Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases Part 168

If you are looking for Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases Part 168 you are coming to the right place.
Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases is a Webnovel created by Grenville Kleiser.
This lightnovel is currently completed.

His mind leaped gladly to meet new issues and fresh tides of thought

His mind was dazed and wandering in a mist of memories

His mood yielded

His mouth quivered with pleasure

His pa.s.sions vented themselves with sneers


His pulses leaped anew

His reputation had withered

His sensibilities were offended

His shrewd gaze fixed appraisingly upon her

His soul full of fire and eagle-winged

His soul was compressed into a single agony of prayer

His soul was wrung with a sudden wild homesickness

His speech faltered

His swift and caustic satire

His temper was dark and explosive

His thoughts galloped

His thoughts were in clamoring confusion

His tone a.s.sumed a certain asperity [asperity = roughness; harshness]

His torpid ideas awoke again

His troubled spirit shifted its load

His vagrant thoughts were in full career

His voice insensibly grew inquisitorial

His voice was thick with resentment and futile protest

His whole face was lighted with a fierce enthusiasm

His whole frame seemed collapsed and shrinking

His whole tone was flippant and b.u.mptious

His words trailed off brokenly

His youthful zeal was contagious

Hope was far and dim

How sweet and reasonable the pale shadows of those who smile from some dim corner of our memories

Humiliating paltriness of revenge


I capitulated by inadvertence

I cut my reflections adrift

I felt a qualm of apprehension

I suffered agonies of shyness

I took the good day from the hands of G.o.d as a perfect gift

I was in a somber mood

I was overshadowed by a deep boding

I was piqued [piqued = resentment; indignation]

I yielded to the ingratiating mood of the day

Ill-bred insolence was his only weapon

Ill-dissimulated fits of ambition

Imbued with a vernal freshness [vernal = resembling spring; fresh]

Immense and careless prodigality

Immense objects which dwarf us

Immersed in secret schemes

Immured in a trivial round of duty [immured = confine within]

Impa.s.sioned and earnest language

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