Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1461 – Collecting Corpses

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Chapter 1461: Collecting Corpses

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Supreme Saint Jiuling couldn’t help but smile. “That Zhang Ruochen is quite interesting. He doesn’t follow the script at all.”

Ancestor Wu’s voice sounded. “In merely one large battle, Zhang Ruochen already collected such a large amount of Luosha blood and souls. In comparison, the Kunlun’s Field, h.e.l.l Blade Field, and Purple Mansion Field suffered great losses.

“As long as he can reach the Merits Records Wall and exchange the Luosha souls and blood for merits, the Guanghan Field will have a huge advantage. We might not be able to be in the top three, but we can at least get fourth place.”

Supreme Saint Jiuling nodded. “Now, my only worry is the Luosha Princess. This variable is too large!”

On the side, Emperor Jimie shook his head. Chuckling, he said, “The Luosha Princess is indeed a variable but also Zhang Ruochen’s biggest trump card. As long as he has this card, he’d be able to face any dangers in Zuling Field. He might even be able to get first place, let alone enter the top three.”

Hearing his words, the hearts of all the Supreme Saints jumped.

Was it possible to become first place of the Saints Merits Battle?

If Zhang Ruochen led the Guanghan Field to the first place, they wouldn’t become the newest battleground. It would be okay even if they’d lost the Supreme Saint and Saint King Merits Battle.

Of course, the Great Devil Ten Square Field, Eight Ministry Field, and Purple Mansion Field had obvious strengths. They had countless times more Saints than the Guanghan Field.

If the Guanghan Field wanted to become first of the Saints Merits Battle, it was practically impossible.

Before, they had no chance at all. Now, they had a sliver of chance.

“No wonder the Moon G.o.ddess fought to have him come to the Guanghan Field. He is indeed extraordinary. My hopes for him grow more and more. He must become stronger. If he kills the Luosha Princess, his name will ring throughout all the worlds.”

Supreme Saint Manjian grew nervous. He focused on the area where the Phoenix Nest was located.

The Supreme Saints of the Kunlun’s Field all fell silent.

If Zhang Ruochen had represented the Kunlun’s Field, they would have a huge advantage on the battlefield with his abilities. They wouldn’t be struggling at the brink of death like now.

Unfortunately, the sovereign of the Kunlun’s Field was Empress Chi Yao. Even Supreme Saints like them wouldn’t be able to change the Empress’ mind.

The battle of the three worlds against the Luosha army intensified. With every breath, a Saint fell dead on the battleground.

Zhang Ruochen indeed didn’t join the battle. He just collected corpses on the side.

Su Qingling also helped. She kept taking treasures from the corpses and was very busy. She never thought that she could collect merits like this from the extremely dangerous battlefield.

The merits were coming too easily.

Was this a fake Saints Merits Battle?

On the battlefield, Martial Saint Canglan glared and demanded, “Zhang Ruochen, you’re shameless!”

“What do you mean?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“Even if you joined the Guanghan Field, you’re still part of the Heaven World,” Martial Saint Canglan said. “When facing the Luosha, shouldn’t you work with us and kill the enemy together?”

Zhang Ruochen shrugged. “The Luosha haven’t attacked me. What can I do?”

Martial Saint Canglan was also dumbfounded. Were the Luosha all blind? Couldn’t they see that b*stard Zhang Ruochen? Or did the Luosha think the Saints of the three major worlds were more threat and would go for Zhang Ruochen after taking care of them?”

“Even if the Luosha hasn’t attacked you, you shouldn’t hide on the side and collect treasures and merits,” Martial Saint Canglan said. “We killed those Luosha marquises. The merits belong to us.”

Zhang Ruochen clearly didn’t agree with her view. “It’s your fault for not collecting it. Do I have to return the treasures and merits I picked up from the ground? Collect it if you can. I won’t rob you. After all, we had a relations.h.i.+p before.”


Martial Saint Canglan was furious now. She regretted even more that she’d pleaded forgiveness with the Empress for her. This traitor deserved to be ripped to shreds.

Suddenly, her eyes narrowed. Zhang Ruochen had actually pulled back the Clear Sky Bow and shot an arrow at her.


A third marquis behind her was shot by the s.h.i.+ning Sun Arrow. Blood spattered, dyeing half of Martial Saint Canglan’s body red.

While she’d been furious, that third marquis had snuck to her side and brandished his sword. He’d almost cut off her head.

Thankfully, Zhang Ruochen had killed him with an arrow. Otherwise, the consequences would’ve been unimaginable.

Collecting the s.h.i.+ning Sun Arrow, Zhang Ruochen said, “No need to thank me. Just take it as a gift.”

Martial Saint Canglan stared at Zhang Ruochen, feeling troubled. She didn’t know if she should hate or thank this guy.

Zhang Ruochen used the Spatial Twist to take the third marquis’s body. He returned to the spatial maze and tossed it at Su Qingling.

The Luosha Princess’s battle with Sword Master Dongliu had already ended.

Sword Saint Dongliu was heavily injured. His chest had a huge b.l.o.o.d.y hole.

However, he used a lifesaving tactic and fled into the camp of the Purple Mansion Field to escape death.

He swallowed a healing Divine Pill and used all his strength to refine it with his Holy Qi. Saintly light appeared over the wound and it healed slowly.

“Is she really the Spiritual Flame Demonic Concubine? How can she be so strong?”

Sword Saint Dongliu had never met someone as strong as the Luosha Princess in the same realm. She was like a mountain standing before him. He was powerless against her.

Fang Yi had fought with the Luosha Princess before and knew how strong she was. “There’s no need to offend the Spiritual Flame Demonic Concubine for now. Take care of the Luosha marquis army first. When we’re free, the two of us can work together and bring her down.”

Sword Saint Dongliu nodded and pointed at the Luosha army. “The 36 Nine Nine to One Formations work together and can convert each other’s powers. They’re like one entirety. Not even first step Half Saints can break through them. But if we don’t break through them, we’ll always be at a disadvantage. How about we use the divine weapon?”

Fang Yi shook his head. “Do not use the divine weapon so quickly. Actually, we can also build a formation and use it for power to converge toward me. I’ll activate the White Micro Star’s power. Perhaps we’ll be able to destroy the 36 Nine Nine to One Formations.”

A moment later, more than 100 Saints from the h.e.l.l Blade Field and Purple Mansion Field gathered around Fang Yi. They stood in mysterious locations, like the foundation of a formation.

As they continued to release saintly power, formation prints showed under their feet.


The power from more than 100 Saints were sent toward Fang Yi and into his body.

Next, the White Micro Star on Fang Yi’s forehead shone with brilliant light. The shadow of an enormous star appeared above his head.

The vast saintly might shook the entire s.p.a.ce.

In the other direction, Chu Siyuan, the Saint Lady, G.o.ddess Siming, and a group of Spiritual Power Saints who’d just arrived also sent out their Spiritual Power to activate the Confucius Saint Book.

Next, the Confucius Saint Book and White Micro Star projection attacked the 36 Nine Nine to One Formations together.


The 36 Nine Nine to One Formations were destroyed. Hundreds of Luosha marquises were killed, exploding into clouds of blood.

Other than that, a large group of Luosha marquises were hurt too.

After this attack, Chu Siyuan, the Saint Lady, G.o.ddess Siming and the others used up their Spiritual Qi. They all sat down on the ground and started cultivating to recover.

Fang Yi and the 100 Saints also exerted a lot of energy. Faces white as paper, they sat down and circulated energy to recover their strength.

However, the other Saints of the three worlds were overjoyed. They cheered while charging at the Luosha army.

The Luosha army didn’t continue to fight with them. Instead, they retreated quickly to the south side of the mountain.

At the same time, a ma.s.s of saint weapons flew out of the south side. They attacked the Saints of the three worlds, protecting the Luosha army as they retreated.


Seeing this, suspicion filled Zhang Ruochen’s eyes again. “Who is commanding the Luosha army?” he murmured to himself.

The Luosha Princess stood beside Zhang Ruochen. A solemn looked filled her eyes. “There must be a very intelligent person in the Luosha army. If not for this person, the Luosha would’ve suffered greatly in this battle. Now, it seems like the three worlds have suffered more.”

“Could it be the legendary Luosha Princess?” Su Qingling asked.

“Luosha Princess?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“I heard that the Luosha Princess is the daughter of one Luosha G.o.d,” Su Qingling explained. “Not only is she very talented, she’s also extremely wise. She’s only a Saint, but she became the general for the Zuling Field attack. On this battlefield, it’s rare for even the old figures of the Heaven World to defeat her. In 30 short years, she destroyed the Zuling Field.

“My grandfather once said that this was the Luosha Princess’s first time commanding an attack on a great world. It’s terrifying to have such achievements. In the future, she’ll definitely become stronger. By then, probably no one in the Heaven World would be her match. This is why the Heaven World will use all its might to kill her before she can mature.”

“So the Zuling Field has someone so powerful,” Zhang Ruochen murmured to himself.

Sensing something wrong and worried that Zhang Ruochen would suspect her, the Luosha Princess hurriedly changed the topic. “The Luosha army has retreated. We might become the target of the Saints from the three worlds. What is your plan?”

“The great worlds aren’t united completely,” Zhang Ruochen said. “They have compet.i.tive relations.h.i.+ps, so it’s much easier to fight them than the Luosha army.”

“Seems like you already have a plan!”

“It’s not really a plan. It’s just that with us two, there’s no need to fear them. The Guanghan Field and Great Devil Ten Square Field have a large group of Saints gathered at Great Whale River. They won’t dare to openly do anything to us, just like how you didn’t kill Sword Saint Dongliu.”

“Seems logical.”

The Luosha Princess smiled. Then she sent Spiritual Power to issue an order to the Luosha army. “Immediately capture the Heir of the Great Devil Ten Square Field, the Spiritual Flame Demonic Concubine. I want her alive.”

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