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Chapter 1008

Huiyue Jie was currently in an anxious mood and his emotions were all over the place.

Their current group was made up of the core members of the clan leader’s family. They were either Huiyue Tianyu’s wives or his sons. Granny Yuehe was there too. Put together, their status was quite high.

Apart from Huiyue Tianyu, who would dare to tell them to ‘Stop there’?

Everyone stopped in surprise, including Huiye Yin. They all turned to the side and saw a calm youth with gold and black pupils.

“Li Tianming?” Granny Yuehe and the other two recognized him.

“Are you crazy? Get lost or I’ll bash your head in!” Huiye Yin scolded. Her hair still hadn’t grown back yet, and she felt aggrieved day and night. If it weren’t for Huiyue Jin stopping her, she would have long since gotten people to find trouble with Li Tianming.

“Huiyue Jin, could I trouble you to return my sword?” Tianming ignored Huiye Yin as he extended a hand toward Huiyue Jie.

Huiyue Jie glared back with a pair of bloodshot eyes and said in a low voice, “So, you’re an ascendant now? Your speed is pa.s.sable. You’ve at least hit my target. Still, don’t be anxious, there’s still eleven of the twelve months left.”

“I want it back today,” Tianming replied.

Huiyue Jie was quite annoyed to hear this.

“Things are serious now, Li Tianming. Stop messing around. Find somewhere to hide, we’ll talk after this.” Granny Yuehe was a bit more patient as she ordered Tianming. She looked back and signaled Huiyue Jie to not do anything else. Escaping was more important right now.

Tianming nodded when he heard the instructions. “Yes, Granny. Then, I’ll just take it for now that Huiyue Jie is just too scared to face me.” Tianming turned around after he spoke.

“Stop there!” This time, it was Huiyue Jie’s turn to say these words. He felt even more triggered when he saw Tianming turn around. His astralforce quickly covered the hundreds of meters between the two and pressed down on Tianming.

“What did you just say?” Huiyue Jie stressed each word.

Tianming tilted his head as if he were talking to an idiot and said, “I said, you’re too scared.”

“Impudent!” Huiye Yin said shrilly. “Someone execute this fool that doesn’t know respect!”

Granny Yuehe was slightly vexed when Tianming agreed with her on the surface, but still challenged Huiyue Jie. “Next time, we’re busy now.”

“What next time? Now is the time!” Huiyue Jie snapped as he walked toward Tianming.

“Trounce him, Big Brother!” Huiye Yin called out. “Granny, no need to push anymore. This ignorant little kid thinks he can strut around just because his talent is slightly above average. He’s even disrespecting you! Big Brother will take care of him. A few seconds will be enough!”

“Exactly. Jie’er gave him a year. It hasn’t even been a month, and he wants to challenge him now that he’s ascended?”

“I’ve kept hearing rumors about some talented outsider kid. However, how could he be talented if he’s so dumb?”

“I think you all just made a mistake this time.”

Huiyue Tianyu’s concubines all began gossiping. Fortunately, it was still quite far from the battlefield here and it wasn’t that dangerous.

“Jie’er is quite angry now. Li Tianming’s timing is quite bad. I suppose he needs to be taught a lesson for now.” Granny Yuehe no longer cared once she thought to that point.

They had a wide gap in status, so it was necessary for a huge grudge to form so that Tianming would lose his rationality and cripple one of Huiyue Jie’s bane-rings. It was necessary for Huiyue Jie to keep adding to the fire anyway.

Tormenting Feiling for a year was only the start. Huiyue Jie had been coming up with ideas the past few days. Now was the best time to gift it all to Tianming, since he was angry!

“I need to make you hate me! That’s how you’ll come at me like a mad dog despite our ident.i.ties!”

However, Huiyue Jie wasn’t aware that, for Tianming, just that one slap had been enough. Tormenting Feiling further had been pointless because he had already been sufficiently enraged.

That was how the two’s paths were on a direct collision course here.

“You can have your sword back. Still, since you challenged me, I won’t just take it back when you lose. I’ll take a few teeth as well. A year should be enough to grow them back, right?” As Huiyue Jie spoke, flashes of divine moon hall collapsing and the many casualties today flickered through his mind.

He was itching to vent all his anger on Tianming. However, he was still confident enough to toss the Grand-Orient Sword back to Tianming before they fought. It didn’t mean he could leave, though, because he had already angered Huiyue Jie!

“That woman was your sister, right? She must’ve suffered quite a bit this past month, eh?” Huiyue Jie began releasing his bloodl.u.s.t. He had never been so irritable originally, but today’s matters had changed that.

His words had affected Tianming’s mental state as well, causing all of his bottled up anger to flare up as well.

Tianming directly split the Grand-Orient Sword into two swords.

An extra Grand-Orient Vortex was added to every one of his albi, greatly increasing the recovery rate of his astralforce. At the same time, his lifebound beasts, other than Meow Meow, appeared by his side.

The Aeternal Infernal Phoenix, Primordial Terraqua Dragon, and the Radix World Tree!

Tianming looked like a true and proper beastmaster! After all, this was his original cla.s.s.

When his astralforce started rising, Huiyue Jie could feel that this brat did indeed pose a threat to him.

“Lifebound beasts from blood pacts are able to make him so much stronger? Before, Yin couldn’t fight him. Does this mean he can fight against a Quadseal Sky now?

The Divine Moon Realm didn’t quite understand the rootbeast race. Still, they knew that even if they were stronger at the same level, it wouldn’t be to this extent! So Huiyue Jie felt his senses were wrong. True power could only be determined in the heat of battle!

Huiyue Jie prepared to unleash all the fury he couldn’t vent on that murderer onto Tianming instead. “Li Tianming, you ignorant frog in the well, today I’ll show you the true power of the divine moonrace!”

In his fury, Huiyue Jie’s bane-rings underwent a change. His bane-rings took the form of three red tear-shaped drops under each of his eyes. Now they began to release a blood-red mist, which formed six majestic, blood-red giants!

Six bane-rings and six totems.

These totems appeared similar to humans, and even had messy red hair. The hair on these two hundred-meter-tall giants were over a hundred meters long. Their sharp fangs made them look like evil ghosts, and there was a crescent moon symbol on their foreheads.

They each also had eight arms. However, instead of ending in hands, they ended in sharp spikes. The totems also had a two hundred-meter-long scorpion tail.

These were high-tier heavenly being totems, named the bloodmoon skyfiend! They were Huiyue Jie’s signature, and what made Sovereign Xi pay attention to him.

The six totems flanked him, and it had to be said that they made their master look very dashing, like a G.o.d who had walked out of a sea of blood. Even more scary was that his totems had expanded from six dots to six eyes, which looked incredibly fierce when coupled with his anger.

The Pentarcanic Sky Huiyue Jie having such a b.l.o.o.d.y presence wasn’t out of Tianming’s expectations.

Huiyue Jie was resting his Voidmoon Demonblade on his shoulder with one hand, while his right hand was holding the three Bloodmoon Fiendfangs.

His eight eyes locked onto Tianming. “So, scared yet?”

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