Elder Blood Witcher 292 Dealing With Death

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This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

Ciri had taken a nap in her chair as Reima kept watch on the ground, the atmosphere was pleasant, well, for the Irish it was. Cheering and Irish folk songs we being sung by rowdy drunks crowds, various food stands selling fatty meats and sweet treats.

That is, until the screaming started. Ciri is prodded awake by Reima and she springs up, already preparing to draw her sword.

Reima “Looks like the attack is starting, remember, don’t get hit by anything, some spells won’t instantly kill you but if you see green, get outta dodge quickly!” he says and he emphasises how serious the matter is. She nods in understanding and follows him as he approaches the area where flames are starting to spring up, it’s pretty difficult for her to keep up as people sprint past to try to get to safety, inadvertantly bashing her and other people in a selfish race to stay ahead of others.

They’re finally able to see who’s causing all the commotion when they spot a large group of black cloaked men wearing skull-like masks underneath their hoods. They drunkenly laugh and jeer at people as they cast fire at the various tents and occasional deadly spells at people, above them float four figures, one familiar male who they’d met previously, Mr Roberts, the three others appear to be a woman and two children. The death eaters laugh as they cause their bodies to contort like a puppet on strings, Reima didn’t think much of it and thought it was pretty tame as far as torture goes, that is until they starting bending their limbs backwards.

Roberts “NO STOP, PLEASE, I’LL DO ANYTHING!” he shouts through the pain as he witnesses his wife and children being s.a.d.i.s.tically tortured by the masked men.

This only causes the group to laugh louder and start stripping clothing off of the women and children, cackling madly when the womans b.r.e.a.s.t.s are revealed.

Ciri “They’re animals, f.u.c.king sick perverts.” she says infuriated that no one is trying to stop them.

Reima growls, “Well Ciri, you know what you do with sick animals? You put them down.” he says as he starts walking around the group.

Ciri follows him and notices a small group of what seemed to be Auror’s glaring at the group, muttering “We need to secure the hostages, if we stun the caster then the family will plummet to their deaths.” they say to each other. She relays this information to Reima who has a thoughtful face, after they get into a position behind the group he looks at Ciri, “You know the levitation spell right?” she nods, “Well, go to the Auror’s and tell them that I’ll create a distraction, we’ll need them to to get the hostages to safety once I start, Ahem, dealing with them.”

She starts to protest as she wishes to help in a more important way but he waves her off, “Do you want to save them or not?” This gets his desired reaction and she sprints towards the Auror’s, he watches as she explains to them, raising her hand and giving a thumbs up to signal that they’re ready.

He unsheathes the sword on his back and takes a couple deep breathes, not knowing that a small blue beetle is spectating everything nearby… He checks his Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring to makesure it’s still present and working before leaping into action. He doesn’t utilise his teleportation abilities due to wanting to keep that secret for the final confrontation with Voldemort, the group of around thirty Death Eaters don’t realise what’s happening when something blurs past them causing a few of their members to drop to the floor. They’re surprised and horrified when they try to pull up their fallen comrades, thinking that the alcohol had gotten the better of them… This thought immediately exits their minds when their heads fall from their bodies, a clean cut being readily visible.

“WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!” One shouts causing another to activate his hidden portkey leaving the rest to curse him for his cowardice, the subsequent chaos in their ranks allowing their hostages to drop from the sky and start falling to their death… Only to be caught by the on-sight Auror’s an Ciri, a few Auror’s levitate some of the destroyed tents and other debris in-front of them to defend against any curses shot towards them as they try to recover the Hostages.

On Reima’s side he’d just decapitated a few of them before retreating back into the darkness, a large grin finding its way onto his face as blood drops from his blade. Seeing that the muggle family had been caught and were being noticed by the Death Eaters he jumps back into action, this time being seen by the group of dark wizards. A couple shoot green projectiles at him, causing him to give them a wide berth as he dodges them, not knowing what’d happen if he were hit by them.

After dodging under a couple more spells he approaches and flicks his sword, causing a wand wielding arm to drop to the floor, it’s owner going with it, screaming in pain while clutching his stump.

Behind Reima the small group of Auror’s had starting casting incapacitating hexes at the Death Eaters, with their attention all on Reima they don’t even have the chance to dodge. Reima continues to dodge, pirouette, avoid and strike in the midst of the group.

As he’s cutting them down he notices a familiar face joining him, Ciri. She doesn’t say anything, partly due to the incredibly dangerous situation and partly because nothing needs to be said. With their familiarity with each other they both agilely separate the group of Death Eaters, cutting them down as they retreat backwards. Reima bashes one in the face with his pommel, causing the mask to fly of and revealing their face… “Gibbon?” he says aloud.

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