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Chapter 125: 125
In a flash, four days have gone by and the horrifying news regarding the Yan Empire’s defeat to the Heavenly Demon Sect swept through the Heaven Desolate Region like a storm, catching everyone by surprise .

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The news of this heaven-shaking battle traveled far and wide causing the entire Heaven Desolate Region to become silent! So silent that one could even hear their own heart beating .

When the Yan Empire invaded the Heavenly Demon Sect, as the uncrowned king of the Heaven Desolate Region, many people secretly thought that the Yan Empire would be able to take over the Heavenly Demon Sect without too much trouble .

But in the end, the entire Yan Imperial army was completely annihilated, not even the Imperial princes were spared .

As if that wasn’t enough, one of the two human Martial Saint, Yan Zuntian, who was also the backer of the Yan Empire has lost his life as well .

The latter news caused even more shocked than the former .

The death of the Martial Saint powerhouse caused everyone to become paralyzed for a long time .

Prior to this, no one knew that Martial Saint powerhouse could be killed . In the Heaven Desolate Region, there was only two human Martial Saint and they were synonymous with G.o.d to the people .

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The two human Martial Saint was also acting as a deterrent against the Demon Beast Territory . It was also because of them that the demon beasts didn’t run amok into the human territory .

As one of the Martial Saints that was protecting the human territory from the demon beast territory, many people became sentimental after the news of his death .

A Martial Saint met his end in such a fas.h.i.+on; this induced a sense of regret and sadness and also reminded everyone that no one is untouchable in this world .

Even the most powerful expert might eventually turn into mere bones at some point in time .

“It’s not without reason that the Heavenly Demon Sect has stood strong for so long throughout the ages . ” An expert that was watching the battle from afar said with a tinge of emotion . ” Though their strict and brutal system had caused them to fall from the righteous path to the evil path, they are still second to none when it comes to creating powerful and brave warriors . ”

During the battle, many experts were hiding from afar to watch the show . However, the things that they saw during that war would probably scar them for life . Some would even have nightmares from this event .

This war was like a reminder to them as to why the Heavenly Demon Sect was known as the Fang of the Evil Sects . They were simply a group of bloodthirsty demons .

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Although they were neutral, they intended to fish in troubled waters to see if they could gain anything during the collapse and the destruction of the Heavenly Demon Sect .

Now that the Yan Imperial army was completely annihilated, all these spectating experts broke out in cold sweat .

They were glad for not partic.i.p.ating; otherwise, they would have suffered the same fate as the Yan Imperial soldiers .

It was clear to everyone that the Yan Empire was finished after this war . During that war, all the elites of the empire were basically wiped out . From all the sixteen princes that went to battle, none of them returned . Even the remaining members of the twelve pillars were killed when they refused to surrender .

“It seems like the Heavenly Demon Sect is the new overlord of the Human territory in the Heaven Desolate Region . ” An expert who witnessed the battle with his own eyes spoke with his back still drenched in a cold sweat .

The Heavenly Demon Sect could even take down a monstrous existence like the Yan Empire, so which other influences would dare to oppose them now?

Sponsored Content Not only that, with the defeat of the Yan Empire, it also meant that the evils sects were the true ruler of the Heaven Desolate Region, not the righteous sect .

Upon realizing this fact, the entire Heaven Desolate Region was in a state of panic, especially the righteous sects . It was as if a calamity was looming over their heads .

Like they said, better the Devil you know than the Devil you do not!

Aside from that, prior to the war, many n.o.ble families and Royal families within the Heavenly Demon Sect’s Domain became quite fickle to the point of supporting the Yan Empire’s invasion openly .

However, once the news about the defeat of the Yan Imperial army was spread, the once-ambitious n.o.ble and royal families shuddered to the point they p.i.s.sed their pants .

They instantly sat down with pale expressions as cold sweat ran down their backs .

Meanwhile, the families and small influences who kept their mouth shut and didn’t voice their opinion found themselves fortunate and were glad that they didn’t blindly join in . Otherwise, their end could be easily envisioned .

Sponsored Content Now, all of the influences within the Heavenly Demon Sect’s Domain that was supporting the Yan Empire’s invasion began to worry about the vengeance and the retaliation of the Heavenly Demon Sect .

Some of them even took the initiative to run away . Even the Emperor of the Yan Empire chose to flee along with his family, let alone them .

While many people were still trying to cope with this new reality, on the fifth day, right outside of the entrance of the Heavenly Demon Sect, a group of people was prostrated right outside the entrance .

They were all famed and powerful n.o.bles of the Yan Empire . They all came here to ask the Heavenly Demon Sect for forgiveness even though they weren’t directly involve or partic.i.p.ate in the war .

The sheer amount of the n.o.bles kneeling right outside the Heavenly Demon Sect created a scenery that would render spectators speechless .

At the same time, they also came to offer their loyalty and allegiance to the Heavenly Demon Sect . These n.o.ble families were not comparable to a powerful influence like the Evil Dragon Sect which had a Martial Saint expert as a backer, so opposing the Heavenly Demon Sect was like throwing an egg at a stone . As such, most of them chose submission instead of defiance .

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