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I am completely and utterly exhausted with Makoto’s schemes.

While it may seem like her actions are rather simple, her thought process is actually a lot more complicated than that.

She’s a beautiful girl no one can complain there, but with the way she carries herself, n.o.body would question she is an airhead.

But the truth is, she is actually very bright by holding the best grades in our High School. It is also obvious she doesn’t study any more than I.

So with all things considered, there is the possibility that her intelligence far suppresses mine. In other words, it would be dangerous to underestimate her. But now matter how much I tell myself that, whenever I see her foolish face I cannot help but relax.

And with that ,

“I have successfully been captured and definitely was exploited.”

I mutter as I hear two people breathing in their sleep.

After my bath, I had originally intended to get under the covered and fastly fall asleep. Makoto also intended for that to happen. But due to her refusal to untie me, I can’t possibly fall asleep.

No, I am tired enough to attempt it, but there is another problem.

This is the second time today that I’ve fallen into this state of emergency.

I can’t use my hands. I only realized this predicament the moment they fell asleep.

But, I believe the b.i.t.c.h may be pretending.

“Makoto, Oi, Makoto. Get up, get up idiot.”

The one sleeping in front of me without a care in the world is Makoto. I’ve been calling her name several times, but she has yet to show any signs of waking up.

Then there is this b.i.t.c.h, who is clinging onto my back.

She’s most likely up from how the situation went earlier.

By awaiting the moment Makoto is our cold, she gets her moment to mess with me.

I’m in the worst position while she’s in the best.

That is why she’s continuing this charade. She’s waiting for me to call out to her earnestly. That was why she continued this charade; she was waiting for me to call out to her earnestly.

I can never, ever call out to her. I have to somehow wake up Makoto.

“Makoto! Oi, you idiot! Get up! Please, get up!”

I have been whispering to her this whole time. I don’t need to be polite to this idiot and her stupidity, but it is too late to shout.

However, my patience can only go so far.

Whether or not she wakes up, I’m giving her five minutes.

“Makoto! Oi you stupid girl! I said get up!”

What is with,”I’ll take care of everything, Aoi-san” nonsense? As soon as she laid down she pa.s.sed out.

b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I have no choice but to talk to the b.i.t.c.h. No, I absolutely cannot. I certainly cannot rely on her.


“Makoto!? Have you gotten up!? Get up! Makoto, get up!”

My heart jumped the second I heard it. Relief at last!


I believe I heard someone click their tongue behind me, but I ignore it. I don’t have time to bother myself with the b.i.t.c.h.



Makoto clings onto me tighter as she shifts around, smiling. Her breathing went through the silent room. Makoto happily shifted a bit to cling to me more closely and then only

This can’t be real…How is it possible for her to not be awake already?


A giggling could be heard behind me, which caused me to have a vein rise on top of my temple. .

She pushes her chest against my back. It’s obvious she would attempt to entice me, but of course it does nothing to me.

Enough about that, did this little brat possible give Makoto something?

Before we lied down, I remember Makoto and I drank water. The little b.i.t.c.h was sent to the refrigerator and took out the cold water.

She got out of the bath before us, and so the time we got out the water was taken out of the fridge and poured into a gla.s.s.

I remember gladly drinking the water while thinking how thoughtful as I enjoyed the relaxing aftermath of the bath

Of course, Makoto did as well.

Thinking about it now, it was a bit unusual. She finally got to take a bath with me after constantly trying to make a pa.s.s at me, so her being quick to get out was awfully suspicious.

I thought she was being considerate to Makoto, but if that was the case she wouldn’t even gotten into the bath in the first place.

Moreover, she went out of her way to pour it into a gla.s.s.

Several bottles of water are always stocked in my refrigerator. As such, it would’ve been find to just hand Makoto and I a bottle.

I wasn’t aware of this, and simply thought she poured it after judging whether Makoto would drink it all. As such, I wasn’t concerned.

I did not even consider the possibility of her drugging Makoto.

s.h.i.t, I was careless. I let down my guard completely. After being thoroughly squeezed out by Makoto and found a solution to all my problems, I was vulnerable.

What will I do? If I could’ve, this rope would already be cut through. I purchased this rope. Of course I got it with the intentions to bind and hang Makoto, so it’s both considerably durable and flexible.

In other words, it was very hard to break out once tied by it.

Cutting it with scissors wouldn’t work, either. There was no way they could make their way through the knot, after all.

A simple knife or box cutter had the same problem, plus the possibility of being disturbed by the little b.i.t.c.h while trying to break out was high.

Besides, Makoto had the d.a.m.n courtesy to tie it tightly; it didn’t come any looser when I tried moving my hands.

Otherwise, it’s near impossible to untie it.

All in all, it was pretty much impossible to get myself free, so I have given up on trying to do that. I would have to survive this crisis without relying on my hands.

While I was trying to find a solution, I had finally reached my limit.

I was out of time; if I wanted to avoid the worst possible outcome, I had to take some drastic actions.

I tried twisting my body upwards, but to no avail with the little b.i.t.c.h on my back and Makoto hugging me from the front…

“Seems like you reached your limit, Onii-chan.”

I felt a rush of anger, but my desparatin was at its high.

Wait, I had a chance here. She had called out to me patiently, waiting for a response. She was at a good spot here. She could easily get what she wanted just by waiting for me to try to negotiate with her.

However, she also knew I was close to my limit, so she spoke to me again, this time with a bit of unease in her voice.

That meant that I could ignore her. She had to cooperate with me if she wanted me to become a part of her family while I could choose not to cooperate. I couldn’t just push her away, though, and she knew that. That was why she even tried to attack me like this.

My cooperation is equally as important to her as hers is to me. Which means I don’t have to be modest.

My cooperation was equally important to her as Shizuka’s was to me. That meant I didn’t have to be humble; I had to stay strong and not give in to her.

“Onii-chan? Did you hear me? I can give you a hand. It’s becoming unbearable, right? Want me to help you?”

She called out to me in a sweet, provocative tone. Did she think she could actually sway me with that?

Brat, you shouldn’t underestimate me. I was about to p.i.s.s myself, but I rather do that and humiliate myself than take your help.

I kept ignoring her and wiggled my whole body to try to get away from the two people sticking to me. It was of no use, though, as both clinged to my desperately.

s.h.i.t, this was the second time I was in the situation where I was about to p.i.s.s myself. Yep, today was just a day.

The first time I had believed that I had lost the battle against my bladder and had went to the bathroom with her. If I accepted her help again, it would look like I gave in to her.

“You sure you can hold it? It’s hard, isn’t it? Well, I did put some medicine in the water you drank, big brother.”

“What? Y-you b.i.t.c.h…”

She hadn’t given it just to Makoto but me as well?

“Hah, I finally got you to speak! Big brother, can you just say one thing for me? Say, ‘Help me, Shizuka.’.”

“Who would say that, you f.u.c.king idiot.”

I tried to squirm my body in another desperate attempt, but to no avail.

I felt as if I was about to p.i.s.s any second now as cold sweat spouted from every inch of my being.

If only Makoto woke up… That wasn’t happening, though. With the medicine she had been given, she would keep sleeping like a rock.

“I gave medicine to Makoto, too.”

I stopped moving when she said that.

“Yup, it’s a sorta of a sleeping drug, but it’s herbal, so there are few side effects. Like, it isn’t that strong, but it seems that it worked well enough with her sleeping like this.”

“Is that so.”

I gave up when she revealed that.

Alright, I would just have p.i.s.s myself. I couldn’t do anything to avoid it, so might as well. No way I would keep talking to her now that I knew she drugged us for sure.

This was too good of an opportunity for her. I hated to wet myself, but she would try to take advantage of me if I asked for her help. Ok, I made up my mind.

This relationship between her and me was only because of our mutual interest, but now she had done something reckless by drugging Makoto and me. I would remember this anger if I ended up p.i.s.sing myself.

She might try blackmailing me after this, but I didn’t care since p.i.s.sing myself wasn’t really that bad.

Besides, she gained nothing if I ended up p.i.s.sing myself. She needed my help in stopping her marriage, so the only thing she had to gain from pushing me away here was loss.

Whether she was convinced I would just give up or not even care about the consequences: did she perhaps think she was in the place of power?

Whichever it was, she didn’t think it through. I now knew what I had to say to this little b.i.t.c.h.

“Fine, I’ll just p.i.s.s myself. I’m disappointed in you, though. I need your cooperation, so I won’t mention this to anyone, nut once this is all over, we’re done. I don’t think of you as my little sister.”

“Eh!? W-wait moment!? You’re going to pee here!? Here!? Won’t it be embarra.s.sing!?”

The little b.i.t.c.h clearly seemed to be getting nervous. I doubt she wants me to break down my resistance in this regard.

“Well, I would prefer not to p.i.s.s myself if that was possible.”

“Ask me, then! Ask me to help you! It’s just one word, right!? All you have to do is say it and save yourself from the embarra.s.sment, right!?”

“You really are a child. I think I understand now why you were going to kill yourself over Makoto.”

This b.i.t.c.h really starved for affection. Her parents spoiled her. Her sister-in-law also did it at first. Now, she wants me to be the one to show her love.

Could it even be called love? It was all fake. Rather, wasn’t her begging just an annoyance?

Since she was dotted on more than necessary in order to hide the harsh truth, suspicion had arose in her, so she demanded more and more in order to prove it was real.

In other words, she was an attention wh.o.r.e.

My brother was in similar situation as her, so was he also an attention wh.o.r.e? No, that was extremely unlikely.

Wait, my brother wasn’t what was important right now, it was this b.i.t.c.h I had to deal with. Well, I already saw my victory in sight.

“T-that was different! I’m not child! I only want to help you, Onii-chan!”

“Help me? So, it wasn’t just that you wanted to see it?”

She trembled when I raised my voice and said that.


I knew she desired affection, but this was just too much.

Maybe I should have scolded her more. Perhaps, my brother really was the same.

She grew accustomed to all the affection she was getting, so she requested even more. On the other hand, my brother would do anything for my affection.

They were different, but weren’t their roots the same?

So, didn’t that make my brother an attention wh.o.r.e? He did secretly want my attention, right? He didn’t seem that similar to this b.i.t.c.h, though.

“Well, even if you wanted to help that doesn’t make any sense since you created this situation. You’re not the savior, you’re the menace. Your sister may have let you treat her like that, but I won’t.”

Yes, this was just how my brother did it. He made me give up and only then helped me.

As long as I didn’t notice, his plan went off without a hitch.


“I’m different than Matoto and you’re just a brat. I trust Makoto and she trust me. That is what you want, isn’t it?”

My brother needed it too.

“Somebody you can trust.”

Yeah, I was the only person my brother could trust.

My mother got pregnant against her will, and she even hid it until it was to late for an abortion, all to protect her friend.

Since he knew that, no matter how much he was doted on, it was only natural for him to consider that he wasn’t wanted.

Maybe he considered father’s love to only be pity.

With that looming over him, only one thing kept him going: the memories of our younger days together. The days where I had been desperately trying to run after him.

How does he see those days with a looming responsibility?

“It’s not that!”

The b.i.t.c.h’s scream reverberated throughout the room.

She then forcibly turned me around and straddled my stomach.

I really wished if she didn’t press directly onto my stomach.I had said I would p.i.s.s myself, but I still wanted to try to avoid it if possible.

“It’s not…”

Getting closer and closer to my limit, my body involuntarily trembled and a drop of sweat ran down my cheek.

It was likely I would actually pee my pants if this continued.

“It’s not that, I said! It’s not, it’s not, it’s not, it’s not!”

She continued to shout at me while shaking her head. Eventually, she finished her tantrum, and her shoulders dropped down.

“It’s just like you said. You’re going to laugh, aren’t you? Father and mother are kind and they treasure me, but it isn’t real.”

Tears started to drop on my chest as she spoke with a trembling, meek voice.

“I’m not their biological daughter, so they’re only nice only on the surface. They must actually pity me….”

She looked up and smiled, but the tears kept flowing from her eyes.

The moonlight shone down on her through the curtain, giving her a special glow.

“I really am selfish. I couldn’t live without Makoto, but I still envy her a lot. I was sad when Tatsuya left. I believed the rift I caused to be unrepairable. Yet…”

She slouched down gripped my jacket with her hands

“She was always laughing, but it made me feel miserable. I didn’t think that Makoto would ever laugh sincerely again. Then, she did. She laughed happily. She seemed to be looking forward to each day…”

She sobbed and big tears kept dropping onto my chest.

“When I met you, I finally became peaceful with myself. Even though you try to act like a tough, bad guy, you actually take on all the pain of others and are the gentlest person I know and that makes you stronger than others. So, I thought that because you are such a person, I might become happy if I stuck around…”

I was left speechless.

“I’m so jealous of Makoto that it’s frustrating. Why won’t you treat me like you treat Makoto? Is it because you go to the same school as her? Is it because I so different than her? Or, is it just because it’s her? Hey, big brother, don’t you hate girls who don’t resist? Why is it Makoto, then…”

I couldn’t answer her. She had a pitiful smile on her face, which gave a feeling that she would break at the slightest touch.

I had to pamper her; she would break if I didn’t approach her the right way.

This little punk was just too weak, fragile even. Makoto couldn’t have saved her, but I wouldn’t make the same mistakes.

Still, Makoto had forsaken this brat, so she might not be willing.

She might already be long past help.

Still, was it really okay to give up on her, then? I needed her cooperation to achieve my goal, though. It may be good to tread safely here.

However, this is just like Makoto and I’s relationship. Due to our differences, managing her was like walking through a maze with several twists and turns.

Everything is distorted in a way that I cannot possibly predict where I will land up.

“Yeah well, I just have no interest in you. The moment I first looked into your eyes, I thought you were absolutely useless. Tormenting a woman who already gave up is not interest of mine.”

She gave a laugh in response. A laugh of which sounded genuine.

“Hehe, I know since you have a hard time being honest you’d say something like that. If you said anything but that, I would question whether you’re actually him. So I suppose that is it, isn’t it? I get it…”

It’s likely she is starving to be scolded at. It is like her whole existence is based off that.

A really annoying person she was.

‘Haa, getting it all out  has really helped. Is this what you call…relief? They do say getting everything off of your chest feels amazing. I get why Makoto is so obsessed of you.”

She grabbed my jacket and whipped the tears in her eyes.

I couldn’t tell whether her tears or laughter were genuine, but now I think it’s was her laughter.

For some reason, she didn’t seem so bad then.

“But, big brother, you said you were not interested about Shizuka, yeah? That was in past, no…?

Cheeks soaked in her tears, the smile on her face formed into that of a mischievous child, which drew closer and closer to my face as her hands gripped onto my chest.

All I could think was she better not move anymore. She is already at my limit.

“Does that mean you are now interested into me? Is that conceited to think?

She whispered into my ear. Soon after, she placed her lips onto my cheek.

“Huh? Amazing. Big brother, you have such a sweet taste…ah, how careless of me.”

In a stupid voice, she expressed her realization of the waterfall that was pouring off of my face.

“A, Ahah, in spite of what I did a moment ago, I have no intentions to bully you. You don’t have to rely on me, but is it that horrible to ask for hel-“

“Sorry to rain on your moment, but get off of me already. I’m already at my limit. If this keeps on going, I’ll p.i.s.s right here and now!”

It is taking all my strength to prevent myself from going.

It isn’t like I wouldn’t pee on her, I just don’t make it a hobby to soil my meat toilets.

She is simply a candidate of mine. However, that does not mean I should get used to drenching them in my own urine.

“H, Hold on! I was going to help you out anyway, big brother!”

After hearing what I said, she quickly sprang into action, and quickly took off her sweat pants.

I am too big for her d.a.m.n sweatpants. Even if I had to take my trunks off, I could have just got by with putting my jacket over my private.

“I can’t be Makoto. I know that by now. However, I have my own charms, too. If there is something Makoto can’t do, I’m sure I can.”

After she spoke, she got down to my level and book off my trunks.

I was completely exposed. Normally I would have been beyond p.i.s.sed off to have succ.u.mbed to such a humiliating event, but I can’t afford to today.

I am already at my limit. I have to hold myself back so I do not explode.

“Woww, it’s so big. That medicine really did the trick, huh.”

She examined my lower half with several pokes.

You f.u.c.k, what did you say now? Medicine? Did you do this to me?

She really is a b.i.t.c.h…

“Hehe, when you drank the water I gave you, it had a little something extra to get you worked up. Calm down, the medicine has been tested several times. You are at no danger!”

Upon looking at her face, I noticed her face was completely flushed while her breathing became radical. Soon after, her hand went to my groin.

Aside from what she has done, it’s really strange. I was just rung our by Makoto, so for me to be this energic…

She is becoming even more excited…does she perhaps think I’m consenting to this?

“It was only a small amount, but unlike the medicine I gave Makoto, it has an addiction factor. Once or twice is fine, but after that you cannot stop taking it. After all, the sensitivity increases with each dosage. But if it feels good, it’s fine, right?”

This b.i.t.c.h is getting dangerous. She is looking at me with dead eyes.

v.i.a.g.r.a? Nope, not at all. If what she told me was true, it was more along the lines of an Aphrodisiac.

She had no place to run, but I knew I was of no shape to fight. All I could do was endure.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Did you really just give me that s.h.i.t!”

“Don’t worry, it is not dangerous.”

“That is beside the point!”

This b.i.t.c.h depends on people to easily. Even if was legal, she may have gotten even more dangerous medicine in the pursuit of comfort. I had to end it then and there.

“Doesn’t matter now. It won’t feel good to me if I don’t use this medicine, anyway.”

Something struck me when I heard her say that.

Won’t feel good if she didn’t use it? Oh? Is that so…

No medicine can create that. She was at the wrong place.

Yes, I had to teach her. Medicine is nothing compared to the possible pleasure that laid ahead of her.

She has to sink to the very bottom of the whirlpool of pleasure. I was determined to show her.

However, even if it wasn’t medication, she was most likely going to become addicted to me.

“So, Onii-chan, use me as your toilet. I am your toilet. Do not concern yourself with Makoto, I am your true meat toilet, okay? So, please use me.”

She had an ear to ear grin while lifting her sweater.

She has a pale, thin body. Her small, but still growing b.r.e.a.s.t.s had bright pink nipples standing on end. They seemed abnormally lewd with such a delicate, sweet body.

From the small crack of her v.a.g.i.n.a, I saw her poking c.l.i.t as juices dripped down.

Is this a side effect of the medication? It has to be normal due to what I saw in the bathroom. She has quite a overdeveloped body for somebody so underage.

My perspective of her may be a bit muddled with the medicine. However, it doesn’t mean i’m notfunctioning.

Is this perhaps what it’s like being drunk? It is legal, but it seems to have that effect. Moreover with such a huge risk of addiction.

After all, the moment I looked at her body I had a feeling it was a grade A example of regular doses.

While her right was on my d.i.c.k, her other slowly went behind her.

From the sound…It’s like her a.s.s was being finger.

“I don’t have any embarra.s.sment, big brother. Is that fine? So, will you use my a.s.s? Won’t you put it in? Don’t you think you’ll like it?

She began to lower her waist onto me.

I could feel the tip entering her tight hole.

“Chaa, ngii―ighaaa”

From the clenching of her teeth, she seems to be in a lot of pain. However, she keeps trying to force it inside.

There is no chance she’ll get it in. She hasn’t been developed at all.

“Stop! You’ll tear your a.s.s!”

“I, I’m fine! The pain feels good!”

She keeps on forcing her a.n.u.s by force.

At this rate, she’ll tear herself.  This little b.i.t.c.h has lost her mind. If it isn’t properly developed and tears, the a.n.u.s becomes of no use.

It is possible she will even have to live her life with a diaper!

“Stop at once, Shizuka! I don’t need a broken meat toilet! I will teach you true pleasure with drugs! So don’t push yourself so far!”

“It, it is in! Oniichan, you are inside me! Nghiii!”

Despite my pleas, she keeps on going. Her small hole has now taken in just the tip of my p.e.n.i.s.

Has she became disoriented due to the medicine? No matter what I say, she doesn’t seem to be listening. Which means, I have no choice.

“You asked for this!”

If she took everything in, she would rip a muscle. As such, I began to relieve myself.


As she screamed in reaction with eyes widen, I felt extreme relief.

Even if she was used to taking it in, she probably isn’t used to being peed inside.

“Uaww, what is inside of meee”

My strategy seemed to have succeeded just by the pale expression on her face.

She must have been in a panic right now. She appeared to have went nuts due to masturbating with these meds, but in some ways, she is still the same old young girl.

“O, Oniichan, take it outtt! You’re, You’re going to tear my stomach!”

Her abdomen began to swell from the liquid pouring inside her.

“Is it because of what you gave me. Plus, you made me hold on until my utmost limit. I won’t finish any time soon!”

“Wh, What is this!?”

Was she perhaps scarred that this will go on forever? Her lips and eyes are shaking.

“If you don’t like it, get off of me. I don’t care if it leaks onto the floor.”

“Nooo! I am different than Makoto! I will become nothing if I just up and quit here! I will be your true meat toilet!”

She seemed to be in agony, but also determined.

Makoto has the qualities of a true toilet, but her sister also seems to have such traits regardless of them not being blood related.

“It seems like you are taking the role of being a toilet seriously. Are you making this your evaluation test? Well if that’s the case: spill a drop, you are disqualified.”

Even if it’s beyond impossible, it’s important to provide a way to gain confidence to break her off of that medicine she’s taking.

The reason she made me take medicine was to somehow inform me of her addiction.

I won’t tell her parents, though. I don’t want to cause Makoto anymore anxiety. Which means, I have to deal with this myself somehow.

Interesting. I originally thought she was just a punk kid, but when you take off the tough-guy exterior, she’s really amusing.

Interesting. I originally thought she was just a punk kid, but when you take off the tough-guy exterior, she’s really amusing.

Sever her reliance on the medicine. My skill VS medication – which will come on top. Truly an interesting situation.

“O, Onii-chan, I will be your true meat toilet.”

Her delicate body continued to swell.

It is almost like this punk is pregnant.

It really did seem like she accepted everything I poured inside of her. Remarkable for her first time.

“D, Did I pa.s.s?”

I smiled ear to ear as I faced her pale, sweat dripping face.

“By the skin of your teeth, you did.”

To my answer, a wave of relief seemed to hit her in the face. However, that swiftly shifted to panic as her right hand reached behind her.

Probably because of her relief, her grip must have loosened. To prevent a possible leak, she probably placed her finger back there as a plug.

Probably not to pee herself, she went to the bathroom while her finger was still up in the b.u.t.t.

Once left alone, I looked up and gave a sigh.

“For some reason, I feel refreshed, but was there really an arousal effect? Only my fatigue was rid of.

I looked up while alone and naked.

This is an embarra.s.sing position I am in, but I can’t help it.

“Actually, today isn’t a bad day. Rather, it is a day where things start to turn up.”

My feeling involved with the Kijima family weren’t going away anytime soon. No, they would never.

However, I found a way around it. It is not a quick solution, but it’s better than nothing.

I succeeded to make the b.i.t.c.h my strong a.s.sist.

The only problem I have now is my brother. He most likely bugged this room.

I’m pretty sure that my brother wanted to hide him being adopted until the very last moment, but sooner or later I would have known.

So with what I know now, taking steps to stop him is important.

I already got it sorted out, too. It may not be the ideal plan, but I might still be able to work.

With all that said…do I take the initiative now?

If I do that, it won’t only distract my brother, he will focus on me. He won’t just hide anymore, too.

He won’t be that free much longer. So while he is still able to, I should secretly go on about obstructing his intentions.

I may have just thought it up, but this might go unexpectedly well.

I smiled as I pulled my pants back up.

Shizuka should have been done by now. However, when I glanced down I saw Makoto crawling up to me.

“Did you…wake up?”

She took the drugs not that long ago. Was it really sleeping pills? It’s no surprise she woke up with all the nose, but…

“Hey, help me get up…”

She wasn’t angry – rather, she seemed surprised.

She looked at me uneasily. She doesn’t seem like the same fool she was.

“I woke up to see Shizuka-san riding you. Aoi-san, is it true that she’s addicted?”

Her voice was trembling. Did she not know? Well, of course, she wouldn’t. And even if she did, it wasn’t like she could’ve done anything. Shizuka did all this to cry for help, after all.

“All because of me…”

Her face now draws pale. I suppose it was surprising how far her sister had fallen.

“It isn’t your fault. She was the idiot to go on and get addicted. That is the truth.

Her body was shaking.

“A, Aoi-san, don’t you think…you can do something?”

She grabbed onto my jacket as she began to cry.

“Of course. With my talent, her recovering will be a piece of cake. But, don’t misunderstand, ok? I’m not doing this for either you or her. I’m only using her a guinea pig to satisfy my desires.

“I, I can really, really depend on you for anything…I’m sorry….and, thank you very much.”

Despite her shaking voice, she bows to me. Afterwards, she quickly buried her face in my chest and continued crying.

Ridiculous. This isn’t the time and place to cry or express your grat.i.tude. Can’t you just untie me already?

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