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Chapter 243: Nosebleed, Heartache

In the end, all three of them were drunk.

Fortunately, each of them had their own a.s.sistants who all propped up their bosses.

Mo Chengyu shook off his a.s.sistant and shouted, “I haven’t had enough yet. Yu, come, come, let’s continue drinking.”

“Young Master, let me help you back. There’s a lot of alcohol at home,” The a.s.sistant coaxed.

Mo Chengyu shouted, “Then let’s go home. Let’s go home and have some wine.”

Yun Qichen was not as uncooperative when drunk, so his a.s.sistant helped him out of the room.

Fu Tingyu sat there without any intentions of leaving.

Shi Yan stood at the side and looked at his master. He didn’t understand. Fu Tingyu seemed a little upset after having met Fu Tingyan.

“Sir, Young Master Mo and Young Master Yun have already gone back. I’ll help you back too,” he suggested.

Fu Tingyu looked calm, but he was actually very drunk.

He replied, “Let’s go back to the family home.”

Shi Yan was stunned for a few seconds. “Sir, aren’t you going back to Bright Garden?”

Fu Tingyu repeated, “To the family home.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Only then was Shi Yan sure that Fu Tingyu wanted to return to the Fu family residence.

He reached out to help Fu Tingyu out of the private room.

Shi Yan spent some effort to help Fu Tingyu into the car. Then, he sat in the driver’s seat and drove back to the mansion.

At this time, in Bright Garden-

Qin Shu took a shower at eleven o’clock, then went to bed.

After playing games for a while, it was already twelve o’clock.

She looked up at the bedroom door, but there was no sign of movement at all.

Could it be that he had gotten drunk with his friend and forgot the time?

Qin Shu stopped playing her game. She took out her laptop and opened it, only to find that the young professor had already returned.

The young professor had accepted the homework that she had sent over.

Qin Shu tried to send a message over.

[ Qin Shu: Sir, are you back? ]

The other party replied very quickly.

[ Young professor: Yes. ]

Qin Shu asked tentatively.

[ Qin Shu: The college entrance exam is the day after tomorrow. Are you very busy? ]

[ Young professor: It’s alright. ]

[ Qin Shu: Rest early then. ]

After Qin Shu sent the message, she exited the chat room. Then, she selected an action film.

She was going to watch it while waiting.

By the time she finished watching the movie, it was already two o’clock in the morning.

Feeling sleepy, Qin Shu yawned. She saw that there were still no signs of movement at the bedroom door.

She picked up her phone and thought for a while. In the end, she dialed the man’s number.

After a while, she heard “h.e.l.lo, the subscriber you dialed is not answering at the moment…”

Qin Shu looked at her phone in confusion and then dialed the number again.

At the Fu residences-

In a dark room

The coat pocket of a coat hung on the coat hanger lit up. The ringtone was not loud.

Fu Tingyu’s eyes were tightly shut, he was so drunk that he did not know what was going on.

Only his brows were tightly furrowed, he was not sleeping well.

In his sleep, he felt that something was missing in his arms.

Qin Shu dialed again a few times but to no avail.

Why didn’t he pick up the phone?

Qin Shu felt uneasy when Fu Tingyu did not pick up the phone.

Although he had Yan Shi by his side, she could not help but worry.

When dawn broke, she couldn’t stand the sleepiness and fell asleep leaning against the headboard.

The sun was shining outside the window.

Fu Tingyu’s thick lashes fluttered and he opened his eyes to see the ceiling. He was stunned for a few seconds before he realized he was at the Fu family residences.

The headache from his hangover made him frown.

He rubbed the forehead with slender fingers and turned to look at the empty rosewood bed. His heart felt empty.

After a while, he lifted his blanket and got out of bed.

After washing up and getting dressed, he went to the office.

The car was traveling at a constant speed on the road.

Fu Tingyu rubbed his temples with his slender fingers and took out his phone with his other hand. He saw dozens of missed calls. Fu Tingyu stared at the screen for a long time. They were all from Babe.

The time was past two in the morning.

He gripped his phone tightly. was Babe waiting for him to go back?

At this moment, he felt something cold running down his nose. It was as if something was flowing out of his nose. He raised the back of his hand and wiped his nose. He lowered his eyes to take a look and realized that it was blood.

The bright red blood on the back of his fair hand was particularly striking.

Did he have too much heaty food?

Another stream of bright red blood flowed out of his nose. It didn’t seem like it had any intention of stopping.

Fu Tingyu raised his hand and wiped at it again. There was more blood on the back of his hand than before. There weren’t many emotions in his pitch-black eyes.

He pulled out a few pieces of tissue paper with his slender fingers and wiped the blood flowing out from his nose.

Shi Yan, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, glanced at the rearview mirror. He was shocked when he saw the bright red blood all over the tissue paper in Fu Tingyu’s hand.

“Sir, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I think I’m just too heaty.” Fu Tingyu slowly wiped the blood from his nose.

“I’ll call Young Master Gu.” Shi Yan took out his cell phone and quickly dialed Gu Yan’s cell phone number.

After a while, the call connected.

“Young Master Gu, Sir’s nose is bleeding a lot. Please come over and take a look at him.”

Gu Yan’s eyes grew dark with worry. “Where is he now?”

“He’s on his way to the company.”

“Then I’ll head to the company.”

Gu Yan hung up and left with his medical kit.

Shi Yan also sped up and rushed to the company.

Fu Tingyu continued to slowly wipe the blood from his nose, but the blood did not stop flowing.

He soon finished the packet of tissue. The tissues stained with bright red blood were piled up like a miniature hill in the car.

When they reached the company, Fu Tingyu pinched his nose and walked straight into the elevator to his office.

Shi Yan followed closely behind him. His looked just as nervous and worried as the last time Fu Tingyu was injured.

Gu Yan ran several traffic lights and rushed over as fast as he could.

The mess that he had gotten into after he ran the red light was left to his a.s.sistant, Ji Fei, to deal with. He hurriedly took the special elevator to Fu Tingyu’s office on the top floor.

In the office-

Fu Tingyu was sitting on a leather chair. He raised his head and pinched his nose with his slender fingers. He looked at the ceiling above his head, but his mind was filled with the image of a girl.

At this moment, he had already showered and changed into a light gray bathrobe.

Shi Yan was anxious and at a loss because he did not know anything about medicine.

The office door was pushed open and Gu Yan walked in with his medical kit.

Shi Yan saw that it was Gu Yan who came and hurriedly went up to greet him. “Young Master Gu, You’re finally here. Sir’s nosebleed won’t stop.”

“Let me take a look at it.”

Gu Yan quickly walked in front of Fu Tingyu and placed the medical kit in his hand on the desk.

Although he was very anxious and worried, he still maintained the calmness that a doctor should have.

“Do you have any symptoms other than the nosebleed?”

As Gu Yan spoke, he picked up Fu Tingyu’s wrist and placed his two fingers on it to check his pulse.

Fu Tingyu looked down at Gu Yan. He did not need to hide the true condition of his health from his friend whom he had grown up with since he was a doctor.

“There is some numbness in my limbs and I feel dizzy.”

Gu Yan frowned. The worry in his eyes was obvious.

Fu Tingyu could tell that the reason for the nosebleed was not simple when he saw that Gu Yan was frowning.

“Is the sudden nosebleed due to a heatiness or something?”

Gu Yan said, “The nosebleed is because the toxin is starting to gain immunity to the suppressants.”


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