Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 518 – You Want Cen Bai's Autograph? I'll Give It to You

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Chapter 518: You Want Cen Bai’s Autograph? I’ll Give It to You

Voices sounded around her.

“Ah, I don’t know why, but I’m touched by Qin Shuang.”

“Dancing with an injury. It hurts even to look at her, but she actually persevered.”


Xu Xinyao’s eyes flickered as she watched the discussion about Qin Shuang increase.

Just as Qin Shuang saw Sister Xi and was feeling extremely touched, her arm was suddenly grabbed. Then, Xu Xinyao’s fake voice sounded. “Qin Shuang, is your leg alright?”

Qin Shuang: “…”

She wanted to break free from Xu Xinyao’s grip, but her legs were numb from the pain. She couldn’t exert any strength and couldn’t break free.

Xu Xinyao continued, “Don’t force yourself. I’ll carry you!”

As she spoke, her eyes turned red.

Qin Shuang: “…”

The tone of the people around them changed.

“Ah ah, I suddenly got a taste of their souls. Sisters, let’s fight! Brothers, let’s fight!”

“Xu Xinyao is so kind!”

“I’ve become Qin Shuang and Xu Xinyao’s fan. I’ve decided to go back and watch ‘Most Beautiful Girl’!”


Xu Xinyao was pleased with herself.

Who didn’t know how to ride on someone’s popularity?

However, Qin Shuang did not cooperate. “No need. Please move aside.”

Xu Xinyao stood up, but she did not let go of Qin Shuang’s arm. Others’ comments had so much power, so she definitely could not avoid her. With concern on her face, she leaned close to Qin Shuang’s ear and said, “Who doesn’t know how to show off their persona? But it’s a pity. No matter how much you’re favored this time, you won’t be able to beat me in the votes!”

She continued in a low voice, “Sun Mengmeng’s cla.s.smates are all around. Everyone will definitely vote for me on account of her!”

Just as she said this, she heard a cold voice from Sun Mengmeng’s side. “I vote for Qin Shuang.”

Xu Xinyao was stunned.

Qin Shuang smiled. Sister Xi would definitely support her. There was no doubt about it!

In the crowd.

When Xue Xi said this, Sun Mengmeng was stunned. “Ah? Sister Xi, you want to vote for Qin Shuang? Why? Xu Xinyao is my cla.s.smate. She even said that if we vote for her, she will help us get Cen Bai’s autograph! Are you sure you don’t want it?”

These words were very tempting.

Li Zixia said hesitantly, “I really want it! I already have a lot of Cen Bai’s autographs, but I still want more. Boohoo!”

Xie Yingying said, “I want it too. I want it too. I want it so much that I’m going crazy! I haven’t even gotten a single autograph before!”

Sun Mengmeng heaved a sigh of relief and was about to continue persuading the two of them when the two of them said in unison, “But even so, we have to support Sister Xi and vote for Qin Shuang!”

Sun Mengmeng: “???”

She also hesitated!

The people listening to their conversation could not help but look at Xue Xi and ask, “Sister Xi, are you supporting Qin Shuang?”

Xue Xi nodded. “Yes. If it’s possible, please help me.”

“Why are you being so polite? We’ll vote, we’ll vote!”

A few people voted for Qin Shuang without hesitation.

But a few people were still hesitating. “Sun Mengmeng, who should we vote for?”

Although they respected Sister Xi, Sun Mengmeng was their cla.s.smate. Sun Mengmeng had especially invited them over, so they could not disobey her. They were really conflicted.

Just as everyone was feeling conflicted, Sun Mengmeng asked, “Sister Xi, do you really like Qin Shuang?”

Xue Xi nodded without hesitation. “Mhm.”

Sun Mengmeng immediately corrected herself. “Then what are you hesitating for!”

She directly shouted, “Students, give me some face and vote for Qin Shuang!”

Those who were further away couldn’t help but shout, “Why should I give you face? Why?”

Sun Mengmeng’s words shut them up. “Sister Xi wants to vote for Qin Shuang!”

“… No problem!”

The six people surrounded by the audience: “??”

Xu Xinyao was even more shocked. She widened her eyes, but she felt that there shouldn’t be a problem. The production team would definitely cheat for her.

Everyone raised their hands to vote.

It was normal for the count of such a vote to be inaccurate.

The red-haired girl who supported Qin Shuang could not possibly have such great appeal, right?

However, when more than half of the people raised their hands to vote for Qin Shuang and continued until two-thirds were doing so, anyone with eyes could tell! Qin Shuang won!!

There were already so many people. The production team couldn’t possibly brace themselves and say that Xu Xinyao won.

Xu Xinyao clenched her fists in anger.

In the end, Qin Shuang won this roadshow and earned an additional 20,000 points!

Her total score suddenly surpa.s.sed Xu Xinyao’s and she temporarily took first place!

After the roadshow ended, the production team gave the six of them a break so that they could take a walk around Huaxia University. After all, not everyone could enter such a century-old school.

With this opportunity, it would be good for everyone to take a look.

The six of them would be free to move around, accompanied by a camera.

Cen Bai was still surrounded by people. Even if the security guards intercepted them, they could not stop the students from being enthusiastic.

Qin Shuang was free. Her first reaction was to take two steps toward Xue Xi. She saw the red-haired girl extend her slender legs and jump over from the cordon. She rushed to her and held her arm. “What happened to your knee?”

Qin Shuang choked a little. “Sister Xi!”

On the other side, Xu Xinyao also had fans. After being surrounded by fans for autographs and photos, she walked over to Sun Mengmeng.

Sun Mengmeng felt a little guilty. “I’m sorry, Xinyao. I have special circ.u.mstances, so I voted for Qin Shuang.”

Xu Xinyao was furious, but she did not dare to flare up in front of everyone. She could only lower her voice. “Sun Mengmeng, you’re too much!”

Sun Mengmeng held her arm. “Don’t be angry. Can I treat you to a meal? I’ll apologize to you. It’s my fault…”

Xu Xinyao took out a signed photo of Cen Bai from her bag. “Do you want it?”

Sun Mengmeng felt sorry for her. “I want it, but if you’re angry, don’t give it to me. I’m sorry…”

“What’s the use of apologizing?” Xu Xinyao pushed her away. She was no longer as enthusiastic as before. Her face was still gentle, but her voice was cold. “When you were in high school, all you could think about was studying. A nerd like you is really useless!”

Sun Mengmeng: “?”

Her eyes turned red. “How… how could you insult me like that?”

Xu Xinyao said, “Let me tell you, there’s no way you can get Cen Bai’s autograph!”

After saying those harsh words, she turned around to leave. However, when she turned around, she saw Qin Shuang and a red-haired girl standing behind them.

The red-haired girl looked at Sun Mengmeng. “You want Cen Bai’s autograph?”

Sun Mengmeng nodded with tears in her eyes.

Xue Xi said calmly, “No problem. I’ll give it to you.”

Everyone: “?”

Xue Xi walked toward Cen Bai. “Follow me.”

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