Close Combat Mage Chapter 119

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Translated by: FatChinee, Almer
Edited by: Taffy

Chapter 119 – Future Route Pt. 1

Continuously blasted by Suo Jia’s attacks and having been beaten back sorrowfully, Mi Xiusa finally grew angry. Mi Xiusa’s body suddenly halted 10 meters away. Two scarlet red eyes looked at Suo Jia while his hands gripped the sword’s hilt tightly. He first sent a swift, sharp attack at the incoming ice hammer, which smashed it into pieces. Immediately afterwards, a loud shout suddenly burst out as he began to attack in a frenzy.

Mi Xiusa’s fury finally allowed Suo Jia to realize Mi Xiusa’s formidable might. Within a short few seconds, Mi Xiusa had violently slashed his sword more than a dozen times. Over 10 crisscross sword chops covered with scarlet battle qi swarmed towards Suo Jia like a group of angry hornets.

Faced with this situation, Suo Jia could not help but laugh bitterly. With regards to defense, relying only on the interspatial ring was evidently not enough. Although the s.p.a.ce Shield could be deployed, it would still eventually be extinguished. No matter what attack it was, it would cause the shield to immediately disappear. Faced with these concentrated attacks, Suo Jia did not have enough time to once again summon the s.p.a.ce Shield.

Originally, these concentrated attacks were impossible for Suo Jia to defend against. Fortunately however, Mi Xiusa had lost his cool-headedness. Although the attacks were densely packed, they were a bit too concentrated, which allowed Suo Jia a chance to escape.

Quickly waving both of his hands, Suo Jia controlled the ice stream to lay down layer after layer, forming a wall of defense. At the same time, Suo Jia’s body moved at top speed to one side. As a result of Mi Xiusa’s attacks being limited to one area, so as long as Suo Jia avoided that exact area, he would be safe.

Bang! Bang! Bang… Rumbling sounds caused by the concentrated attacks could be heard as streams of battle qi shot outwards, causing the long ice stream to explode into fragments, segment after segment. After only a second or two, the nine meter long ice stream had already been completely smashed into ice fragments. Soon after… five or six waves of scarlet battle qi violently crashed into the spot where Suo Jia had originally stood. With a violent sound, the area exploded, causing dust to fly everywhere.

Taking a deep breath after his fluke, Suo Jia used the power of his ice stream’s defense to finally escape that area at the last moment. Although some of the fragments inevitably caused some wounds on his body, none of them affected Suo Jia’s fighting strength.

Not daring to stay idle, Suo Jia spread out his two hands, and another azure ice stream silently rushed forth. Under the smoke’s cover, he stuck close to the ground and leapt towards Mi Xiusa. As Mi Xiusa attacked with that blazing slash, Suo Jia violently charged from the ground, and attacked wildly at the belly of the completely unprepared Mi Xiusa.

Peng! Without any guard, Mi Xiusa was lifelessly sent flying. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t figure out how the opposing party had countered amidst those concentrated explosions. The most important question was: Hadn’t that ice stream just been destroyed by his explosive attack just now?

Not only was Mi Xiusa confused, even the surrounding spectators, including Duke Wen Sha, had no idea exactly what happened. At this very moment, Suo Jia’s body was still hidden within the smoke of the explosion. Everyone could only see an ice stream emerge from the smoke. Currently… Suo Jia had the ice hammer raised high up in the air. He had been the source of the explosion that had sent Mi Xiusa flying.

But things were far from finished. As Mi Xiusa was sent flying through the air, that ice stream once again moved, and rolled up sharply. That thick and solid ice snake instantly wrapped itself around Mi Xiusa’s neck and suddenly pulled downwards, causing Mi Xiusa’s body to fall. Under the ice stream’s grip, Mi Xiusa’s helmet fiercely hit the floor.

Under everyone’s gazes, Mi Xiusa’s head smashed into the floor so hard that the rocks from the ground flew in all directions. A strange angle formed between his head and his shoulders. At the same time, violet-black colored blood flowed out from a small crack in the helmet.

But this was still not the end. This ice stream was both overpowering and merciless, and it quickly coiled around Mi Xiusa’s body. In that split second, the thick and solid ice stream had firmly secured itself around Mi Xiusa. From his head to his feet, he was completely covered by the ice stream.

After only a slight pause, Mi Xiusa had already awoken. Although he had been struck quite hard just now, enough to inflict some internal injuries and make him spit out blood, he did not lose his fighting strength.

Under everyone’s gazes, Mi Xiusa’s body emitted a brilliant red light. Everyone knew that Mi Xiusa wanted to use his battle qi to explode, and with Mi Xiusa’s strength, that ice stream was definitely not enough to restrict him.

The red light became more and more magnificent. Just as it appeared to reach the point of explosion, the ice stream that restricted Mi Xiusa’s body once again lifted its head. It lifted the ice hammer high up in the air and soon after… it violently smashed towards Mi Xiusa’s helmet- protected head.

Hong Ka! Following the sound of a violent explosion, the enormous ice hammer carrying unfathomable power fatally smashed down on Mi Xiusa’s head. Immediately… the red light emitted from Mi Xiusa’s body fluctuated, practically fading out on the spot.

No matter who it was, or how tough one’s helmet was, when met with such a blunt strike, being shaken up was inevitable. Having suffered the ice hammer’s bombardment, Mi Xiusa could only feel his mind fall into disarray. Not waiting for him to realize what was happening, another smash hammered down!

All the people watched attentively as the huge ice hammer that resembled a blacksmith’s hammer unceasingly raised up high into the sky, and smashed downwards onto Mi Xiusa’s head, as if his skull was a piece of iron. The hammer continued to wildly smash down and strike its target…..

Having been repeatedly smashed several times in a row, the red light outside Mi Xiusa’s body finally began to slowly disperse. The movements of the body also gradually came to a halt. Mi Xiusa stood motionlessly, as if paralyzed in place, allowing the ice hammer to explosively smash down onto him. Despite the attacks, he showed no reaction.

However, despite this, Suo Jia was still reluctant to stop. As long as the match had not concluded, he would not stop attacking. Controlling the ice stream with full strength, he continued to wrap it around Mi Xiusa’s body, and then separate the two right afterwards. This caused Mi Xiusa’s body to whirl around wildly like a spinning top in midair.

Seeing the ice stream whirlwind toss Mi Xiusa into the air, Suo Jia suddenly closed his eyes. The instant Mi Xiusa separated from the ice stream, his body suddenly tensed. It was extremely obvious that Suo Jia’s decision was correct. Just now, Mi Xiusa had only been pretending to be defeated, and if Suo Jia hadn’t decided to stop his attacks then, the conclusion might have been harder to foresee.

Laughing sinisterly, Suo Jia’s two hands quickly danced about. Immediately… the ice stream began twisting about in a snake like manner, making it look like a python. After storing up a powerful amount of power, the thick and solid ice stream suddenly faced the sky and rose. It faced the spinning Mi Xiusa below, and brazenly attacked in that direction.

In actuality, Suo Jia’s decision was completely correct. Although Mi Xiusa suffered from severe wounds, he had not completely lost his fighting strength. The instant he had separated from the ice stream, he had planned on retaliating. However, he hadn’t imagined that the ice stream would have caused his body to spin uncontrollably. Everything in front of his eyes was reeling, making it impossible for him to clearly see his surroundings.

Hong Ca! Finally… the ice hammer flipped bottom-up and accurately hit Mi Xiusa’s body accompanied by the fiercest bang yet. As this heavy sound rang out, Mi Xiusa’s body was instantly blasted into the distance like an artillery sh.e.l.l. Unable to gather any more strength, Mi Xiusa had absolutely no energy to resist.

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