Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please Chapter 124.1 – Pull Out the Sword and You Win

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Chapter 124.1: Pull Out the Sword and You Win

That had immediately caused many of the disciples to dislike Su Li Mo.

They had all been highly curious of and had greatly worshipped the top five highly skilled experts but never had they thought that this man would be so heartless to watch his fellow disciples die and not lift a finger to help, which inadvertently bitterly disappointed many of them.

Faced with so many pairs of eyes around looking at him strangely, Su Li Mo twitched a corner of his mouth and said a little scornfully: “You must be joking! If this great lord here had really not done anything, do you think all these useless trash would be able to last till now?”

Luo Lan Zhi raised an eyebrow in surprise when he heard that. [So he is saying that he secretly helped them?]

“Laid back in comfy peace for so many years, if all of them are not put to the grindstone a little, any insolent dog or cat would be able to casually come up to our doors in challenge in future. By then, this great lord here will not even want to say that I am from the same sect as such useless trash as that would be just too shameful.”

Luo Lan Zhi was speechless. “…..” [Couldn’t that brat be a little more tactful at least?]

In that instant, the normally highly explosive Elder Jin actually did not blow his rage but had instead knitted his brows together as he nodded in agreement. “You are absolutely right. Our disciples in the Faint Mist Sect have indeed enjoyed a much too peaceful and leisurely life. Having battled till now, all the outer circle disciples who survive today will be promoted into the inner circle, and disciples already in the inner circle shall gain the opportunity to go into the Heaven’s Door Chambers for a day.”

The Heaven’s Door Chambers was an important place in the Faint Mist Sect. It contained records of many strange and odd incidents that occurred throughout the lands, and many secrets that people did not know about could also be found in there. Moreover, the spirit energy was robust in there, several times that of the outside world, with all kinds of mysterious and priceless superior grade martial arts and techniques in there. If one was able to pick up a technique or two, or just to cultivate for three to five days in there, they would surely be surprised by the unexpected results.

Never had they thought that the sect would be so generous in order to grind and toughen them up.

The hidden Crimson Land’s Eight Demons were unable to hold themselves back any longer and they finally stepped out to show themselves. All of them were tall and towering figures while dressed in red clothes with strange pictures tattooed over their faces.

The face of the man with a snake tattoo on his face in front was dark and seemed to be on the verge of rage, but in the next second, he broke into a sinister sounding laugh and his voice was a little repressed as he said: “I’ve said that the Faint Mist Sect is just a bunch of useless trash but I had not thought that there are actually a few skilled pugilists among you.”

“That is but natural, as the eastern edge is such a miserably poor and backward place afterall, so I can undoubtedly understand that you do not know much about the world.” Su Li Mo said with his arms crossed before him, his tone scathingly emotionless.

[Tsk, trash talking? Your great lord here has never backed down from it before.]


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