Black Bellied Husband's Indulgence: His Wife is not Allowed to Hide Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Lost Necklace

“My dad asked you to get lost, didn’t you hear it?” At the side, Song Jiamu’s anger had not yet disappeared. He waved his fist, threatening to give him a punch.

Shen Jiayu quickly got up and straightened out his clothes. He looked at the family in front of him and unwillingly said: “You will regret it!”

He does not believe that the Song family would dare to offend his Shen family!

After his voice fell, he turned around and left.

When Shen Jiayu left, Song Wenxin gradually calmed down and no longer cried.

She reached out to wipe the tears in her eyes. She was somewhat surprised by her father.

He was actually willing to offend the Shen family for her…

“Wenxin, what exactly happened today?” At this time, Song Jiamu hurriedly moved closer and asked his younger sister with deep concern.

Song Wenxin sniffed. She told them the truth, however she skipped some details like how she was kissed.

She only said that she earnestly begged the other party and then he finally let her go.

After listening, Shen Jiamu was very angry. He wanted to look for Shen Jiayu to settle the score. However, he was stopped by Mother Song saying that since nothing happened to Wenxin, they should just let it pa.s.s. Thus, he gave up.

The farce has just calm down and then the family received a call from Shen Jiayu’s father, the chairman of the San Chen Group.

Although Song Chengtao wanted to resolve the matter peacefully, he was very resolute to cancel the marriage engagement, eventually offending the other party.

“Since your Song family do not give me face, then do not blame us for being heartless. Song Chentao, do not regret it later. Do not come to me begging on your knees!” As soon as the words were finished, the phone was hung up.

The room became silent. Song Wenxin’s father did not speak but only continued smoking.

“Dad, it’s my fault…” Song Wenxin bowed her head, suddenly feeling a little guilty although she knew that she has not done anything wrong.

Because of her, the friendship between her family and the Shen family has been broken.

“We shouldn’t have agreed with the engagement in the first place.  It may not be a bad thing to cancel it now.” Song Chentao sighed and then suddenly comforted Song Wenxin.

“I do not believe that their Shen family can cover the sky in A city with their hands. What can they do to us?” Song Jiamu said in a bad mood.  He never had a good opinion of the Shen family.

“The time is late. You all go back and rest.” Song Chentao nodded and then said to the two siblings and to his wife.

That night, Song Wenxin was unable to sleep.

She can’t stop thinking how the Shen family would deal with their Song family…

As she just kept on tossing and turning on her bed, she simply got up, turned on the computer and went online.

Her mailbox has received several new messages and Song Wenxin promptly opened them.

Song Wenxin’s heart was filled with joy as she opened the messages. However, after looking at the content, she became disappointed.

Those turned out to be spam messages. She thought that her necklace had been found…

Three years ago, she lost a very important necklace. It was a handcrafted necklace with her name made by her late grandmother for her. It was extremely precious to her.

In the past years, she had sent some small ads and had left her contact email on them. She wanted to find the man who took her necklace and hope that he can give it back to her.

However, in these 3 years, she was unable to find that person.

She sighed, disappointed, and turned off the computer.

Then she opened her jewelry box and took out a heavy gold chain…

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