Dragon-Blooded War God Chapter 3676 Return To The Ancestral Dragon Lair

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Chapter 3676 – Returning to the Ancestral Dragon Lair

The Land of Origin of the Divine Dragons. The region was filled with dense fog, and it was filled with countless illusory figures.

Long Chen brought Mo Xiaolang and his in the Divine Kingdom at the same time, and then once again, stepped into the Divine Dragon’s Origin of Land. This time, the situation was exactly the same as last time, but Long Chen’s heart felt much more at ease.

Last time, Long Chen did not know what was deep inside the G.o.d Dragon’s Origin of Land, but now, he knew that it was the ancestral world.

Fear and unease came from the unknown.

When Long Chen found out what kind of place the Divine Dragon’s Origin was, there was nothing that made him feel fear and unease. However, entering the ancestral world like this still made him a little nervous.

After all, if he entered the ancestral world, he might encounter danger from being hunted down by the ancestors once again. Furthermore, Long Chen did not know how he would be able to find the cave that contained the Dragon Soul from the nine great caves.

What if the seal was broken and the Heaven-Devouring Race Saint Lord was released?

He had no choice but to consider this possibility carefully, but he would naturally be straightforward. Who knows, at that time, Great Desolation Bone Sword and psychedelic pendant might provide him with some clues in his heart.

Previously, it was due to the layers of barriers separating the Great Desolation Bone Sword and the psychedelic pendant that Long Chen was unable to find any hidden information within the ancestral world.

However, after going through the fourth floor of the Tower of Time, which required ten thousand times the amount of time in a month, which was equivalent to nearly a thousand years of exploration, Long Chen finally broke through the barrier.

If he were to return to the vicinity of Ancestral Dragon Lair now, maybe Great Desolation Bone Sword and psychedelic pendant would give him new hints.

Of course, there might not be any hints, everything could only be found out after Long Chen returned back to the vicinity of Ancestral Dragon Lair.

In the depths of the Divine Dragon’s Origin, time once again started to become chaotic, or it could be said that in this ancestral world, time had no meaning.

An unknown amount of time pa.s.sed before Long Chen finally pa.s.sed through the pa.s.sageway and returned to the chaotic and misty ancestral world. Afterwards, he swiftly flew in the direction of the Ancestral Dragon’s lair without hesitation.

In order to get the Seventh and Ninth Ancestral Dragon origin dragon souls as soon as possible, Long Chen didn’t do anything meaningless. Instead, he flew straight towards the Ancestral Dragon!

If the twenty-five Ancestral Lives were still guarding outside the giant hive, then Long Chen could go around them as fast as he could, and rush into the vicinity of Ancestral Dragon Lair in one go, and pa.s.s through the barrier!

“This place is where all the ancestors were born. It is where all the ancestors were born.”

Mo Xiaolang, who had just arrived at ancestral world for the first time, was somewhat emotional towards the latter.

“That’s right, all of the Eclipse Clans should be sealed here, in the lair of the Ancestral Dragon.”

Long Chen said as he nodded his head.

The current Long Chen was extremely familiar with the route to the ancestral world. He did not need the Ancestral Divine Martial Arts to lead the way, he felt that he would soon reach the lair of the Ancestral Dragon.

When he was quite far away, Long Chen had already activated the Eye of Origin and detected that he was near the Ancestral Dragon Lair, there were only six Ancestral Life Beasts left to guard him, the other Ancestral Life G.o.ds seemed to have left the place after seeing that Long Chen had not returned for a long time.

“That’s not bad for me.”

Long Chen heaved a sigh of relief, the other party only had six ancestors left to watch over them, and even if he forced his way through, he would be able to pa.s.s through the encirclement. As long as there were not twenty-five of them, Long Chen’s situation would be very favorable.

Very quickly, he saw the gigantic beehive-like Ancestral Dragon heading towards him. An invisible barrier still existed outside, it seemed that after Long Chen left, these ancestors did not continue to destroy this barrier.

“Maybe I thought you wouldn’t come back.”

After all, Long Chen had already been away from here for a long time, so from the perspective of these Ancestral Souls, there was no need for Long Chen to come back to this place.

However, the ancestors did not know that the Ancestral Dragon Lair was the place where Long Chen would definitely return to!

“Look, that kid is back!”

The six ancestor life forms that were left behind were originally bored out of their minds as they chatted, but very quickly, they discovered Long Chen approaching them at an extremely fast speed!

Amongst them, progenitor Baize’s expression was calm, the first thing he did was to order the five people beside him to move, flying quickly towards Long Chen, and forming a encirclement!

Very clearly, at this moment, they had already sent the news of Long Chen’s return to the other ancestors.

As long as they could delay it a little, and prevent Long Chen from stepping into that barrier, they could directly kill Long Chen and take away the seven great Ancestor Sources on his body!

After killing Feng Yi and Qi Yi one after the other, the origin of the world in Long Chen’s body, which was also the world origin of the Ancestral Dragon, had already reached seven.

“Haha, you are all prepared to block me? Do you know that I have already found a path that leads to the outside world? The four Ancestral Divine Martial Cultivators are now enjoying a life that they have never had before! “

Seeing the enemy surrounding him, Long Chen laughed out loud. He did not slow down at all, and continued to rush towards the enemy’s encirclement!

Hearing Long Chen’s words, the surrounding three Ancestral Souls hesitated for a moment, because they were originally on the same side as the Ancestral Divine Martial Army, wanting to follow Long Chen together.

Later on, when they saw that they could not do anything, they betrayed Long Chen and the other Ancestral G.o.ds, and stood on the side of the other Ancestral Souls …

As a result, these three ancestors looked forward to the life outside the sect. After hearing Long Chen’s words, they slowed down their encirclement for a while.

And this, gave Long Chen the best chance to break out of the encirclement.

“Heavenly Blood River!”

The Slaughter Blood Sword shone with a scarlet light as it drew a long river. The sword intent reached into the heavens as the river of blood expanded, instantly opening a path of blood within the encirclement of the remaining three Ancestral Lives!

Including progenitor Baize, the life of each of the three Ancestral Founder were broken through by this sword strike. The encirclement instantly revealed a flaw, and was dodged by Long Chen!

“What are you doing!”

progenitor Baize could not help but be a little angry. If these six people surrounded him, Long Chen would definitely not be able to escape.

However, because of Long Chen’s words, the three progenitors of their camp actually hesitated!

With just that one moment of hesitation, they had allowed Long Chen to directly break out of their encirclement. If they wanted to keep Long Chen here, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

“Long Chen, I’m willing to follow you. Take me to a world outside the ancestral world, how about it!”

The three ancestor life forms did not bother with the progenitor Baize, seeing that Long Chen had broken through the encirclement, they immediately spoke out.

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