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Chapter 369: Chapter 369: Rejecting the help of a kind-hearted person


Aunt Gu was sitting on a wooden chair in the pavilion. She was wearing fas.h.i.+onable branded clothes and had gold, jade, and jewelry on her hands. When she saw mu ru coming over, a smile immediately appeared on her face, but her eyes were hiding the coldness and hatred that was absent.

Mu Ru walked forward with a smile on her face. She did not care about aunt Gu’s expression at this moment. Buddha said that you would be whatever you saw in your eyes.

“Aunt Gu, I heard that you invited me over for tea. ” Mu Ru sat down on the wooden chair opposite aunt Gu and said with a smile, “this makes mu ru a little flattered. ”

Aunt Gu quickly smiled and tried her best to appear friendly. When she saw that Mu ru had already sat down, she immediately waved the maid beside her away as if she wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with Mu Ru.

Mu Ru saw that the tea in front of her was actually quite good. Even though she didn’t drink much tea at the Xi family, she did make a lot of tea, so she could tell what grade the tea was.

She picked up the cup of tea and sniffed it. Then, she frowned and put it down She said calmly, “Aunt Gu, this tea is good tea, but it seems to be from last year. The taste isn’t fresh anymore. How about this? I’ll get a min to pack some Liu an melon slices for you tomorrow. The eldest young master just gave it to me two days ago. He said it’s a new tea that just came out this year. ”

After Mu Ru said that, she immediately picked up the cup of tea again. Without taking a SIP, she spilled it on the lawn. She looked like she didn’t want to drink this kind of tea at all.

Aunt Gu’s face immediately darkened. She was very unhappy, but she didn’t get angry. She just coughed lightly and then took out a check from her bag and pushed it in front of Mu Ru.

“Miss Xi, I’ve seen what happened between you and my nephew Yifan a few days ago. Both of you are children with hard lives. It makes me sad when I see you, ” Aunt Gu paused and looked at Mu Ru There was a rare sincerity in her expression. “Mu Ru, I’ve been there. It’s not easy for a woman to find someone who loves her. Besides, everyone has their own beauty… ”

“Aunt Gu, do you mean to help Zheng Yifan and me? ” Mu Ru quickly interrupted Dongfang Mei and looked at the check without batting an eyelid.

“Yes. ” Dongfang Mei nodded Then, she sighed deeply and said, “actually, you and Yifan love each other so deeply, especially that night when you actually knelt down for ah Mo in order to save Yifan. To be honest, I can’t bear to watch it anymore. At the same time, I’m deeply moved by your deep affection. So, I’ve decided to help you escape from one inch Mo city and send you to reunite with Yifan. ”

Mu Ru was slightly startled when she heard Dongfang Mei’s words. Her previously indifferent expression quickly dimmed, and her spirited eyes instantly lost their color. The corners of her mouth could not help but tighten slightly, and the grievance and bitterness in her heart were clearly displayed on her face.

Dongfang Mei immediately knew that there was hope when she saw her expression Thus, she struck while the iron was hot and said, “Mu Ru, ah Mo’s personality has changed drastically ever since he got disfigured in a car accident. You know that he has been following him one after another. His heart is extremely abnormal. You left him and met Yifan after that. This is because the heavens are looking after you, and you have suffered so much. Therefore, I want to help you, this pair of miserable lovebirds, no matter what. Although this check isn’t much, it is enough for you and Zheng Yifan to live abroad for 30 to 40 years. Moreover, I will think of a way to send you out safely, and I will also think of a way to send you to Yifan’s side… . . .”

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