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Chapter 2130 – Monstrous b.l.o.o.d.y Light

In this battle, Long Chen was very determined. As long as he could kill Meng Qingqiu, he would have no regrets no matter how the matter was resolved.

This battle turned the slaughter dragon upside down. Everyone quickly left, including Meng Qingqiu, who had several friends of a lieutenant guarding the area. The others fled into the distance and began to clamor.

Long Chen had always been rebellious, but his performance this time was still shocking. Everyone in the Dragon Slayer City knew that Meng Qingqiu was an intelligent person with a strong background, had a wide range of friends, and was someone no one dared to provoke. And since Long Chen had the courage to make a move against him in public, it naturally violated the taboo in everyone’s hearts.

In their hearts, Long Chen’s lawless imagination was even more profound.

Watching as the battle between the two instantly created an enormous disturbance, causing the surrounding blood waves to surge to the skies, the crowd began to discuss, “This son of the Eternal Dragon Emperor is too reckless. “He dares to make a move on our Slaughter Dragon City’s city gates?”

“He’s too proud, he doesn’t even put our Dragon City in his eyes anymore, this kind of person is not to be trifled with.” I don’t understand why the three Dragon Emperor s would treat him so well. “

They were puzzled.

In their opinion, Long Chen was just a prisoner. How could a prisoner be so arrogant?!

Of course, their discussions would not stop the battle.

“Don’t come and help me, I’ll make him convinced!”

He was afraid of the Long Chen of a few years later, and not the Long Chen of now.

It was just that from the start of the battle, he had discovered that the young man in front of him had actually become a strong opponent, causing all of his attacks to come back empty-handed and even being suppressed by Long Chen. Meng Qingqiu clearly remembered that Long Chen did not have that ability a month ago, and was immediately extremely shocked in his heart.

“This brat actually grew so fast, shouldn’t I use this opportunity to get rid of him?” “Otherwise, if he is able to leave Dragon City after ten years, even if I go to the south, it will still be rather dangerous.”

Meng Qingqiu pondered for a moment, then came up with a plan.

He roared and summoned the power of the six worlds and combined them into one. He gathered the power of the six worlds together and formed a destructive array formation behind him. The power surged up and under Meng Qingqiu’s control, the might of the Primordial Devil Dragon fully manifested itself from his body.


Long Chen’s face turned gloomy and cold, he used the power of 14 strikes and forced his opponent to retreat step by step. It had only been two months since he defeated Jiang Ming, yet such a terrifying transformation had occurred. This was simply not something a human could accomplis.h.!.+

Although he felt that this young man was very lawless, he still felt a sense of respect for him!

Seeing that no one had much confidence in him, Meng Qingqiu gritted his teeth and unleashed six streams of power in rage!

“The Genesis Demon World!”

When the combined power of the Six Paths of Convergence was used on the Demon World, it instantly combined two different powers. The achievements of the Demon World was even more terrifying than the last time Long Chen was trapped in it. The devil world began to spin at a rapid pace, and in the blink of an eye, Long Chen was completely surrounded!

Meng Qingqiu laughed and shouted, “Little fellow, just making trouble is enough. Don’t go too far, or it won’t be as simple as trapping you. This was the Slaughter Dragon City. Not your territory, my territory! “

Meng Qingqiu laughed heartily.

The surrounding Blood Dragon Army soldiers also began to roar with laughter.

Countless taunts.

They simply did not understand how strong Long Chen’s killing intent was towards Meng Qingqiu. Just Su Muchen’s matter alone made Long Chen want to kill him. If he didn’t give his an explanation and make her pay for this, then she would definitely leave a knot in her heart, a knot of anger and cowardice!

“Your territory!”

In the blink of an eye, Long Chen had been trapped by the Beginner Demon Realm, which was shrinking. He would soon be squeezed into meat paste.

Just as everyone was waiting for a good show to happen and Long Chen was begging for mercy, his body had already turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y thorn.


Meng Qingqiu’s lower abdomen was punctured, and blood spurted out.

The Genesis Devil Realm had vanished into thin air.

The blood thorns turned into blood mist, and once again transformed into Long Chen. Standing proudly and coldly in the air, the killing intent in his eyes was terrifying.

Meng Qingqiu wiped away the blood on his lower abdomen, then gritted his teeth as he looked at Long Chen with bloodshot eyes.

If he had only been teasing Long Chen earlier, he was already being teased by him now. Such humiliation was unbearable, and with so many good friends watching him, the normally rampant had already lost face. At this moment, his body was shrouded in a black mist, which suddenly soared up, and the Primordial Devil Dragon appeared in front of him once again!

Dignity, mystery, dominance!

A pair of pitch-black eyes that was emitting a violent killing intent.

Long Chen couldn’t help but think back to the time he fought Su Muchen in the G.o.d Realm. He could vividly remember everything that happened at that time, as if it happened yesterday. Yet today, he was already a ghost, and the most precious inheritance blood essence had fallen into the dirty man’s hands!

“I will take back the thing that was stolen from you!”

Long Chen prayed in his heart.

In the process, he was also furious. The blood-colored dragon and the Primordial Devil Dragon confronted each other. Although its shape was not as big as the other party, it was still full of deterrence!

Everyone looked at the two giant dragons and looked at each other in dismay.

It seemed as though the two of them were truly going to fight to the death.

However, they did not know the reason for the battle.

“What happened to the son of the Eternal Dragon Emperor? No matter how strong his talent was and how powerful his cultivation was, he couldn’t be so arrogant for no reason at all. After all, this was the Dragon Slayer City! Is there really no law anymore? “

“This time, I can’t hold it in anymore. This guy is just sc.u.m. He’s so infuriating. Lieutenant Meng must kill him!”

“That’s right, he has gone through so much. He has finished one challenge after another.” He was simply courting death. If he died, then everything would be quiet. Isn’t it just the son of a traitor?

They didn’t understand the reason, but of course Long Chen was not used to it!

However, in the eyes of Meng Qingqiu and Long Chen, there was only their opponent, only killing.

Meng Qingqiu’s killing intent did not lose out to Long Chen. The two great enemies became divine dragons and continued their fierce clash outside the Dragon Slayer City!

The Primordial Demon Dragon’s body was huge. Under the wave of its hand, a huge explosion occurred as the huge black dragon head charged towards Long Chen.

“Devil Swallowing the World!”

It was precisely the Primordial Blood Dragon’s ability that Su Muchen had used on him before.

With the same move, Meng Qingqiu was able to unleash a power that was hundreds of millions of times stronger than normal. His body formed a ring, with black mist spewing out of it, forming a huge black mouth. That mouth even drowned the Primordial Devil Dragon, occupying half of the sky, and was rus.h.i.+ng towards Long Chen to swallow him!

Tsk tsk!

Countless terrifying laughs rang out.

Seeing this G.o.dly might, everyone could not help but retreat even more.

And just at this time, Long Chen did not retreat, but rushed forward instead.

His strength was more brutal and tyrannical!


“Ma.s.sacre Sword Technique!”

In that split-second, the devouring force that had bound the opponent for eternity, coupled with the Dragon Tail’s Sword Art of Slaughter, swept towards the Primordial Devil Dragon with a terrifying draconic shadow. Tens of thousands of sword dao erupted, rumbling sounds rang out as the slaughter sword qi surged out, ripping the devilish devouring s.p.a.ce apart in such a short period of time!

“How is this possible!”

Meng Qingqiu was shocked. She had never thought that her best attack would be so easily torn apart by her opponent.

“It’s just the beginning!”

Long Chen naturally sensed the fear in his eyes.

He sneered and continued with his Celestial Slaughter Art. After breaking through the enemy’s attack, the thousands of sword energies rumbled and crashed into the Primordial Devil Dragon’s hand, slas.h.i.+ng it until it screamed again and again. Finally, it fell into the sea of blood!

This scene, simply caused Long Chen to be stunned!

This was too exaggerated.

That was a Ultimate Dragon at the late stage of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, and it was defeated so easily!

But to Long Chen, this was far from enough!

After Meng Qingqiu was defeated, many of the Lieutenant level Rankers surrounded Long Chen, eyeing him covetously. No one said that this would be a fair battle.

“Everyone go away, I’ll do it myself!”


The Primordial Devil Dragon burst out from the sea of blood, enraged to the extreme. At this moment, its entire body’s strength had risen to the peak, and its faint undulations could cause the sea of blood to churn and s.p.a.ce to shatter. A dense demonic energy surrounded his body, forming a dense number of ghost shadows.

The powerful healing ability allowed his wounds to gradually heal. Although he was in a sorry state, the impact of his combat strength wasn’t too great!

He had to save face!

Meng Qingqiu gritted her teeth and roared.

“Beginner Devil Construct!”

It was another familiar attack that came from the Primordial Devil Dragon.

Long Chen had a misconception, he felt that Su Muchen was hiding inside the Primordial Devil Dragon’s body. He was so unreconciled, so resentful, he originally had a huge innate skill, but now he met a sc.u.mbag who buried everything!

The more he looked at Meng Qingqiu, the more Long Chen couldn’t stop himself!


When the Primeval Devil Incantation struck and a spatial storm formed, Long Chen’s body turned into an illusion.

“The Tempest of Time!”

The Beginner Devil Intent attack came. After reaching the late stage of the Two Elements of Calamity, Long Chen unleashed the Tempest of Time once again, which had long surpa.s.sed the time limit. The area they could control was much greater, and time was even more violent. Even the people around them felt a terrible pain, tearing apart their time.

The Primordial Devil Dragons, who were trapped within the tempest of time, were even more terrible!

First of all, his Primeval Demon Intent had been crushed by Long Chen!

His body gradually split open and exploded. The destructive power of time had caused a crus.h.i.+ng injury to him. Even his eyeb.a.l.l.s had suddenly exploded. Blood and flesh had bloomed all over his body. It was simply too horrible to look at.

After climbing back up from the sea of blood with much difficulty, Meng Qingqiu gave a m.u.f.fled groan. This time, she was completely unable to resist, and the gigantic Divine Dragon Body fell from the sky and exploded into a b.l.o.o.d.y light.

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