Battle Frenzy Chapter 232 – Find That Guy!

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Chapter 232 – Find That Guy!

Aioros, however, wasn’t able to give much of an explanation as for the process in which he discovered that rune patterns ‘lived’. He was the sort of genius that was born with the understanding of how to communicate with rune arrays. His kind of understanding couldn’t be transmitted to others. Thus, he could only let w.a.n.g Zhong try to understand and comprehend them himself.

But even Aioros was clueless as to how a consciousness and life evolve from his talent of communicating with rune arrays. There was a distinct lack of a process in trying to prove his method of doing so. He didn’t possess the knowledge of a scientific approach to rune patterns and thus had no idea of the fundamental laws that explained such complicated effects. Hence, it was natural for him to lack an understanding.

w.a.n.g Zhong was different. His nickname had been ‘Overlord of Theoretical Studies’, which wasn’t a new t.i.tle. While Aioros only gave him the answer, this blackboard provided him with the propositions he needed. All w.a.n.g Zhong had to do was come up with a step-by-step explanation and theorization of these propositions.

These two individual propositions displayed before him brought w.a.n.g Zhong into a whole new realm of thought. He felt extremely excited and interested. After polis.h.i.+ng and refining his answer on the blackboard, in the end he subconsciously drew a zig-zag symbol that seemed akin to a little earthworm.

After a.n.a.lyzing and doing a bit of research on the little dimensional pouch Aioros had drawn on his hand, while w.a.n.g Zhong had been unable to reach the stage of truly understanding a rune pattern’s life, he could at least be considered to have some comprehension of it. Thus, the theoretical deductions he wrote on the little blackboard were akin to a hammer that completely shattered apart the layer of gla.s.s that separated the answer and its proposition.

The Federation’s rune pattern system was built upon the foundations of mankind’s understanding and utilization of electricity in the Old Era. As for the foundation Aioros built his system upon, it was probably directly linked to the laws and principles surrounding the hyperdimension. The next time he meets with Aioros, w.a.n.g Zhong would have to properly ask him about this.

After scribbling a large pile of words on the little blackboard, Student w.a.n.g Zhong stopped bothering with it and went to borrow a few books from the library. His selections included ‘The Rights and Wrongs of the Art of Combat’, ‘Schoffel’s Rune Pattern System’, and ‘Lin Weiqiang’s 108 Tricks for Group Battles’. Of these books, some were first-cla.s.s masterpieces from the Dark Era while others were modern pieces that weren’t widely circulated.. w.a.n.g Zhong had once heard that Tianjing Academy had a few that could be borrowed in the past. Now that he managed to get his hands on these few after so much difficulty, he naturally had to read them under a lamp at night. Only after finis.h.i.+ng them would he be able to satisfy his craving.

As w.a.n.g Zhong returned to his living quarters in order to start tackling those borrowed books like his life depended on it, an elderly man wearing a pair of thick stood dumbfounded before the little blackboard of the library’s third floor. His hair and beard were as white as snow as he read the words on the board intently.

Scoffer Potter!

If anyone were to a.s.sume the Potter Clan relied simply on their fists to punch their way into the Top Ten Great Clans of the Federation, then they would be sorely mistaken.

As one of the oldest clans in the Federation, not only were they known for their unparalleled bare-handed combat techniques, they also possessed academic minds that could leave others in the dust. While the clan itself didn’t leave any famous and historic scientists who have made incredible accomplishments for mankind, the clan itself still had a shadowy presence in the scientific history. From the a.s.sistants and helpers to the financiers behind those historic heroes, the Potter Clan’s shadowy reach seemed to touch upon everything. As of more modern times, the clan itself easily took up the t.i.tle of uncrowned king within the scientific community..

For the current Potter Clan, Schoffel Potter was their only leading figure in the scientific community. After publis.h.i.+ng his ‘Schoffel’s Rune Pattern System’, he caused huge shockwaves throughout the scientific world. That single publis.h.i.+ng with less than 300,000 words had seemingly categorized all previously known rune patterns into a single system. What this did was create the first ever rune pattern scientific deduction and reasoning system within the history of mankind.

Although this work required the background and immense support of the Potter Clan and could not be done by only a single person, it was still an astonis.h.i.+ng accomplishment toward progressing the science behind rune patterns. This undertaking left people sighing with admiration for Schoffel. Today, there still exists various experts of the field of rune patterns who enthusiastically discuss his vague and obscure, yet extremely interesting topics covered by him within published pieces.

Currently, he had the t.i.tle of vice-headmaster of the Federation’s Academy of Sciences and was honorary headmaster of Copperfield Academy. He was also currently pursuing research at Copperfield Academy while simultaneously enjoying the fruits of retirement. After all, the resources and facilities present here were considered the best within the Federation.

As for the little question on the blackboard, it had naturally been written by him. The idea that rune patterns possessed self-awareness was a concept that had appeared within his mind in an extremely vague and blurry form. Faint traits and slivers of the topic came to him after he collected and organized those large amounts of theories and concepts on the aspects of rune patterns. In the end he used his own bold and imaginative mind to come up with these two propositions.

These two propositions, however, were too bold and imaginative for even he. In fact, he had written them down last week immediately after they came to mind. As they understood the addictions their sir headmaster had, the students of Copperfield Academy didn’t dare to touch them. Nevertheless, it just so happened that a person by the name of w.a.n.g Zhong had chanced upon those questions.

Upon initially seeing w.a.n.g Zhong’s scribblings, the short-tempered old Schoffel blew up. Which student dared to doodle here…

Immediately after seeing this, the students in his surroundings sensed the questionable turn of events. None of them had paid any attention to the board and it didn’t have a shred of connection with them. On the other hand, Sir Potter didn’t have a good temper. When it came down to a matter of knowledge, scientists of the same cla.s.s as Old Potter had extremely short tempers and were easily irritable. After seeing the situation turn tense, a few of the smarter ones began to stick close to the walls, prepared to slip away at a moment’s notice.

But just a second after, Sir Potter unexpectedly rushed up to the board like a 3-year-old toddler and stuck his face against it. He even began to gently caress the scribbles written on it. An instant later he bellowed vigorously, “NO ONE IS TO TOUCH THAT! Who wrote this!?”

The crowd of students shook their heads as if their lives depended on it. This had no connection to them at all!

“Did anyone see who did this? Hurry up and tell me! Else you guys better give up on the idea of graduating!”

Sir Headmaster, this is a blatant threat! You’re threatening little seedlings of the Federation! This is totally a threat!

“S… Sir headmaster, I don’t think it was written by a person of our academy…”

But this was a completed product of his simplified version!

Dear G.o.d. While he was still wasting his brain juices on just testing it out, others had already made a completed product!

If this was giving life to rune patterns, then when compared to how ‘G.o.d’ created humans, the person who scribbled on this little blackboard could be considered a quasi-G.o.d! It was the approximation of the creation of a single cell. While it still had far to go until it ended up as a complex multicellular organism like humans, it was still complete enough to form the process of ‘creating something from nothing’!

Schoffel’s entire body trembled. His lips were even s.h.i.+vering.

T…then who exactly wrote this?

From outside? How could an outsider be allowed in here?

Wait a minute! There seemed to be some kind of exchange going on right now!

Schoffel instantly seemed thirty years younger. His wrinkle-covered face seemed to relax and soften. With a swagger that would make everyone who knew him look dumbfounded, he shot off out of the library.

Search! Search for all those who had entered the library this last week! If that person can’t be found, then broaden the search radius! Search for every person who had entered Copperfield Academy! Even if that doesn’t do it, Old Potter had already made up his mind to contact his clan and start the preparations to search for every single person who had entered Copperfield City this last week!

There was much date that could be used for the search. For example, the handwriting of the scribbles on the blackboard. Another example was the footprints the person made when they stopped before the blackboard… Regardless of what he had to do, as long as he had the heart then he could find useful information everywhere.

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