Emperor’s Domination Chapter 694: Alchemy Materials On The Line

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Chapter 694: Alchemy Materials On The Line

The Pillvine King’s original form was an alchemy vine that was fueled by natural fire to become a demon, thus his flame controlling skill was amazing. Because of this, he was innately gifted in learning the dao of alchemy.

It could be said that he had obtained the main teachings from the alchemists of the ravine. Although he was not as good as the four great prodigies, such as Yuan Caihe, his fame was still great among the younger generation.

Because of this, he dared to challenge Li Qiye with regards to the dao of alchemy.

At this time, all cultivators looked at Li Qiye. Using the dao of alchemy to settle a feud was very common in the Stone Medicine World. Whether it was using pill refinement or alchemy theories to determine victory, compet.i.tions such as these were a daily occurrence.

This was something unique to the Stone Medicine World where alchemists had great prestige.

“Since there is someone who really wants to see my dao of alchemy, very well, we can have a little compet.i.tion.” Li Qiye smiled and casually flipped his palm. With a little clatter, the gloves came off his hands.

These gloves emitted an ancient l.u.s.ter as if it was crafted from bronze. At this time, Li Qiye nonchalantly threw the gloves over to the madam and said: “The name of these gloves is G.o.d’s Hands. It is not just a simple artifact, so take your time understanding it. Its value is no lower than any Immortal Emperor Life Treasure.”

After catching the gloves, the madam couldn’t help but become a bit stunned. She didn’t expect for her Young Master to casually gift such a precious item to her.

G.o.d’s Hands — just the name alone made it clear on just how unfathomable this pair of gloves were. Just like Li Qiye had said, it was not weaker than any Immortal Emperor Life Treasure. Just how precious was this treasure?

Although a life treasure was far less valuable than an Immortal Emperor True Treasure, it was still priceless. Not to mention sects without one at all, even imperial lineages would treat each of these treasures like a baby; they wouldn’t casually use them.

But now, Li Qiye gave the madam a treasure of this level without any consideration just because she was by his side as if it was a mere insignificant piece of cabbage.

All of a sudden, not just the madam, many people here were startled. Such an extravagant and flashy move could scare people to death. To give away a life treasure of the emperor level to someone else… They most likely had never seen such a prodigal son before. Even a descendant of an imperial lineage wouldn’t be able to reach this matchless, wasteful level!

At this time, many people were very envious of the madam. This was a treasure comparable to an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure! Now, they all understood a little bit about why the madam thought so highly of this no-name junior.

If it was someone else, then even if they were loyal for an entire lifetime, they still wouldn’t be able to obtain a great treasure like this.

The madam quickly regained her composure and quietly accepted the G.o.d’s Hands. Although she didn’t say anything else, there was a boundless sense of grat.i.tude in her heart.

At this time, Li Qiye glanced at the Vinepill King and lazily said: “Alright, alchemy compet.i.tion, how do you want to do it?”

Meanwhile, the Vinepill King saw the madam putting away the G.o.d’s Hands and couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. This was an item of the Immortal Emperor Life Treasure level, and as a disciple of an imperial lineage, he naturally understood the value of one.

Despite being a disciple, he had no chance of getting one. In the ravine, the only person who could have one among the younger generation was the Golden Crown Prince. So now, after seeing the madam with the G.o.d’s Hands, how could he not salivate?

The Vinepill King struggled to look away from the gloves. Then, he took a deep breath and sneered after hearing Li Qiye: “Of course it will be fate pills for an alchemy compet.i.tion. Do you dare to add some bets?”

Li Qiye remained at ease while looking at the king and smilingly responded: “Bets? What kind of bets?”

With a very solemn mood, the Vinepill King took out a medicine box and deepened his tone towards Li Qiye: “We will refine a fate pill cauldron. Whoever does it better will be the winner. I have here a 1.5 million year old Young King Medicine. If you win, then this root will belong to you, do you dare to make this bet?!”

Having said that, he opened the box and a medicinal fragrance came out. Anyone here who smelled this aroma of herbs would immediately feel as if they were walking on air.

“This is a stone flower, a 1.5 million year old medicine — exceedingly rare. The flower of a Young King Medicine such as this is the finest ingredient to refine longevity medicines!” Many cultivators here were also alchemists. Among them, an older one couldn’t help but voice his praise after seeing this particular flower.

“This stone flower is also called a Young Immortal Medicine… Just how precious is one this old?” Many people here watched on carefully while the alchemists were full of admiration and greed.

For alchemists, especially the younger ones, it was not easy for them to have contact with these one million year old spirit medicines, especially one as rare as a stone flower which was even more precious.

Meanwhile, the Vinepill King felt rather proud, so he provoked Li Qiye again: “Of course, if you are afraid of not being able to handle losing or you don’t have a Young King Medicine to meet the bet, then you can give me those gloves instead. I will accept them as well.”

Without a doubt, the Vinepill King was consumed with his desire for the G.o.d’s Hands. Of course, the value of a Young King Medicine was insufficient to trade for the G.o.d’s Hands.

“Wishful thinking.” Li Qiye was too lazy to look at the fella and said: “Since you want to have a bet, let me add to it. I have a spirit medicine root here, so I’ll use it as my bet.”

Having said that, he also took out a medicine box.

“What kind of spirit medicine?” The Vinepill King didn’t pay it any mind nor did he bother looking at it. From his perspective, what kind of medicine could a n.o.body like Li Qiye possibly take out? Coming up with a 300,000 or 500,000 year old medicine was already pus.h.i.+ng it.

“Only a silver maplegra.s.s.” Li Qiye took out the box with a nonchalant look as if the spirit medicine inside was very common.

“Although a silver maplegra.s.s is an essential ingredient for refining longevity medicines, in order to have the same value as a stone flower, its spirit must be at least 1.2 million years old. A few hundred thousand year old silver maplegra.s.s cannot compare to a stone flower.” Said an alchemist who shook his head after seeing Li Qiye’s casually taking out his box. Other cultivators looked down on him.

In fact, most of them wondered how could a no-name alchemist like Li Qiye pick any good herbs? Such an alchemist would have already hit the jackpot if he could grab a spirit medicine of 300,000 to 500,000 years of age.

The Vinepill King also a.s.sumed that the gra.s.s inside Li Qiye’s box was only 500,000 years old at best, so he sneered and said with disdain: “If you are taking out a 300,000 to 500,000 year old silver maplegra.s.s to bet against my stone medicine, then you are truly daydreaming. In my opinion, you should still bet the gloves from earlier—”

However, before he could finish his words, he became entranced while looking at Li Qiye’s box.

At this time, Li Qiye lightly said: “I don’t have a 300,000 or 500,000 year old silver maplegra.s.s. Mine is only around three million years old. Hmm, to be more exact, it is around 3,670,000 years old.”

“What! Three million years…” After hearing these words, all the cultivators here were dumbstruck, especially the alchemists as they looked towards Li Qiye’s medicine box for a second time.

At this time, they saw Li Qiye opening the box whereupon a group of silver lights flew out. The silver maplegra.s.s inside seemed to be cast from the purest silver and was extremely beautiful.

“This… This really is a King Medicine of three to four million years of age. This is the best ingredient for refining longevity medicines, wow!” Many people present were quite discerning, so after recognizing this type of maplegra.s.s, they had to take deep, calming breaths.

“Wow, what an amazing medicine. I, I really have never seen a spirit medicine more than 3,000,000 years old.” A young alchemist swallowed his saliva and felt as if he was dreaming.

The Vinepill King was already stunned speechless. Earlier, he laughed at Li Qiye, but now, his stone medicine with 1.5 million years compared to Li Qiye’s 3.67 million year old gra.s.s was like night and day. In fact, it made his stone flower seem particularly cheap.

For him, having a Young King Medicine, even at such a young age, was something to be proud of.

However, Li Qiye actually took out a three million year old king medicine!

This was a priceless treasure to any alchemist. This kind of ingredient would be used exclusively by Virtuous Paragons!

At this point, many looked at the silver maplegra.s.s inside Li Qiye’s box with saliva dripping from their mouths. Many of them would have never seen such a king medicine root in their lifetime.

“A king medicine… The best silver maplegra.s.s I have seen was only one of 2.8 million years of age…” An older alchemist here couldn’t help but salivate.

Prior to this, others were looking down on a n.o.body like Li Qiye. But now, he casually took out a three million year old king medicine, causing others to wipe their eyes and take a second glance. No one would have thought that an inconspicuous alchemist like him would have such great wealth. This made them curious about the origin of this Li Qiye whose name didn’t ring a bell.

The madam sitting next to him was also slightly speechless. She knew that Li Qiye’s actions would scare people to death. Back at the Golem Square, he casually threw around loads of money, but she didn’t expect him to be able to take out a king medicine so easily.

Moreover, he was acting as if this was not a king medicine root, but more like a radish — not enough to reach the apex. This nonchalant expression would make anyone feel that they were looking at the most peerless prodigal son in history.

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