly.

Sheng Bowen went to Huang Yao the next morning to attend the general meeting as scheduled. He brought with him the contract he signed with Mr. Chanil.

“I met with Mr. Chanil yesterday. And in the evening on the same day, he had boarded the plane and left. We have discussed the project between Huang Yao and Tiffany & Co, and he has agreed to restart the project, however, with some conditions. Please take a look. Firstly, he is willing to use his money to fill the shortfall, but that does not mean that we can withdraw our investment. Second, he hopes that our collaboration is built on the basis that I am the CEO of Huang Yao. Regarding this, you can discuss it.

When the shareholders saw the contract, they saw hope. Grandpa Sheng had already decided to let Sheng Bowen be the CEO and Sheng Kai the vice CEO. Now that even Tiffany & Co. requested it, it was totally acceptable.

“I have no objection. I believe that Third Young Master will live up to the hopes of our shareholders.”

“But my grandfather is ill, so I will just take over the duties of a CEO temporarily. As for everything else, we can discuss them later when Grandpa wakes up,” said Sheng Bowen. “What do you think? Please, everyone, take a stand.”

“We agree.”

When Sheng Bowen went to Huang Yao to handle the matters, Sheng Kai stayed in the ward.

Before this, it was Sheng Kai who was wary of Third Brother and his wife. Now, it was the opposite, because they were in different positions.

Seeing this, Gu Ziling squeezed Hu Ran out of her way. “Don’t tell me you don’t worry that Grandpa’s will will fall into our hands. You and Third Brother pretended as if you don’t care, but what about now?”

“You and your husband are sick in the head. Can’t you feel that?” Hu Ran said coldly.

“If you and Third Brother really don’t care about the inheritance, you wouldn’t be this nervous now.”

“Whether you believe it or not, Third Brother and I hope Grandpa will be safe and sound. I also hope that you will say fewer evil words in front of Grandpa. He will not let you get what you want.”

Gu Ziling sneered. Relying on her husband’s presence, she wanted to push Hu Ran out of the ward. “It’s better for us not to stay in one s.p.a.ce. If we’re kicked out again, we’ll become a joke.”

Hu Ran was not as shameless as Gu Ziling. So, she sat on the bench outside the ward.

She did not believe that the couple would take good care of Grandpa Sheng. Because they were only thinking about the inheritance in his hands.

She wondered who could come and clean them up. They were so annoying!

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