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The crowd burst into a fervent discussion, confirming the news that, in reality, has yet to actually receive confirmation. While many felt sympathetic, some took joy in this disaster.

Like the Crown Prince’s minions, for example.

They have long disliked Gu Ruoyun and felt that the Heavens were indeed watching over them. She had always acted with such aggression, is this not her retribution?

At the back of the hall, Shopkeeper Zhao rushed in and panted, out of breath, “Lady Ghost Doctor, Elder Yu, this is not good! Something terrible has happened!”

“What happened?”

A smock of gray robes emerged from the study, Elder Yu frowned, and replied unhappily, “What’s caused you to become so frantic?”

“Huff, huff!”

Shopkeeper Zhao forcibly took two deep breaths, his face filled with panic, “Elder Yu, it’s her Ladys.h.i.+p. Something’s happened to her Ladys.h.i.+p!”



Elder Yu’s body shook and his face turned ashen. He immediately grabbed Shopkeeper Zhao by the collar and bellowed, “What did you say? What happened to her Ladys.h.i.+p?”

Shopkeeper Zhao nearly lost his breath, his elderly face turned very red. After a long pause, his breathing went back to normal and he finally explained, “Moments ago, I walked into the Hundred Herb Hall when I heard a discussion. Someone just said that they saw her Ladys.h.i.+p murdered by the Master of the Xia Family with their own eyes! So I rushed in to inform you, Elder Yu.”


Elder Yu loosened his grip and stumbled back a few steps. His face was filled with disappointment and sorrow. But most of it was fuelled by an intense fury.

“Well played, Xia Family! Hahaha! Now that Master Xia has broken through into the rank of a Martial Emperor, he can now proclaim himself as an Emperor? Our Dongfang Family is nothing to him? Shopkeeper Zhao, send word to the Young Master and everyone in the Devil Sect! We will attack the Xia Family and avenge the death of our Lady!”

Elder Yu gritted his teeth fiercely. He could imagine how angry the Young Master would be once he has heard of this! The Xia Family had dug their own grave!

That’s right, he recalled. Not too long ago, the Little Master of the Xia Family, Xia Linyu appeared in Azure Dragon Country. Since the old man had dared to murder her Ladys.h.i.+p, then he should prepare himself for a debt that costs a thousand times more!

What is the meaning of causing an upheaval out of concern? Elder Yu’s reaction explains this perfectly. Upon hearing about Gu Ruoyun’s death, he completely lost his senses. Otherwise, he probably would have reconsidered his words.

After all, Gu Ruoyun was in possession of the Azure Dragon. Even if she were unable to defeat a powerful Martial Emperor, escaping him would not be a problem. How could she possibly die by his hand?

“Elder Yu, someone who claims to be from the Xia Family requests an audience.”

At that moment, a footboy hurriedly walked in and informed him respectfully.

“The Xia Family?”

Elder Yu laughed coldly, and replied with enormous rage, “A member of the Xia Family dares to show his face! Bring him in here!”

“Yes, Elder Yu.”

Then, the footboy immediately retreated. Before he could disappear, a middle-aged man in green followed him and walked in. He looked at the enraged Elder Yu, and scorn filled the corner of his eyes.


In his anger, a great aura burst from Elder Yu’s body, changing into a tornado and aiming towards the middle-aged man. Engulfed in the tornado, the middle-aged man’s expression remained unchanged. The ridicule in his eyes increased.

“Is this how the Hundred Herb Hall welcomes its guests? You’ve certainly opened my eyes to the world. Then I, of the Xia Family, shall return you with the same courtesy!”


Two tornados clashed against one another in mid-air. Elder Yu stumbled backwards. Just as he was about to crash into a wall, a luxurious and jade-like hand firmly supported his back.

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