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He had never been a person who was afraid of rejection. Even though his legs had become crippled, it was not his entire life that he had to be the prince of a country.

The reason why he liked Baili Hong Zhuang was never because of her having cured him and the situation at the time, but because he really cared for her.

Listening to Di Bei Chen’s words, Baili Hong Zhuang was slightly stunned, and a strange expression and that of wrongness flashed in her clear eyes, but her heart quietly filled with a bit of joy.

She had never heard Di Bei Chen say this. Even when she cultivated outside, he had always been with her, and although she’d always felt it was strange, she had never put his actions in her heart.

It was not until Di Bei Chen had hurried back after the Demonic Beast Tide that she felt somewhat differently for Di Bei Chen.

After Di Bei Chen had become a student at Cang Lan College, her feelings and his had become more and more obvious, but it was still the first time that Di Bei Chen had told her the thoughts in his heart.

“There are a lot of outstanding women around you, regardless of their strength, status or strength, they are good.” Baili Hong Zhuang said slowly.

Di Bei Chen shook his head and directly grasped Baili Hong Zhuang’s hands. “However good others are, they still can’t compare with you in my heart.”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s phoenix eyes narrowed and she looked into the pair of serious and nervous eyes. She could only see sincerity that came from the heart, and there was no falsehood.

“Niangzi, are you willing to be with me?” Di Bei Chen asked.

Baili Hong Zhuang was silent. As a matter of fact, the two of them had already become quite close and were also married, it was a good choice to do this.

However, she still bore a b.l.o.o.d.y sea of enmity, and her parent’s whereabouts were unknown. Her future was uncertain.

“Master, you shouldn’t think so much. I think that Di Bei Chen’s will is quite firm, and he is certainly not afraid of such things. If you like him, why bother worrying so much?”

Xiao Hei’s eyes flashed with a touch of gentleness. Unlike their gluttonous nature on usual days they had been with Master for such a long time, and of course, they had a certain understanding of the thoughts in their Master’s heart.

Di Bei Chen was really a peerless man, if Master could be with Di Bei Chen, it was a good thing.

“Xiao Hei has said it well. According to me, Master and Di Bei Chen are a perfect match. As for the future, let’s think about it later!” Xiao Bai said excitedly.

Between their Master and Di Bei Chen, there had never been any sort of intimacy. Although Di Bei Chen’s actions had been very obvious, they had always been slight temptations, and he had never directly revealed his thoughts.

However, since Master took Di Bei Chen’s hand and walked into the miasma forest, the situation had become different.

When Di Bei Chen saw that Baili Hong Zhuang never said anything for a long time, his heart gradually sank.

He had clearly seen that Baili Hong Zhuang had affection for him but could it be that… because of what had happened later, Baili Hong Zhuang had changed her mind?

A feeling of unspeakable loss spread in his heart. Since a long time, Baili Hong Zhuang’s smile had already been etched in his heart, and it had become one of the most important parts.

If his wifey still couldn’t believe in him absolutely, then he would continue to wait.

However, just as Di Bei Chen resolved this in his heart, Baili Hong Zhuang’s faint voice rang in his ears.

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When this word was heard, Di Bei Chen suddenly looked up at Baili Hong Zhuang. He only felt that he had got it wrong.

Are You Willing To Be With Me?

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