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Chapter 230: Why Did You Call Me?

After Bai Hao rewarded the Sparrow Voice Loli G.o.ddess with the remaining 5,000,000 Radiance dollars in his Star Web Card, he contacted Liu Jie right away.

Liu Jie, who had been urging him for duel-training, unexpectedly said that he had some matters to attend to and then logged off Star Web. He stood by the window, looking at the night as a decision emerged in his heart.

As Liu Jie’s retainer knight, he would have to seek Lin Yuan’s opinion for any decisions he made. Liu Jie intended to train in the wilderness because only when he experienced life and death would it be the most effective way to improve his strength.

It was just like how some people could hear the voices in their hearts and act on them, who either became crazy or legends.

The same was true for a spirit qi professional’s improvement. Only when they were in the midst of a crisis could their potential burst forth with the fiercest sparks and be transformed into a strength that they could grasp in their hands.

That night, Liu Jie had gone to bed early and had a dream. He tried hard to become a barrier that could block the danger in front of the youth in his dream, but the youth’s figure was getting further and further. That barrier was a little too weak. The sense of oppression in his dream made Liu Jie frown, which showed how eager he was to improve his strength.

After this second Celestial Stairway promotion duel, Lin Yuan had truly ascended to the Celestial Stairway. He had received a system message from the Star Web’s officials. At a glance, he knew that since he had ascended to the Celestial Stairway with consecutive wins, he had qualified for the Celestial Stairway’s achievement.

The Celestial Stairway achievement was a kind of very prestigious honor. There were unknown numbers of Celestial Stairway experts working hard to break the Celestial Stairway’s record and wanted to obtain the Celestial Stairway’s achievement.

Any holder of the Celestial Stairway achievement would have a virtual image on the Star Tower and stand on the Celestial Stairway achievement altar for the duelists to look up to.

Lin Yuan could not help but feel dumbfounded that he had earned such a Celestial Stairway achievement for winning back-to-back duels.

His personal ident.i.ty card changed at that moment.

Name: Black

Gender: Male

Height: 178cm

Weight: 61kg

Star Tower Floor: Celestial Stairway 0-Star

Spirit Qi Occupation: Healing-Type Professional

Occupation Rank: C-Rank

Contracted Feys:

Morbius (Bronze X/Legend)

Thousand Questions Beast (Bronze I/Legend)

Twilight Starbird (Silver I/Fantasy I)

Red Thorn (Bronze V/Epic)

Acid Corrosion Queen Bee (Gold I/Legend)

Source Sand (Bronze X/Fantasy I)

Duel Record:

(Star Tower) Duels: 100, Wins: 100, Losses: 0, Highest Floor: 100

(Celestial Stairway Promotion Duel) Duels: 2, Wins: 2, Losses: 0

(Celestial Stairway) Duels: 0, Wins: 0, Losses: 0, Highest Floor: 0

Lin Yuan nodded in satisfaction as he looked at his refreshed personal ident.i.ty card. However, he did not plan to partic.i.p.ate in Celestial Stairway duels any time soon.

He was not afraid he might encounter strong opponents, causing him to lose the duels and fall back into the promotion duels. Rather, it was because Lin Yuan felt that honing his skills and combat consciousness in the Star Tower came to be too shallow after all.

Previously, he had still not been strong enough to walk recklessly in the endless lands of the Radiance Federation. But now, he felt that he was primed to have such ability.

Lin Yuan, who had lived two lives, had seen the prosperous world of flowers in his previous life. In this life, he also wanted to see this world’s splendor, as well as the good and evil.

Lin Yuan noticed Tian Ningning’s message and simply asked her to sign the contract as his exclusive reporter. If she became his exclusive reporter, she would write all his news and combat records on Star Web.

As his exclusive reporter, Tian Ningning could only write for him. This made Lin Yuan feel as if he could indeed save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

After sending a message to Tian Ningning, Lin Yuan arranged to meet her on Star Web Center.

The Star Web Center on the Star Tower and the Royal Capital was the same, except that the one on the Star Web was much more convenient and efficient.

Since Lin Yuan had negotiated the terms with Tian Ningning, the process of signing the contract of an exclusive reporter was very simple.

In the contract, it was stated that he still would not give any interviews. At the same time, Tian Ningning also promised to write all the news about Black with true writings, regardless of whether it was his combat record or news report.

Lin Yuan also needed to make a corresponding commitment to Tian Ningning. For example, when there were some major events, she could directly learn about the actual situation.

To put it shortly, the terms of the signed contract were completely biased in favor of Lin Yuan, with the main reason being Tian Ningning did not use the speaking rights. Instead, she was doing her best to meet his demands.

It was not because she was deliberately ingratiating herself to become Black’s exclusive reporter. Rather, it was because she preferred to believe in this youth who had once clad in radiance in Millstone Town.

After Lin Yuan logged off Star Web, he washed up and went to sleep. Five consecutive days of enhancing the source-type Source Sand and this Celestial Stairway promotion duel had made him somewhat exhausted.

A room that was decorated in a very stylish and magnificent way was empty. The window was completely opened, and the autumn breeze poured into the room through the window, creating a layer of chill in the room that would make people’s hair immediately stand up.

Countless crows with scarlet eyes and black bodies flew in through the window, and they gathered together to become a middle-aged man with a triangular scar at the corner of his eye.

The moment he appeared, he closed the window and respectfully knelt on the ground and said to a pot of golden thorn apple in full bloom on the table, “Chanter Crow greets Lord Seventh Page War.”

After the middle-aged finished speaking, the golden thorn apple that was in full bloom emitted a powerful and desolate intent that contained death, upheaval, unpredictable darkness, and chaos lurking in the darkness.

The man with the triangular scar at the corner of his eye immediately hid his head lower when this desolate intent appeared, and a fine layer of cold sweat broke out on his back.

At that moment, a majestic voice that seemed to show pity yet endless mockery said, “Why did you call me?”

The man with the triangular scar at the corner of his eye did not dare to raise his head and could only lower his head so that his voice could be maintained at being more and more respectful.

“Lord Seventh Page War, in the current Radiance Federation’s dimensional rifts that have yet to be closed, I’ve placed the source-type items that can increase the cracks in all the dimensional rifts.”

He then paused and cautiously added, “But Cheng Wu has been killed. I don’t know if he has exposed the plan and whether it will affect your next arrangements, my lord.”

Suddenly, the man with the triangular scar at the corner of his eye only felt a burst of pressure coming toward him, causing him not to even have the courage to breathe.

At that moment, the voice that betrayed pity and mockery said, “Oh? He has been killed?”

The man with the triangular scar at the corner of his eye hurriedly replied, “The Radiance Federation’s Moon Empress killed him.”

After a long time, just when the man with the triangular scar at the corner of his eye felt that his heart was almost up to his throat, he heard the voice again. However, it carried a tinge of deep fear.

“The Moon Empress killed him? So she’s the one who did it! Put a halt to our plans concerning the Radiance Federation.”

“Lord Seventh Page War, what should we do about the plans for the ocean?”

“Continue as usual.”

That voice suddenly carried a hint of ruthlessness.

“You’re the leader of this operation in the Radiance Federation, but it went wrong. You’ve been stuck at Suzerain/Myth II for a long time, right?”

The man with the triangular scar at the corner of his eye suddenly turned pale and answered while trembling, “Yes, my lord.”

An endlessly contemptuous peal of laughter boomed—it desolate and ruthless. “Heh, well done. As one of the Eight Pages and the Lord of the Tower of War, I can grant you a position as the Twelve Lead Chanters of the Tower of War. But if you can’t get this done, you’ll be deemed useless. Useless people will be destined to be reduced into dust under the iron hoofs of war.”

As this voice fell, the pressure completely disappeared, and that golden thorn apple that had bloomed also instantly withered.

The cold sweat on the forehead of the man with the triangular scar at the corner of his eye had dripped to the ground. Even though the pressure had disappeared, he was still kneeling on the ground, not daring to get up, even when it was dawn the next day.

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