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Chapter 138 Kung Fu Compet.i.tion

Gu Shenwei had initially thought that there were Golden Roc killers hidden nearby because Kang Wenhui was obviously an important figure of the Great Desolate Sect and the Unique King should have sent more people to deal with her. But no killers showed up even when they reached the mountain foot of the Four n.o.ble Truths Temple.  

The four disciples of the Great Desolate Sect were extremely cautious. Kang Wenhui stayed with the teenager while the other three scattered and stayed on guard ten steps away. If any accidents occurred, Gu Shenwei would be killed first.

It was already evening when they arrived at the Left Mountainside Vihara. Gu Shenwei was worried that the monks had stayed in the city looking for Lotus before he saw two bald head from afar and became more at ease.

Kang Wenhui seemed to be a bit fearful about the Four n.o.ble Truths Temple, so she ordered her three disciples to hide nearby while she herself walked the teenager to the thatched cottage.

On the greensward outside the house, Lian Hua and Lian Ye sat face to face while a big dog lay between them. Lian Hua was speaking quickly as if he was chanting sutras, and Lian Ye was sitting with his palms together, occasionally reaching out to hold the big dog as to not let it move.

The scene was a little eerie, but when they got closer, the scene became even eerier. The big dog crouching on the ground was actually a grey wolf.

The grey wolf was not small. It was nervously gouging its forepaw while moaning and flashing its dense white teeth from time to time but didn’t dare to get up. Now and then it would look back at Lian Ye, but was forced to turn back again.  

When they got much closer, Gu Shenwei heard clearly that what the monk was muttering was the Essay of Severing Obsession which had over ten thousand characters.

The monk actually wanted to use it to influence a wild wolf. He must think that Monster Tiger Monk had used it to tame a tiger and he wanted to imitate his brother.

But Gu Shenwei was told that the tiger that Master Tiger Monk had was brought up by himself. This wolf, however, was a real wild animal.

Lian Ye had discovered that someone was approaching but he ignored them and focused on helping his senior brother to control the grey wolf.  

Kang Wenhui was suspiciously surprised. She had never heard of a monk persuading a wolf, and the sutra chanted by the monk was similar to the secret manual she was looking for, but the content seemed to be several times more than the one she wanted, which was also out of her expectation.

Kang Wenhui had thought that there would be a b.l.o.o.d.y fight to obtain the whole scripture at the Four n.o.ble Truths Temple and hadn’t expected that she could simply stand to the side and listen to it without even opening her mouth. It was just that the scripture seemed to have many differences from what she had learnt. She didn’t know which one was right, but the evidence made her belief in Gu Shenwei’s words deepen.  

Of course, Gu Shenwei didn’t want Kang Wenhui to hear the whole scripture, so he coughed several times and said, “Master, Yang Huan is here to see you.”

Lian Hua was concentrating on reciting the Mantra and didn’t turn his head until Gu Shenwei called him three times. He smilingly said, “Ahh, young benefactor is still alive.”

“I’m not dead. Thanks to this senior, I can live a few more years.”

Lian Ye also turned around and looked up and down at Kang Wenhui, “Ehh, you’re a woman, but how is your internal energy stronger than mine? You can remove the evil energy that I couldn’t?” Lian Ye had once tried to heal Gu Shenwei but failed, so he had some doubts about the whole situation.  

The grey wolf finally found a chance when the two monks were distracted. It jumped out and quickly ran off into the gra.s.s with its tail between its legs.

Lian Ye wanted to catch it, but Lian Huan raised a hand and stopped him. “Let it go. Now that we have the young benefactor, we no longer need the wild wolf.”

“Monk, what are you doing?” Kang Wenhui asked without answering Lian Ye’s questions.

“Oh, I’m moralizing a wild wolf. I have been chanting to it for a whole day and the effect is good. The wolf’s murderous heart has been weakened a lot and now has a new heart for goodness. It’s more obedient that it used to be. It’s a pity that it was scared away by you.”

Gu Shenwei felt that the wolf’s obedience probably had nothing to do the Mantra, but more to do with Lian Ye’s efforts.

“No, I’m asking what sutra were you chanting?” Even after many years of a killer’s training, Kang Wenhui’s heart still couldn’t help but beat faster.

Master Lian Hua’s eyes lightened, “Patroness also has an interest in the Essay of Severing Obsession? I find that patroness has restrained her vital essence and exposed a killing aura, which are the best qualities a candidate for this sutra can have.”

Gu Shenwei was afraid of revealing the truth if the two continued the conversation, so he quickly took one step forward and said, “Master, the senior came here to listen to the complete version of the exorcism scripture.”

Lian Hua shook his head, “This monk doesn’t have the complete version of the exorcism scripture, only part of it. But if you are willing to be a monk and respect me as your Master, this monk could help you learn the correct rhymes. It shouldn’t be difficult with the notes left by junior brother Lian Xin.”  

Master Lian Hua told the truth. Master Tiger Monk had carefully obeyed the agreement with Lotus and didn’t reveal the rest of the Death Sutra beyond the first one thousand characters. But Kang Wenhui had clearly heard the monk reciting some strange verses and didn’t believe him. She was a killer, so she naturally treated others the same way she saw herself and thought that the monk must be lying.

Gu Shenwei turned to Kang Wenhui and said in a low voice, “This monk will not reveal anything unless he suffers. I’m afraid that Master Commander will have to teach him a lesson. But the chanting monk doesn’t know kung fu. The tricky one is that tall monk.”

Kang Wenhui sneered and said to the two monks, “Master, so you’re unwilling to tell me the whole scripture?”

“Patroness wants to listen to the Essay of Severing Obsession? That’s good, very good indeed. This monk is very excited about it, so why would I be unwilling to tell you?”

The Essay of Severing Obsession was a Mantra based on the Death Sutra’s syllable system which had about ten thousand characters. The relationship between the two was very complex. The monk didn’t explain this aspect of it, so how could Kang Wenhui understand its complexity? She just felt that this monk was unwilling to tell the truth, “No more nonsense. I want to hear the Daoless Scroll.”

With these words, not only did the Monk became puzzled, but Gu Shenwei was also similarly confused. He had never heard of the Daoless Scroll, could it be another name of the Death Sutra?

“This monk has been cultivating the Dao, how could I have a Daoless Scroll? Patroness must be joking.”

“Hey, monk, didn’t you teach that pa.s.sage of scripture to this kid?”

Gu Shenwei anxiously said, “Master Tiger Monk had taught me a short pa.s.sage of scripture but he didn’t teach me the rest of it. Now the only person in the world who can decode the scripture is this Master Lian Hua.”

“It’s a bit exaggerated to say the word ‘only’, there are several senior and junior brothers in the temple who have also studied the Nan Ke Fa Ling.”

Kang Wenhui became more and more confused as she listened, but it was certain that the monk knew the crucial scripture. She was a killer and refused to partic.i.p.ate in a so-called fair kung fu compet.i.tion. Thinking that as long as she could instill the Desolate Finger Energy into the monk’s body and make him suffer, she would naturally get whatever she wanted, she suddenly charged forward to the front of Master Lian Hua.   

Kang Wenhui stabbed out with her finger. When the finger was less than an inch from Lian Hua’s chest, she suddenly sensed danger coming from her back and rushed to dodge. It turned out Lian Ye had attacked to save Lian Hua.

The woman and the monk fought each other around Master Lian Hua. Kang Wenhui’s fingers became redder and redder and hissed as it pa.s.sed through the air. Lian Ye’s moves looked to be clumsy and simple, but he was not only protecting his senior brother, but also launching counterattacks.

The two had already exchanged a dozen moves in a moment of time before Master Lian Hua, who was in the middle, could finally open his mouth. “Stop, stop. Junior brother, you’ve broken the precept again.”

Lian Ye’s facial expression changed as he heard his senior brother’s sayings. He grabbed his senior brother to retreat from the fight circle and repeatedly said, “No more fighting.”

Gu Shenwei stood to the side and observed the exchange carefully. He felt that Kang Wenhui’s kung fu wasn’t as strong as he had imagined and was a bit worse than that of Lian Ye. He immediately felt some confidence spring up in his heart.     

But Kang Wenhui didn’t think she would lose, so she snapped, ” It doesn’t matter if you want to fight or not.” She used her lightness skill to run after the monk.  

Seeing that their Master had attacked, the other three disciples of the Great Desolate Sect also showed up and approached the monks. Like the killers of Golden Roc Castle, they didn’t have a habit of fighting alone. The three stood in different positions and helped Kang Wenhui block the monks’ path.

Although Lian Ye was tall and big, his lightness skill was not weak. He carried his senior brother and ran around the cottages. It was surprising that the four women couldn’t block him.

This was a good chance to run away, but Gu Shenwei knew that his lightness skill was average. Once his actions were discovered, he still wouldn’t be able to escape from the Great Desolate Sect. The safest way was to provoke the two sides into a fierce fight. His plan would not work if one chased and the other ran.  

“Everyone, please stop. I have something to say!”

The several people ran two more rounds around the cottages. Kang Wenhui stopped first before the other three disciples also halted. Lian Ye stayed far away from the four women and dropped his senior brother. With his hand together, he stood to one side, quietly chatting Buddhism scriptures as repentance.

“Ai, four patronesses all need to learn the Essay of Severing Obsession.”

Kang Wenhui ignored the pedantic monk and asked Gu Shenwei, “What do you want to say?”

Gu Shenwei first walked up to Kang Wenhui, “I’ll go persuade the monk to say the scripture.” Then he went to Master Lian Hua, “Master, I have a proposal and I wonder what Master thinks. Let Master Lian Ye have a fight with this patroness. If the Master Lian Ye loses, please take the trouble to teach us the correct p.r.o.nunciation of the whole scripture. If the patroness loses, I’m willing to shave my hair to be a monk and learn the Essay of Severing Obsession. I swear that I’ll not reincarnate until I remove my killing heart.”

What Gu Shenwei actually had on mind was that if Kang Wenhui lost, then he would claim that his murderous heart was too vigorous and he had a lot of things to do in the mortal’s world and could only be a monk after some time. As for how long that ‘some time’ meant, it depended on himself. Anyway, he still had two strands of Desolate Finger Energy in his body and it was no big deal to come be a disciple when he was about to die.

Gu Shenwei plotted well, but Master Lian Hua kept shaking his head. “Not good, not good. Where there’s fighting, there’s killing. Junior brother Lian Ye’s composure is not strong enough. If he accidentally kills the patroness, his murderous heart would be ignited again and his ten years of hard work would be destroyed in one day. Not good, not good.”

The two talked in a normal voice, so Kang Wenhui heard it clearly and contemptuously snorted. She still had some unique skills that she hadn’t used and didn’t think that she would be killed. She suddenly had an idea and said loudly, “Monk, don’t worry. I’ve got an idea to decide a winner and loser through a kung fu compet.i.tion without hurting each other.”

Lian Xin still shook his head, “How is that possible? As long as there’s a kung fu compet.i.tion, someone will be injured or killed.”

“That’s not true, I heard what this monk Lian Ye had said. He thought his internal energy was much stronger than me, how about we compete in terms of our internal energy? We don’t have to fight each other, we can compete it in Yang Huan’s body. Let’s see who can remove the Desolate Finger Energy in his body. In this way, we will not only not hurt anyone, but also save his life.”

Lian Hua didn’t know kung fu, but it sounded like a good idea when he listened to this patroness. So he nodded, “The thing in young benefactor’s body still hasn’t been removed?”

“It isn’t easy to get rid of it,” Kang Wenhui rushed to answer.

Lian Hua was still considering it with his head lowered. Lian Ye, however, was already excited. He had been obsessed with practising kung fu before he became a monk and had rarely ever met someone that was his match. The previous exchange with Kang Wenhui already made his hands itch. He had also tried to heal Gu Shenwei before and knew how powerful the evil energy was, so he thought that even if he couldn’t remove it all, he would not lose to this woman.  

Only Gu Shenwei knew that this kung fu compet.i.tion was unfair. The Desolate Finger Energy was the Great Desolate Sect’s unique martial arts skill. Although Kang Wenhui couldn’t completely remove the finger energy instilled by Xue Niang in the Xuanji acupoint, she could still remove the finger energy in the Baihui acupoint. In this way, she would win in one move.  

If Kang Wenhui won, Gu Shenwei would have to recite the whole scripture and ask Master Lian Hua to correct its p.r.o.nunciations. If this happened, the previous lies he said would be exposed. But the hidden danger at his Baihui acupoint would be removed because of this, and at least he wouldn’t have to worry about having two Qi deviations at the same time.  

Gu Shenwei was caught in the middle again and didn’t know what to do next.

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