Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 270 – Who Do You Want Disqualified?

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Chapter 270: Who Do You Want Disqualified?

Jian Qi smiled thuggishly. “Don’t cry, okay?”

The edges of the veteran’s lips twitched slightly before he sent a punch in Jian Qi’s direction.

Meanwhile, the veterans along with the single freshman that was eliminated all looked on at the scene like an avid audience of a movie.

One of the veterans asked the freshman, “Has she always been so narcissistic? Have none of you ever thought of picking a fight with her?”

The freshman smiled. “She already has a hard enough time with Instructor Tang!”

The veteran looked back at Jian Qi before tutting slightly, “She sure doesn’t look like she’s having a hard time!”

The freshman laughed. “Hahaha… Honestly, I admire her endurance! The regular man would have already packed their bags and left if they went through the same as she did!”

“She really is resilient!” The veteran agreed.

The freshman laughed and continued, “Honestly, I thought that something must have gone wrong when I saw her in our squad. Why would such a person be in the army with us? She was just rising to fame, and even if she wanted to know what life was like in the military, she couldn’t have chosen this place! Then, I saw her flirt with Instructor Tang endlessly, and I thought that he was the reason that she came here…”

“I know right!” One of the veterans laughed and agreed.

The freshman paused again and chuckled before continuing, “Then again, she really is a.s.sertive in chasing after Instructor Tang with her thick-skinned personality! I thought that she would have definitely been disqualified in the first round, or even would have run away on her own volition, but she is the only girl that is left behind!”

“Most importantly, she’ll always end up in the position that everyone is fighting over!” The veteran that fought with her earlier spoke.

Jian Qi was not weak at all, and she had some sort of ruthlessness that made him sure that she would end up in the final six!

Another veteran smiled too. “This girl might be annoying, but she still has values that are worth learning from!”

The three of them looked at each other before laughing again. “Didn’t we want to complain about her? How is this becoming a praising contest?”

The three of them were silent for a moment and were about to speak again before the situation on Lu Yao’s side attracted their attention.

Lu Yao was working together with another freshman and their teamwork was great, but the veteran was not easy to defeat either, and all three had to protect their wristbands at the same time.

The duo looked at each other before the freshman attacked the veteran’s left side while Lu Yao attacked the right, wanting to grab his arms.

In response, the veteran grabbed their arms and used the momentum to pull them closer, before kicking toward the freshman next to him.

The freshman did not expect the veteran to pull him, and at the same time that the veteran’s hand closed around the freshman’s wrist, Lu Yao’s closed around his.


The b.u.t.tons were pressed at the same time, and two people were disqualified!

Two of the veterans could not help but sigh. “He’s the best at close combat between the four of us, it’s such a shame that he lost like this!”

The freshman smiled. “But one of us got disqualified too!”

One of the veterans sighed. “Now it’s all up to him to bring down one of them with him.”

The freshman. “… Who do you want him to disqualify?”

The veterans looked at the three freshmen that were left before they spoke at the same time, “Big Sister Qi!”

The freshman did say anything in response to this.

Why was he not surprised?

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