Crazy Detective Chapter 255 – A Peculiar Corpse

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Chapter 255: A Peculiar Corpse

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

All of Yuhua Street was under the jurisdiction of Rongyang Branch. As there had been a bank robbery on this street, it was naturally a.s.signed to the Key Case Investigation Unit at Rongyang branch.

Adhering to Bureau Chief Luan’s instruction, Miao Ying did not head to the police station but brought the teammates that went picnic together straight to the crime scene. As they had been deep in the mountain, no matter how fast they drove, they only managed to get to the crime scene in an hour’s time.

For the tranquil Qinshan City, a bank robbery was a big news! When Miao Ying and the others arrived at the crime scene, the area surrounding the bank was strictly prohibited to the public. Besides police officers working on the case, no others were allowed inside. The press who had heard rumors rushed to report the news. They made several guesses, but no one knew what happened in the bank.

As guessed by Zhao Yu, when he followed Miao Ying into the bank, he saw all the other police detectives, and a familiar face—Mister Tao. Mister Tao was one of the stakeholders for Qinshan Bank, also one of the people who had built the bank. If there was a serious situation, how could he not be there?

It was such a coincidence. Zhao Yu had deposited the two-hundred thousand old notes, given to him by Mister Tao, into the bank that he was running. But in the end, the bank was robbed! It was such a complicated connection. But Mister Tao being questioned by the police so he did not notice Zhao Yu’s arrival.

To Rongyang Branch, this was serious trouble. Technically, the first person who should have arrived to investigate was Captain Liu Changhu. However, Liu Changhu and Mao Wei had both been admitted to the hospital while Miao Ying was on leave. So the person in charge of the criminal investigation work was Bureau Chief Luan.

But this female bureau chief was experienced in criminal investigation.She commanded the police detectives to track the suspects and to preserve the crime scene to investigate the what had happened. The forensics department was doing their best to look for related evidence.

Bureau Chief Luan loosen up when she saw that Miao Ying finally arrived. She told her, “Miao Ying, you’re finally here! I just got an order from Bureau Chief Tang. Due to the special situation in the police station, you are the conductor for this case. Both Team A and Team B are under your control. Please solve the case as soon as possible and arrest the suspect!”

“Yes!” Miao Ying saluted her. “Don’t worry. I will complete the task!”

Bureau Chief Luan nodded happily and explained the case to them. At 12:05 P.M. a bunch for masked robbers rushed into the back with shotguns and rifles. They took charge of the whole situation, including the lobby security guards, customers and staff. The weird part was that they did not take cash from the counter and they did not try to enter the treasury, but went to the west side of the lobby instead. It was a security deposit box vault in a row with the treasury. They opened more than ten of the security deposit boxes by force and took the valuable items selectively!

Security deposit boxes were one of the services that had started to be provided ten years ago by Qinshan Bank. Its purpose was to provide customers with a safe s.p.a.ce to save their valuable items while the bank made commission. This service was not widely provided. Most of the bank did not offer it. Only some of the private banks provided such service.

Qinshan Bank security deposit boxes were built within a vault of eighty square meters, accompanied with strict security measures. Customers who came to store their items were offered high secrecy. There were no surveillance cameras within the vault. When customers were placing their items, they would not have anyone accompany them either. In other words, besides the customers themselves, no one else would know what they put in their a.s.signed box. After customer registration, they only need two things to be able to collect the items: the key, and their pa.s.sword.

The security boxes came in different sizes. The bigger the size, the higher the commission. For instance, for the wallet that Zhao Yu had saved here, he had chosen a mid-sized box and he had to pay three-hundred yuan a month. It was considered quite expensive. As there were not any other incidents, this was the first security deposit box robbery case in Qinshan history.

Because of that, it was rather tricky as those security deposit boxes were cla.s.sified. Firstly, the bank did not know what the robbers had took. Secondly, the bank would face a huge problem regarding the compensation. If the customers asked for a ridiculous compensation fee, the bank would have no choice but to reimburse them!

Although there were only about ten security deposit boxes that had been opened, if there were court cases, the bank might face consequences such as a shut down! Because of that, Mister Tao was panicking and hoped that the police would be able to arrest the suspects quickly and retrieve all of the lost items. Of course, Zhao Yu was more anxious than Mister Tao. He had yet to listen to the entire story before he ran to check on the security deposit box vault.

The lighting in the vault was fairly dim and exuded a tenebrous aura. At that time, the vault was messy. There were items all over the floor, such as jewellery cases, delicate boxes, and also some jewels. The robbers must have been very rough when they were here. There was a broken pearl necklace on the floor, and the bean sized pearls was scattered all over. The Forensics Department was carefully gathering evidence. Needless to say, w.a.n.g Xin, the department chief, was there too.

But what surprised Zhao Yu was the serious expressions on his colleagues’ faces from forensics. No one was talking and they seemed pretty mournful. As the head of department, w.a.n.g Xin and the others gathered in front of one side of the security deposit boxes and were looking at something thoroughly!

Zhao Yu was not paying much attention, but rushed to his own security deposit box where he had stored his old notes. With one glance, he felt a gush of cold air and nearly pa.s.sed out on the spot. His box had been broken into and the door was left half open.

“Ouch! b.l.o.o.d.y robber! There were over a hundred security deposit boxes but you had only opened ten over of them and that had to include mine! I hate all of you! Just you wait, I will arrest all of you…” Zhao Yu thought to himself miserably.

Zhao Yu was lost in his thoughts when he opened the box. But what surprised him was that the wallet that Mister Tao had gave him was still in the case, and it was still as bulky as before. “What the… It can’t be,” he thought. He lowered his body and opened the wallet. The money in the wallet had not been touched! “Oh my, what a motherf*cker…”

Suddenly, Zhao Yu was confused. It did not make sense. With so much money in front of the robber, why hadn’t they taken it? “This…this is so illogical. Is it that the robbers didn’t even care about two-hundred thousand in cash? They think it’s too little?” Zhao Yu wondered.

“Hey! Zhao Yu!” Department Chief w.a.n.g Xin saw Zhao Yu’s actions and stopped him. “Don’t touch! This is the crime scene! Don’t cause any trouble!”

“I…this is mine!” Zhao Yu pointed at the wallet and said, “I stored something here too!”

“Sigh, why are you everywhere?” w.a.n.g Xin creased her eyebrows and said, “Leave already. We are still busy! Put down that thing. Who knows, there might be fingerprints on it!”

“Okay…” Zhao Yu understood the importance and quickly returned the wallet to the security deposit box.

Oh… After Zhao Yu returned the wallet to its original place, he wondered why the investigators looked so serious. He heard Liu said that there was a peculiar corpse in the vault according to the report!

Zhao Yu felt odd. Why? Why would there be a dead body? “Maybe the robbers had had a conflict when they were dividing the spoils and fought among themselves?” Zhao Yu wondered. With a strong curiosity, Zhao Yu walked towards w.a.n.g Xin and the others carefully. He finally saw the dead body. Its appearance sent shivers down his spine…

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