Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Catching someone

Hearing this woman’s voice, the face of the old housekeeper beside Ye Yu Xi changed. His voice filled with a bit of worry, “Young miss Ye, it’s the City Lord’s concubine, Madame Ji. I’m afraid that after you beat Yang Wei in the yard, Madame Ji has brought people here today for revenge!”

“It’s fine if they come, I want to meet the City Lord’s concubine today!” Ye Yu Xi aura changed and she was like a sharp sword as she walked out the door.

“Ye Yu Xi……” Madame Ji had only finished half of what she wanted to shout before the doors opened.

Ye Yu Xi stood at the gate and looked at all the City Lord palace’s personal guards standing outside like a wall. Her eyes filled with a bit of disdain, this was it?

She then shouted, “Who has been calling from outside.”

Madame Ji stood in front of the door with two maids following her, watching as Ye Yu Xi bravely walked out. She gave a cold snort before waving to the guard beside her, “Grab the two s.l.u.ts for me and throw them in the prison.”


Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at the guard that moved towards her.

There were quite a few people on the street at this time. Most of the people followed the excitement of several hundred soldiers to see what was happening.

The surrounding citizens pointed at Ye Yu Xi and the City Lord’s concubine while whispering.

“Look, it’s that waste Ye Yu Xi, I don’t know how she has offended the City Lord’s palace. Ai, she’ll suffer.”

“You don’t know? It’s said that Ye Yu Xi beat the City Lord palace’s young master Yang Wei in the Spiritualist Guild, it’s most likely they came in response to that.”

“It can’t be, how could the waste Ye Yu Xi beat Yang Wei. I’ve seen Yang Wei several times and he is always followed by four large guards. How could a waste like Ye Yu Xi beat them? Impossible, impossible.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the two approaching guards and she suddenly shouted in a cold voice, “Stop!”

“What, do you still want to resist!” Madame Ji angrily glared at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh before raising her voice, enough so that everyone could hear, “It’s fine to capture me, but at least you need a reason! Did I steal your things or did I beat your family’s people? Everyone knows that your City Lord’s palace is so strong, how could I steal from or beat you?”

When Ye Yu Xi spoke out, the crowd filled with discussion.

“Un, young miss Ye Yu Xi’s words are reasonable.”

“That’s right. Young miss Ye’s cultivation is that low, how could she provoke the City Lord’s palace? She isn’t stupid.”

“We’ll see a good play today. It’s most likely that Yang Wei has fallen for Ye Yu Xi’s beauty.”

When Madame Ji heard the discussions around her, her face looked very ugly. Ye Yu Xi was known as a waste in Ningyuan City. If she said that her son Yang Wei was beaten by Ye Yu Xi, wouldn’t it be admitting that her son couldn’t even compare to a piece of trash!

“You!” Madame Ji was stumped, so she didn’t try arguing with Ye Yu Xi anymore. She shouted at the guards, “What are you standing in a daze for! Why aren’t you capturing this s.l.u.t for me!”

The two guards came closer, but would Ye Yu Xi go with them? Of course not!

If they really made a move, Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t mind having a hundred people stay here! Her hand was already prepared, instantly able to take out the dagger from the chaotic s.p.a.ce and begin killing.

“Stop!” Another voice sounded.

“Who!” Having her plan disrupted twice, the City Lord’s concubine was feeling very dissatisfied.

“Madame Ji, it’s me.”

A man bringing a group of people separated the guards and strode in like a meteor.

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