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“Li You!”

Upon hearing that name Ji Wu Jiu’s face turned black. This woman, who was just only intimate with him,  dared to speak of another man’s name right after, was she not afraid of him getting jealous?!

Ye Zhen Zhen did not really bother about Ji Wu Jiu’s mood, she stood up and wanted to run out the tent, “Hurry, Li You was at the Nu Zhen’s camp as well, nothing will happen to him right!” Yesterday all the enemy army was killed on the spot.

“First, wear your shoes!” Ji Wu Jiu pulled her back, while grabbing on to a pair of shoes and helping her wear them, while calling out for “w.a.n.g You Cai!”

w.a.n.g You Cai went in, and saw the scene in the tent, his jaw nearly fell to the ground. What did he saw? For someone who allows others to wear shoes for him, the emperor is currently helping the empress wear them!

“Tell Lu Li, to look from someone called Li You amongst the people we captured yesterday” Ji Wu Jiu ordered.

“Yes” w.a.n.g You Cai trying to maintain his expression and left.

Ye Zhen Zhen shouted towards his disappearing figure “He is not wearing any armour, wearing normal robes”

Ji Wu Jiu finished wearing her shoes for her, and guided her out the tent, while asking “Why are you so worried over that Li You?”

“He saved me” Ye Zhen Zhen said, while explaining what happened the past few days to Ji Wu Jiu.

Understanding that Ye Zhen Zhen only wanted to repay Li You for saving her life, Ji Wu Jiu felt better, but also thought of why would this Li You treat Ye Zhen Zhen so well, there must be something he wants.

Li You was quickly brought over by Lu Li. Yesterday, they have already found him, and he claimed that he was also captured, so they did not kill him, and was just placed under guard, while waiting for Ji Wu Jiu’s decision.

Although Ji Wu Jiu does not really have positive feelings towards Li You, but seeing that he has saved Ye Zhen Zhen before, he showed that he was thankful. So, Ji Wu Jiu said some courteous words and promised to bring Li You back to the central plains. After thanking Ji Wu Jiu, Li You thanks Ye Zhen Zhen, and their gaze was rather intimate, after seeing that, Ji Wu Jiu pulled Ye Zhen Zhen and left.

Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly asks, “Are we going back?”

“En” Ji Wu Jiu answered

“I think that we don’t have to return first, and use this opportunity well”

“How so?” Ji Wu Jiu slows down his pace and asked her.

“I heard from Duo Duo Wu La Tu and those people from Nu Zhen tribe, and was able to estimate the location of where the Nu Zhen tribe’s royal court location” Ye Zhen Zhen answered.

Ji Wu Jiu’s eyes immediately brighten up  “Is it accurate?”

Ye Zhen Zhen nodded

After A Er Ha Tu united the Nu Zhen tribe, he build Du City. Not sure if he was afraid of others looking for vengeance or some other reason, but that fella built 2 Du City at the same time, one fake and one real. The royalty and n.o.bles are located at the real Du City, but only the high ranking or personally appointed by A Er Ha Tu knows where the real Du City is. Somehow his method was really good, a lot of Nu Zhen tribe’s people also do not know where the real Du City is, not to mention Da Qi.

Furthermore, Da Qi was not interested at where the city was in the first place. n.o.body wanted to attack their capital, even Ji Wu Jiu initially only wanted to make A Er Ha Tu retreat only.

But now….

Ye Zhen Zhen opened up a map, and draw a circle on the place that they are staying now, and drew somethings on the east side, found a spot, and marked it “it’s over here”

Ji Wu Jiu and Lu Li looked at the spot, facing towards the mountains and guarded by the river at the back, it was easy to guard and hard to be attacked,  it really looked like where Du City will be located.

Ye Zhen Zhen drew a line to connect to places together, the line indicated that if they wanted to attack, all they had to do was just keep heading towards the east.

Ji Wu Jiu and Lu Li looked at each other, and both detected a hint of worry from one another.

First, was Zhen Zhen’s information accurate? To attack the main place straight is very complicated, it cannot be compared to the normal battles, if they lost, it was hard to runaway, and if they travel so far to find nothing, and if they were attacked later, then it would be pointless.

Besides that, this time around, their main purpose was to save Ye Zhen Zhen, so they did not bring a lot of grains and food, it was only enough to stand for another 30 days or so only. To look for the Du City now, if quick it would be around 20 days, if slow 30 plus days, and if they were to stop near Nu Zhen’s territory it would be hard to gather food for a few days, this would make the situation very dangerous.

With these two question in hand, now to return to the main camp would be the most ideal plan.

However, if the information from Ye Zhen Zhen is accurate, if they missed out this opportunity won’t it be a waste.

After much thought, Ji Wu Jiu thinks that this was not necessary a bad plan. Because A Er Ha Tu has decided to pull most of his army to the frontlines, so their defense should be weaker, and if Ye Lei Ting can coordinate properly with them, or if A Er Ha Tu was defeated, even if they did not manage to find Du City, they would still be able to leave unscathed.

Ji Wu Jiu told his idea to the other 2. Therefore this 3 youngsters who were oddly brave beyond words, gathered and made a decision that made all the old people back at the court shivered.

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