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Chapter 61 – w.a.n.g Ba, you’re impotent

Who was w.a.n.g Ba? That was the little overlord of the New Moon University. His name could really be said to be known by everyone here. Furthermore, the other party had a terrifying power within their family, and they were extremely familiar with the people on the streets as well. This caused w.a.n.g Ba to never suffer any grievances.

And this time, w.a.n.g Ba directly fell into Tang Yu’s hands!

At this time, Tang Yu looked at w.a.n.g Ba, laughed lightly, and said: “In my cla.s.s, you have to follow my rules. I, this person, will give everyone a chance, but it’s just a small lesson just now. I’ll let you know what it means to respect your teacher. “Alright, get up, my actions just now were really light.”

Hearing Tang Yu’s words, everyone opened their mouths. They could not help but admire this teacher of theirs. He had clearly beat them up, but to be able to say such a large number of reasons, everyone felt that it was all w.a.n.g Ba’s fault!

Being played like this by Tang Yu, w.a.n.g Ba was naturally not convinced. But looking at the look in Tang Yu’s eyes, he didn’t know why, but he felt a kind of cowardice in his heart.

Indeed, although he was thrown down by Tang Yu, he did not sustain any injuries; he merely suffered a slight pain in the very beginning.

He was also secretly shocked in his heart, Tang Yu’s strength was really f * cking great! It was no wonder that his cousin asked him to teach him a lesson. He truly wasn’t an easy person to deal with!

In this cla.s.sroom, it was obviously undesirable to fight head on. Tang Yu was too fierce, he was unable to defeat his opponent, so he could only think of other ways.

As a result, under everyone’s astonished gaze, w.a.n.g Ba got up, patted his b.u.t.t, and put on his shoes unwillingly, and sat down on the chair.

Seeing that the most awesome w.a.n.g Ba in the cla.s.s was actually completely subdued by Tang Yu, everyone looked at Tang Yu with admiration, and all the little girls’ eyes were filled with stars as they became infatuated with Tang Yu.

“Alright, let’s continue with the cla.s.s.”

Tang Yu clapped his hands, and took out a book on diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine from Mu Qingxue’s side. He casually flipped through it and said, “Who can tell me what diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine is? Oh,, you answer first. “

Hearing Tang Yu’s question, w.a.n.g Ba curled his lips in disdain. Asking such an uncultured question right off the bat was really boring.

However, even after feeling Tang Yu’s gaze, w.a.n.g Ba still stood up unwillingly and answered: “Diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine is a course that discusses the basic theories, methods and techniques of diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine. “Among them, diagnosis is the general a.s.sessment of human health status and medical conditions…”

“Oh, not bad, you even know that?” Tang Yu looked at w.a.n.g Ba in shock. This kind of mischievous student would actually do such a thing, he was truly extraordinary.

w.a.n.g Ba said with an unsatisfied face: “Teacher Tang, can you ask some profound questions? Our whole cla.s.s is learning Chinese medicine, how can we not know this kind of thing? “

As he said till here, w.a.n.g Ba curled his lips in disdain, his face full of provocation.

The corner of Tang Yu’s mouth rose slightly, and said: “I know, so I didn’t plan to follow the books to read. I think that you guys know most of these things, I will teach you some useful things, which is diagnosis and treatment.”

“Deliberately mystifying.”

w.a.n.g Ba said in an unhappy tone: “Teacher Tang, since you have said that, then see what disease I have. If you can see through it, I will submit to you. “In the future, I’ll take you as my boss. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.”

w.a.n.g Ba did not feel that Tang Yu was stronger in terms of medical skills than him, nor did he feel that he had much ability, so he felt that Tang Yu was extremely disdainful. Taking this chance, he had to take care of Tang Yu properly, to avenge the beating just now.

“Just drop it. From the looks of it, you’re just causing trouble. I’m not going to take a lackey like you.”

Tang Yu shook his head, and said with a look of disdain: “Since you say it like that, then I will reluctantly let you see, and also give everyone an example.”

Hearing Tang Yu’s words, w.a.n.g Ba’s heart was filled with fury and grievance. d.a.m.n it, no matter what, he was the young master of the w.a.n.g family’s side branch, when did he get looked down upon so much? Being a lackey for someone and actually getting disliked?

Thinking about that, w.a.n.g Ba gritted his teeth as he walked to the side of the stage, extended his arm and said: “Take a look at your pulse.” He wanted to see if Tang Yu really had the ability to do so.

“No need.”

Tang Yu shook his head, and said: “Your illness is too obvious, you don’t even need to check your pulse.”

“What? You can tell that I’m sick without checking my pulse?” w.a.n.g Ba said with a funny face: “If you don’t act cool, will you die? Since you can see through it, tell me what’s wrong with my body? “

w.a.n.g Ba laughed coldly in his heart. Just when he was about to start cooking, he was actually able to find the cause of the disease without checking his pulse. Even if the Saint Doctor from their w.a.n.g Family didn’t check his pulse, he could only guess based on his inquiring, his complexion, and the condition of his body.

At this time, everyone in the cla.s.sroom did not know what Tang Yu was thinking, and all of them had doubts in their hearts. How could the eyes tell the illness in a person’s body when there was no pulse in traditional Chinese medicine? If he really had such an ability, then wouldn’t he be overpowered?

“You really want me to say?”

Tang Yu looked weirdly at w.a.n.g Ba, and said: “I think we should talk about it in private. If I were to say it out loud now, I don’t think it would be good.”

Seeing that Tang Yu did not dare to say anything, w.a.n.g Ba thought that he was afraid and could not see anything, hence he could not help but laugh coldly in his heart. That incompetent fellow has finally revealed himself, right?

However, w.a.n.g Ba still had some skills on the surface, he said unconcernedly: “Our entire cla.s.s has come here with the att.i.tude of studying, so Teacher Tang, just say it, everyone is looking forward to your method of diagnosis. Therefore, we will definitely not care about what does not affect us. “

Hearing w.a.n.g Ba’s words, Tang Yu nodded, and said sincerely: “w.a.n.g Ba, I never thought you would be so dedicated, teacher had wrongly blamed you. Since you said so, teacher can only speak the truth., you are impotent. “

Everyone was still wondering what Tang Yu was going to say, but once he said that, the entire cla.s.s immediately erupted. They wanted to laugh, but they didn’t dare do so in front of w.a.n.g Ba. They could only hold it in, their shoulders trembling, and even their stomachs aching!

In everyone’s eyes, this teacher of his was too f * cking funny! However, everyone was more concerned about whether Tang Yu was right or not. They could not help but cast their gaze at w.a.n.g Ba.

At that moment, w.a.n.g Ba’s face was livid with anger. Initially, he had fantasized about how Tang Yu would not be able to say anything, and how he would despise the other party and embarra.s.s him. But, d.a.m.n it, this guy had actually said that he was impotent in front of so many students!

What Tang Yu said was not important, but the problem was that w.a.n.g Ba clearly knew that Tang Yu was f * cking right. There was something wrong with his side of things, especially recently!

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