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Five days pa.s.sed by in an instant and the dragon elephant power was now back to 2000 strands. Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist then headed towards the Mystic Yang Master.

Concoction hall…

After seeing Li Fuchen, the Mystic Yang Master let out contented laughter, “Kid, your luck is truly heaven-defying. Take a guess of the Spirit Cleansing Elixir’s grade that I have refined for you?”

Li Fuchen raised his brows and replied, “Is it peak-grade?”

The Mystic Yang Master already said he was going to produce a high-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixir. If he was asking Li Fuchen to guess, it naturally meant that it would be peak-grade.

“That’s right, it is the peak-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixir. This is the second time I have refined a peak-grade elixir after I became an earth-cla.s.s Concoction Master. The chances are less than a hundredth. You have profited.” The Mystic Yang Master tossed a jade bottle to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen quickly opened up the jade bottle and there was an indescribable and warm fragrant that gushed into his nose. In an instant, Li Fuchen felt his dragon elephant power surging and a portion of the Blood Corpse Elixir’s evil intent had bee dispersed.

“It is indeed worthy of being a peak-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixir.” Li Fuchen revealed a delighted expression.

He had already known from Elder Huo that high-grade spirit cleansing elixirs were able to dispel evil qi, upgrade the bone frame, and also strengthing the flesh and blood. These were things that the mid-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixir didn’t possess. As for the peak-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixir, it would certainly have a stronger effect than the high-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixir.

“Kid, hurry up and give me the spirit stones. This peak-grade Spirit Cleansing elixir has a great effect in strengthening the flesh and blood. From the looks of it, you should be a body refinement martial artist right?” The Mystic Yang Master asked.

“Master, here.”

Li Fuchen quickly handed over a storage bag which contained 500 low-grade spirit stones.

The Mystic Yang Master waved his hand and said, “Hurry up and go then! I am making a loss this time.”

If a high-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixir had the value of at least 700 spirit stones, the peak-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixir would surely reach at least 1000 spirit stones. If it wasn’t for his abundant wealth, he might have some wicked ideas.

After leaving the Mystic Yang Master’s residence in a hurry, Li Fuchen immediately returned to Cloud Guest Residence.

The medicinal effects of the peak-grade spirit cleansing elixir which cost 1000 low-grade spirit stones, would have to be tested before knowing.

Back at the room, Li Fuchen opened up the secret room and immediately closed the door after entering.

He sat cross-legged and took out the peak-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixir. Li Fuchen took a closer look at it before consuming it.

The spirit cleansing elixir’s medicinal effects weren’t aggressive but it was particularly powerful in permeation. The instant the elixir dissolved, powerful medicinal effects permeated deep into Li Fuchen’s body.

Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeak…

It felt like countless mice squeaking loudly. The Blood Corpse Elixir’s evil intent in the deep areas of Li Fuchen’s body was starting to melt like the acc.u.mulated snow under the blazing sun. It was starting to disperse without any resistance at all.

In about ten blinks of the eye, Li Fuchen’s body didn’t have a single trace of the Blood Corpse Elixir’s evil intent.

“Such powerful effects.”

Li Fuchen had experienced how deeply rooted the Blood Corpse Elixir’s evil intent was.

Putting aside other things, the medicinal effects of the Blood Corpse Elixir already benefited Li Fuchen greatly. Just two of the Blood Corpse Elixirs allowed Li Fuchen’s dragon elephant power to increase from over a dozen strands to 1500 strands. Even if the effects of the elixir didn’t reach the earth-cla.s.s low-tier, it would be at least half earth-cla.s.s.

The Blood Corpse Elixir’s evil intent was closely related to the Blood Corpse Elixir’s medicinal effects, How powerful the medicinal effects of the Blood Corpse Elixir would determine the potency of the evil intent.

Now that the powerful evil intent had been cleansed, Li Fuchen felt his entire body being cleared up and his thoughts were also clear.

The cleansing of the evil intent was only one of the functions of the Spirit Cleansing Elixir. As the medicinal effects of the Spirit Cleansing Elixir continued to expand, Li Fuchen realized his dragon elephant power was strengthening and increasing at the speed which he could see.

2100 strands, 2200 strands, 2300 strands, 2400 strands, 2500 strands…

The power contained in the Spirit Cleansing Elixir was too powerful. In just a short period of time, Li Fuchen’s dragon elephant power had increased to 2500 strands and it was still increasing.

As the dragon elephant power increased, the nourishment for the flesh and blood would also be stronger. Li Fuchen’s flesh and blood were rapidly transforming.

Just as the dragon elephant power, flesh, and blood were changing, there was an intense pain that a.s.saulted Li Fuchen.

The pain came from deep within and it was the exact same feeling when Li Fuchen consumed the earth-cla.s.s low-tier Seven Colour Glazed Grapes.

“My bone frame is metamorphosing.” Li Fuchen endured the pain while rejoicing in his heart.

The bone frame was an innate quality and the stronger the innate quality, the faster the development in the future.

If the inner quality was weak, no matter how diligently a person worked, there would be limits in achievement.

The bone frame was just like the spirit soul. It was a person’s most basic source. Everything about the human form was constructed upon the foundation of the bone frame.

The higher the grade of the bone frame, the easier it was to filter the impurities from the qi. It would allow for faster increase in qi cultivation. In the past, Li Fuchen’s fast pace in cultivation was due to his high grade of the spirit soul and exceptional perception, along with his cultivation technique rank which was far beyond people of his age group.

The higher the cultivation technique rank, the faster it was to purify the impurities in the qi.

One was filtering, the other was purifying. The objective was the same.

The pain came in waves and it didn’t allow Li Fuchen to carefully observe the changes in his dragon elephant power, flesh, and blood.

It was unknown how much time had pa.s.sed but the pain gradually weakened. Just as Li Fuchen thought it was about to end, there was another even more intense pain that a.s.saulted him. That pain had caused Li Fuchen to suffocate for a moment.

“The bone frame is still upgrading. Could it be upgrading from 2-star bone frame to 3-star bone frame?” Li Fuchen’s joy was stacked up further.

The Spirit Cleansing Elixir might have the probability to upgrade the bone frame by one or two stars, but it was almost impossible for it to upgrade the bone frame by two stars. Among 10,000 men, only one or two would be able to upgrade the bone frame by two stars.

Of course, Li Fuchen guessed that he was able to upgrade his bone frame by two stars was mainly due to the Spirit Cleansing Elixir.

Peak-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixirs were extremely rare. Even earth cla.s.s mid-tier Concoction Master wouldn’t dare to say they could produce one peak-grade Spirit Cleansing Elixir out of every 100 concoction. Perhaps, only earth cla.s.s high-tier Concoction Master would dare to claim so.

Li Fuchen’s body might be in extreme pain, but he would gladly accept it.

The time elapsed bit by bit and the pain started to gradually weaken again.

This time, there were no more surprised. Right now, Li Fuchen should be having the 3-star bone frame and the Spirit Cleansing Elixir was only effect on martial artists below the 3-star bone frame.

After the pain had completely vanished, Li Fuchen forcefully blew out a turbid breath and immersed his awareness into his body.

It was unknown when the dragon elephant power in his body had reached 3000 strands.

3000 strands of dragon elephant power were weaving together like a net and covering Li Fuchen’s entire body. They had penetrated all his bones and flesh. When he formed a fist, a dominating power was gathered in place. This power had actually reached the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm. If Li Fuchen was to complement it with the Metal Bone Fist, the strength would reach the 5th Reincarnation Realm.

At the same time, after being nourished by the dragon elephant power, the qi power was also much stronger. Even if Li Fuchen didn’t activate his dragon elephant power, he believed he could go against a 3rd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist. Furthermore, he could persist in a battle of attrition and didn’t have to worry that he might run out of strength at the later part of the battle.

“These 500 low-grade spirit stones are truly worth spending!”

Using 500 low-grade spirit stones to increase the strength by one level would cause so much jealousy if this matter was made known. After all, once a martial artist reached the Reincarnation Realm, it was extremely difficult to increase even one level of strength.

Those elixirs that could increase the cultivation level would cost at least a few thousand spirit stones for a single elixir.

Those earth cla.s.s low-tier weapons would also cost at least 1000 low-grade spirit stones

As for earth cla.s.s martial arts, one could only hope to discover them.

“It is time to return to Rushing Current City.”

In just a bat of the eye, Li Fuchen had resided in Raging Inferno City for more than a month. It was rather close to the date of the enrollment for the South Forest Martial Inst.i.tution. Li Fuchen had to rush back to join Luo Yan.

Entering the South Forest Martial Inst.i.tution was Li Fuchen’s first objective in the Seven Color Continent.

From what Luo Yan said, as long as a person was outstanding enough in the South Forest Martial Inst.i.tution, one could learn earth cla.s.s cultivation techniques and also martial arts.

The flaming qi in his body was extremely hard to deal with. It was impossible to neutralize the flaming qi with regular methods. He had to cultivate an even higher grade of technique in order to dispel or devour the flaming qi.

On the next day, Li Fuchen left Raging Inferno City.


Rushing Current City, Luo Clan…

“Li Fuchen, you are finally back!” Luo Yan let out a breath of relief. There was just a little more than one month before the enrollment for the South Forest Martial Inst.i.tution. If Li Fuchen didn’t return now, he wouldn’t be able to make it.

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “If I said I will return, I will naturally return. Unless something is hindering me.”

Luo Zhan spoke with a serious expression, “Yan’er, for this trip to the South Forest Martial Inst.i.tution, Father will personally escort the two of you.”

“Father, Great-Grandfather is still in seclusion. The Luo Clan needs you to oversee it. It is fine for me and Li Fuchen to go by ourselves.” Luo Yan refused.

Luo Zhan said, “Previously, someone had ambushed you. I am afraid they have yet to give up. How can I be at ease to let the two of you travel on your own.”

For the past century, the Luo Clan only had one 5-star bone frame and that person was Luo Yan. Be it privately or publically, Luo Zhan was extremely concerned about Luo Yan’s safety.

Li Fuchen said, “Clan Head Luo, even if you came along, it will not be of much use. They had failed in their previous on Luo Yan. This time, they might send out Reincarnation Realm martial artists. Clan Head Luo might at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm, but you will still have a hard time to protect Luo Yan.”

Luo Zhan frowned and said, “I am not just a regular 1st level Reincarnation Realm martial artist.” If he hadn’t just progressed to the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm two years ago, he would have already purchased the Primary Ascension Elixir to advance by one level. Even though his cultivation level wasn’t considered high, with his great clan businesses, he had already obtained an earth cla.s.s low-tier weapon. With this earth cla.s.s low-tier weapon, he believed that he could fight against a 2nd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist and obtain victory. Unless his opponent also had an earth cla.s.s weapon.

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “Clan Head Luo, just let Luo Yan’s protection to me!”

“You?” Luo Yan frowned and looked at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen was very formidable, but he would have a hard time to protect himself against a Reincarnation Realm martial artist, how was he going to protect Luo Yan?

“Clan Head Luo, receive a move from me.”

Li Fuchen didn’t activate his dragon elephant power and blasted a fist at Luo Zhan with just his qi power.

It was very fast and Luo Zhan quickly matched the attack with his own fist.


The valiant force had caused Luo Zhan to step back without a chance to resist.

“You are?” Luo Zhan was shocked.

In order to prove his conjecture, Luo Zhan drew a pale blue artifact sword.

“Young Hero Li, please enlighten me.”

As Luo Zhan spoke, he wielded the sword in his right hand. He made a circle and a jolt before enveloping Li Fuchen with an endless sword rain. The powerful sword pressure caused Luo Yan to retreat step after step until she was several tens of meters away.

When facing against Luo Zhan’s sword art, Li Fuchen smiled and responded with a fist.

The boundless qi power created a giant fist shadow that scattered the sword rain and the valiant force had sent Luo Zhan flying again.

“You are a Reincarnation Realm body refinement martial artist?” Luo Zhan was astonished.

He might not have used the earth cla.s.s low-tier artifact sword, but he was still a 1st Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

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