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Chapter 386: No Room For Discussion

“Qin Ming, what are you doing?”

“Qin Ming. you dare to be unfilial?”

“Qin Ming, I am your grandfather’s brother and you are my blood descendant. What are you doing?”

“Qin Ming, are you ignoring my Qin Family laws?”

All of them scolded him and it resounded in the area all around. The management level of the Qin Family was furious.

Moon Angel looked closely. All the old men were all of age and the youngest one was already tens of thousand years old.

They used the Qin Family resources to extend their lifespan. The younger generation could only struggle or suck up to them to become a puppet chief.

The Qin Family Chief that Li Xiandao killed on Heaven Mountain was a puppet chief.

So, he was killed and Qin Family didn’t panic at all. Their lives were still really calm and peaceful.

What was worse was the fact that this bunch of old men didn’t think about taking revenge for the chief.

Right, the chief had been killed. No matter whether you could defeat the enemy, they didn’t even bother to ask. They were like turtles hiding in their and pa.s.sing their time peacefully.

Those people all had such thoughts.

As long as nothing happened to them and they didn’t die, they could just live peacefully.

Then, the Qin Family would continue on and their mission would be completed.

Qin Ming was an ambitious person, so he was ignored by them.

Qin Ming, who formed his demon body, stared at them coldly, “Qin Ming invites all the old ancestors to die.”

The second time, Qin Ming said it for the second time. His gaze was cold and the patience in his heart was disappearing.

These old men took up too many resources such that the younger generation had no right to speak at all.

“Qin Ming, do you really think that you have the right to speak just because you broke through to Emperor Realm?” A man with an eagle hooked-nose said coldly.

“Qin Ming doesn’t think that way.” Qin Ming said coldly.

“Then, you invite us to die. Do you know what you just said?” The old man said viciously and he was really furious.

“Of course, I know. The Qin Family is a pond of dead water and buried within is a bunch of old men like you that are decomposing and have been eliminated by the times. You don’t want to give up your spots and instead hold on to power and resources to extend your own lives. You are like parasites attached to all the young people, absorbing their blood to extend your pitiful lives.” Qin Ming scolded without any care.

“Qin Ming, you really are bold!”A Qin Family elder spoke. It was one of the three emperors who held high power.

“I am bold; since I invite all of you to dare, then naturally, I won’t fear you. The Qin Family needs a revolution. I will find that once overbearing emperor Qin Family and not the cowardly ones who are just struggling to stay alive. To survive you do everything dirty. The pride and honor of the Qin Family has been lost. All you old fellows who just aren’t willing to die are the ones who did all that.” Qin Ming showed no politeness and just scolded them.

He scolded them viciously and showed no face at all. It shocked everyone around.

The older generation people scolded Qin Ming for being too arrogant.

Many of the younger disciples were silent, and in their hearts, they felt like he was right.

But facing the angry elders, they didn’t dare to support Qin Ming.

“You are asking for death!!!” Qin Family elder was infuriated and slapped.


He was an emperor and that slap was terrifying. The dao attainments it had directly suppressed the land.

“You are already old and corrupt.” Qin Ming didn’t fear and immediately punched. He was extremely quick and powerful.

It caused the s.p.a.ce around to shake and shatter like gla.s.s.

Qin Ming’s fist was like iron that couldn’t be destroyed at all. It smashed into the elder’s palm, and with a crack, his palm shattered.

The elder’s expression changed and he screamed. He held onto his palm in disbelief, “You have reached peak emperor?”

The moment he said this, all the Qin Family members looked at him in shock. They all found it unbelievable.

“How old are you and you have already reached the fourth level of Emperor Realm? That is unbelievable.” An old voice trembled and he found this whole thing really dangerous.

“There were four levels of Emperor Realm, split into start, legacy, transformation, and merge. I am unable to break through the legacy stage. How old is he and he actually reached the merge stage? What a monster!” The second emperor trembled as he spoke.

“Qin Ming is just 1,000 years old.” A senior familiar with Qin Ming said.

The moment he said this, all the old men felt like they had eaten sh*t. They felt like it was unbearable.

They couldn’t increase their cultivation by much and they were all tens of thousands of years old and still couldn’t reach Emperor Realm.

On the contrary, Qin Ming was 1,000 years old and broke through to Emperor Realm. He even reached the fourth stage of Emperor Realm.


The fourth of all four realms!

Thinking about it, their lives were all useless.

“You… How did you become so strong?” The elder’s heart shook. He was also in Merge Realm, so he was the elder.

But it was obvious that he wasn’t Qin Ming’s opponent at all. The moment they came into contact, the elder’s palm was smashed.

“It isn’t that I am strong but all of you are too old and have lost your ambition to improve. You have lived for too long and all your bones are so old and can’t take a single strike.” Qin Ming walked over step by step and stared at all the old men.

“Qin Ming, you want to become a slaughterer?” The other emperor, the second elder, scolded.

The elder looked towards Qin Ming with a shocked expression, “Qin Ming, don’t you just want power? I will give it to you and you will be the one in control from now onwards. I will hide among the curtains.”

Qin Ming shook his head, “If I agree now, I will turn into you a few hundred years from now. The slaughterer will often become evil. I don’t want that to happen.”

Hong long long!

Qin Ming’s aura was like a giant wave smashing down, causing Qin Family’s elderly to shiver.

“What do you want? Do you just want to kill us?” The elder asked in shock.

“I want to restore the pride and honor of the Qin Family.” Qin Ming said firmly.

“What do you mean?” The elder didn’t understand.

All of the old men looked on in shock.


What honor?

Isn’t it good to be alive?

Qin Ming looked at them and laughed sarcastically. With just these people, how could they restore the honor of the Qin Family?

“It is simple if you don’t want to die; just follow me to kill that demon. He has tramped many of our children and this time I’ll definitely have to kill him. All of you will attack and if you don’t I will invite all of you to die.” Qin Ming said coldly.

There was no room for discussion.

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