Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1719 – Even God is Helping (Part Five)

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Chapter 1719: Even G.o.d is Helping (Part Five)

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Zhou Shuang’s mother threw a meaningful glance at her husband.

Zhou Shuang’s father caught her eye, and he softened his att.i.tude.

His daughter was his precious darling, and he always supported her decisions. So, he always argued with his wife regarding Zhou Shuang and Lu Yinan.

The most important thing that his son-in-law must do was to dote and love his daughter.

But evidently, Lu Yinan didn’t live up to his expectations. Hence, he had opposed to them being together from the beginning.

Zhou Shuang’s mother made several trips back to visit Zhou Shuang and her grandchildren during the last few years. However, he only went to visit Zhou Shuang once when she gave birth.

He disliked Lu Yinan. To put it plainly, he disliked his att.i.tude towards his daughter.

Zhou Shuang’s mother steered Lu Yinan to a chair next to Zhou Shuang. Zhou Shuang sat in grumpy silence, so he glanced at Zhou Shuang’s father.

Zhou Shuang’s father was rather cold too so Lu Yinan was a little awkward. He rubbed his hands together before he raised the gla.s.s to toast him. “Dad, let me give you a toast.”

Zhou Shuang’s father picked up a slice of beef and popped it inside his mouth. He savored it slowly, completely ignoring Lu Yinan.

Lu Yinan’s hand hovered in midair awkwardly.

“Ahem!” Zhou Shuang’s mother came out of the kitchen and witnessed the scene. She frowned at her husband and cleared her throat.

With a warning.

Zhou Shuang’s father put down his chopsticks and raised his gla.s.s. Their gla.s.ses c.h.i.n.ked and he took a sip.

But he didn’t glance at Lu Yinan at all.

The liquor burned his throat as it flowed down to his stomach. The aftertaste was bitter and horrible.

“Yinan, eat more,” Zhou Shuang’s mother said. She had a warm smile on her face.

Lu Yinan felt much better and comforted. He picked up his chopsticks and ate.

“Uncle, let me toast you.”

Ming Ansheng raised his gla.s.s to toast Zhou Shuang’s father.

He nodded in acknowledgment and raised his gla.s.s. He finished an entire gla.s.s in a gulp.

He was telling everyone how much he detested Lu Yinan through his actions.

Even if he didn’t show it, Lu Yinan knew how much Zhou Shuang’s father disliked him.

But he felt like he did nothing wrong. He couldn’t understand why both father and daughter loathed him so much.

Lu Yinan was in low spirits as he raised his gla.s.s. He gulped down everything swiftly.

He was like an untamed horse who ran freely in the wild. He always did what he wanted and liked. When had he ever been this depressed?

Ming Ansheng pressed his lips as he glanced at Lu Yinan with a half-smirk. It was as though he was trying to hide his glee.

Su Yue noticed him and threw him a scathing look. His best friend was in trouble, yet he was gloating over his predicament. Yan Rusheng had truly influenced him.

Who are all these people? Tsk.

If she didn’t know them personally, she would have doubted their character.

But they weren’t really nice people to begin with.

“Uncle Ming, have a prawn. It looks really fresh.” Su Yue placed a prawn in Ming Ansheng’s bowl and blinked innocently at him.

Ming Ansheng pressed his lips. “Okay.”

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