Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4061: Abyss Creator

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Chapter 4061: Abyss Creator

The prince despised that he appeared to be the underdog after the first exchange. His opponent looked calm and composed as if she could beat him in the next second.

“Fine, let’s see what you can do then!” He roared.

“Boom!” His fate palaces released endless chaos energy and empowered his sword dao, causing it to become even brighter.

s.p.a.ce trembled as the stars in the sky seemingly awakened and formed wondrous constellations. A distant legend emerged, akin to a holy kingdom with G.o.ds as inhabitants.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The Starshooter Sword Dao activated and forced other swords nearby to resonate with it.

The portal to the holy kingdom opened and divine swords started flying outward. Their terrible energy a.s.saulted the region with the same intensity as a primordial flood. This attack could easily destroy a mountain range.

“Go!” He commanded for the divine swords to gather behind him. They lined up together to form a pair of sword wings.

The sky was blotted out by the countless layers. The wings seemed capable of starting a cataclysm once unleashed.

“Abyss Creator!” He roared and intimidated the crowd.

Those who have heard of this technique before became frightened. One of them said: “Get back, this is an ultimate technique. A mighty ancestor from Starshooter used it to destroy a country once.”

“Yes, a top variation of the Starshooter Sword Dao.” Another expert s.h.i.+vered.

Even the big shots from the previous generation became serious after hearing the name of the technique.

Ning Zhu’s eyes narrowed and pinned her sword to the ground. Energies finally materialized in the area around her. A divine sword seemed to be protruding from the ground.

“Buzz.” A supreme sword diagram appeared beneath her. It had a verdant glow – a sign of ample life force. It started giving birth to countless swords.

Behind her was the image of a bamboo sword that kept on increasing in size.

The prince didn’t give her time to prepare her technique and immediately sent his technique towards her.

The pair of wings swung down with enough force to sever an ocean or create numerous abysses.

“It’s coming!” Spectators have already gotten far away since they knew its power quite well.

Ning Zhu had gathered enough vitality and energy so she remained undeterred. The bamboo sword behind her became radiant and served as a barrier, easily stopping the incoming onslaught.

Fiery sparks splashed off the barrier, resulting in beautiful fireworks.

“What technique is this?” People were in awe because she managed to stop something as impressive as Abyss Creator.

“Bamboo Bulwark.” A sect master familiar with Wooden Sword said: “I’ve seen Pineleaf Sword Lord use it before, stopping numerous powerful enemies for three days and three nights. It seems that the princess has successfully learned and mastered it.”

Abyss Creator was relentless but it couldn’t break the sword barrier. Though she was on the defensive, this exchange displayed her mastery of the sword.

“My turn.” She shouted and leaped upward with incredible speed, seemingly traveling through time.

Most spectators lost track of her but in the next moment, she evaded Abyss Creator and appeared above the prince.

“Over there!” A keen-eyed spectator pointed in her direction.

The prince was aghast and immediately stopped Abyss Creator, raising his sword defensively.

“Try this!” She unleashed a slash capable of dividing a galaxy.

He got a terrible feeling about this incoming attack – something dangerous was coming.

He immediately recalled his sword wings to the front to block the slash. The layers completely surrounded him, forming an impregnable fortress.

Moreover, a small figure rushed out from the sapphire embedded in his forehead. It had a pair of cicada-like wings and created a unique seal to empower the fortress.

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