ETERNAL LOVE : A LOVE STORY Chapter 162 – You're Being Bold.

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After a while, they had a light dinner and Liwei went to his study to read some doc.u.ments while Xie Ming went to her room to sleep early. 

She was tired because of the interview. Her body is not in perfect shape, as she gets tired easily. 

If been a few days that she woke up from her coma, but her body is not strong. She easily gets tired and fell asleep. 

As her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep within a few minutes. 

While sleeping, the creases appear on her forehead. Her breathing fastens and she grasped the bedsheet in desperation. 

She started breathing heavily, and was drenched in sweat. 

She shook her head desperately while sleeping, trying to wake up from this horrendous dream but couldn’t do so. 

It’s like her body has been paralyzed. She can’t wake up from her dream, even if she tries hard to do so.

She feels like she is drowning in the water. She can’t breathe. 

This was the same feeling that she had while she was in the pond while drowning to her death. 

That was the same feeling she was having right now.

It’s not exactly the dream. She can’t see anything but it was all black in front of her.

But she was unable to breathe. 

She wants to open her eyes, but can’t do so. 

Liwei was in his study when he remembered that he forgot his phone in Xie Ming’s room. 

As he went to her room after they came from lunch and after they had the chat there and then went to have dinner downstairs. 

He didn’t check his phone at that time. But while checking the doc.u.ments he remembered that he forgot his phone in her room. 

Her room’s light was off. He knew that she went to sleep. But he needs his phone to check some important messages. 

He sighed and went to her room. 

He carefully opened the door of her room, trying to make the minimalist sound. 

He was afraid that if she woke up late in the night, then she won’t be able to sleep properly. So he does not want to wake her up. 

He looked around in the pitch dark room. He tiptoed in the room, and carefully went in. 

He tried to find the coffee table, where he kept his phone earlier. 

He finally went to the coffee table and carefully picks his phone. He opened the phone light and breathed in relief.

As he turned to go back to his room, he heard the sound of heavy breathing and sobbing. 

He stopped in his tracks and raised his phone to look towards Xie Ming. 

Under the dim light of his phone, he saw the helpless state of the girl in the bed. 

Though he can’t see anything clearly but he could see that her expressions do not look good. 

And noticing her heavy breathing, he got worried. 

He knows that she had nightmares after waking up from the coma. And because of those dreams, she becomes pale and her condition worsens. 

He opened the light in the room and saw Xie Ming covered in sweat, tightly clenching the bedsheet in distress. 

She was trying to breathe but was struggling with it. 

He hurriedly went towards her and went in her sheets. As he laid down next to her, he scoops her in his arms and hugs her tightly. 

He puts his chin on her head and turns her to his side. Her face now was in his embrace. 

He rubs his hand on her back, trying to calm her down. 

She was on the verge of breaking down. But his sudden affectionate act gives her a sense of a.s.surance and being loved.

As he hugged her and spoke in her ears in a low voice, ” Sshh. It’s okay. It’s okay. Everything is fine. Don’t worry. I am here.” he tried to soothe her. 

As he says sweet things in her ear, she felt secure in her arms. 

Her heavy breathing calmed a bit. She felt better in his arms. 

He noticed that her breathing became regular and she was no longer struggling while sleeping. 

He smiled. 

He placed a kiss on her forehead lovingly.

He tried to place her on the bed and go back to his room, but as he got off the bed, she caught the hem of his s.h.i.+rt in desperation. 

Her brows were tensed. It’s as if she was holding on her last ray of hope.

He looked at her pitiful face and sighed. 

‘ It’s better that I sleep here. But it’s hard to sleep while only holding hands with her.’ he frowned thinking about the torture that he had to bear for the night. 

He sighed. 

‘ I guess, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.’ 

He again went under the blankets are laid beside her holding her in his embrace. 

She also wrapped her arms around his waist tightly. 

She felt secure in his embrace. She didn’t even wake up from her sleep even for a once. 

After a while later, he also fell asleep beside her. 

In the morning, when Xie Ming woke up, she felt that her neck was sore but she didn’t have any headache.

She had a really good sleep last night. 

As she slowly opened, her eyes, she saw a bare chest in front of her. She was in a daze and looked at the bare chest for a while. 

She suddenly jolted from her sleep and sat on the bed when she realized that it was Liwei, who was hugging her while sleeping. 

His handsome face was G.o.d-like while sleeping. 

She remembered that she was struggling in her sleep at first but later she felt someone hugging her while sleeping. And she fell asleep peacefully. She thought it was her dream, but now it seems it was not.

She looked at him and realized that it was not a dream but it was the reality. She hugged him in her sleep. 

She sighed while looking at his face.

‘ How could someone look this handsome while sleeping?’ she thought while caressing his face with her finger.

She was in a daze and touched his forehead with her finger and slid down to his nose. 

Her finger came to a halt when she reached his lips. She looked at his perfectly shaped dark pink lips and gulped. 

Unknowingly she started caressing it as well. 

Liwei who was in sleep, grunted in trouble. 

Scared by his grunt, she tried to pull her hand in embarra.s.sment but he caught her hand. 

She was shocked as she looked at him. 

He looked at her and asked, ” You’re being very bold early in the morning? You know I don’t mind if you want to do something with me but at least be quick. You know, that you’re torturing me right now. ” he said as a matter of fact.

Xie Ming was confused with his words. 

She looked at him in bewilderment. 

Seeing the confusion on her face, he chuckled and narrowed his eyes downwards. She followed his gaze and look downwards. 

There she saw the blanket bulging a bit. She confusingly stare at it for a minute. 

When realization hit her, she jolted up and tried to jump back from the bed. 

Her cheeks turned red in embarra.s.sment. 

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