Evil Prince, Come Play With Me Chapter 904 – Is Your Grandfather as Handsome as Me?

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Chapter 904: Is Your Grandfather as Handsome as Me?

“I’ve prescribed medicine. After drinking it, you will have diarrhea, which is normal.”

The guards sent the imperial doctor out, and he left satisfied after being tipped.

Su Shenfan had someone take the prescription and brew the medicine before he stood up to leave.

Bu Yaolian grabbed his sleeve. “Shao Zun… where are you going?”

She was very weak now. She just wanted someone to accompany her, especially someone she liked.

Her eyes were pitiful, like that of a weak cub. She looked at him with longing, and Su Shenfan couldn’t refuse.

“I’m busy. I’ll be back soon.” Su Shenfan touched her forehead and tucked her hand back into the blanket. “You rest first.”

He couldn’t bear to see her so pitiful, so his tone softened.

Bu Yaolian knew that she couldn’t keep him any longer.

As she watched him leave, she wrinkled her nose and cried.

Busy? Wasn’t he going to go to the Three Golden Flowers? She had smelled powder on him just now; it was obvious where the guards had found him.

But she was only silly for a moment. At least Shao Zun was willing to come over when she was sick, which meant that he hadn’t completely forgotten her and left her out in the cold.

Although Su Shenfan told her to rest, Bu Yaolian didn’t.

She ran to the washroom several times in-between with her weak body. She had so much diarrhea that it even felt like bile was coming out.

After a few rounds, she finally fell asleep.

Whether Su Shenfan returned or not was no longer important.

By the time Su Shenfan returned, Bu Yaolian had already fallen asleep. Her lips were still swollen, but her temperature had returned to normal.

He reached into the blanket to touch her, and she was sweating all over.

He quickly lifted the blanket and picked her up. “Wake up. Wash up before you go back to sleep.”

Bu Yaolian didn’t want to open her eyes, and she said in a daze, “Grandpa, let me sleep a while longer. I’ll wash up after I wake up…”


Su Shenfan pinched her face until Bu Yaolian opened her eyes in pain.

“Grandpa, when did you become so young? Did you find a formula to restore your youth? Wait… Why do you look like Shao Zun?”

Bu Yaolian was still dazed.

“Is your grandfather as handsome as me?” Su Shenfan growled and threw her into the bath.

“Ah…” Bu Yaolian gulped down water and woke up.

“Shao… Shao Zun, you’re back.” Bu Yaolian touched the back of her head. It hurt a little where she hit the side of the tub.

“Why aren’t you calling me grandpa anymore?”

When this grandpa entered the bath, he pulled her over and bent his head to capture her lips.

He had wanted to do this for a long time and had been holding back for so long.

The moment her stomach started hurting, he had been restraining himself.

“Does your grandfather kiss you like this?” Su Shenfan tore off her clothes and threw them aside.

He washed her.

His warm hands caressed Bu Yaolian’s tender skin.

Bu Yaolian leaned on his shoulder and let him wash her.

“It’s the fourth day. Is your period over?” Su Shenfan asked hoa.r.s.ely.

Bu Yaolian shook her head. “I… I’m not sure.”

Her period usually lasted three days. There had still been a little in the afternoon; she didn’t know if it had already cleared up.

A hand pried her legs open, and didn’t find anything sticky. She was probably clean.

Su Shenfan’s eyes darkened. “How dare you disturb me in the middle of the night? Let’s see how I destroy you.”

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