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Chapter 22: Hundred Ways to Kill a Fish

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The next day, Monn went to the bank of the Gaya River after he got up.

He used the “exquisite fish bait” from the lucky draw to catch another big fish.

Monn was a little worried after taking it home.

He didn’t know how to cook this thing!

Monn still took the sharp knife after thinking for a while.

Then, he scalded the 40-50 cm long salmon!

He naturally needed to clean the internal organs of the fish after removing the scales!

Monn didn’t have any problems before this step.

The problem was that in the next step…

What should he do with the fish that was cleaned?

Boil it or roast it? Or… fry it in oil?


Monn still couldn’t figure it out after thinking for a long time.

He looked at the time and saw that it was just past seven o’clock.

There wasn’t much fun anymore fishing with the “exquisite fish bait”…

Anyway, it would soon catch a big fish after throwing an earthworm into the water!

Therefore, Monn was doing his routine and went to catch a fish to eat. It didn’t take much time.

It was only seven o’clock now. It didn’t seem nice to wake Little Alma up at this time…

But he really wouldn’t know how to cook the fish if he didn’t wake her up!

Monn looked a little distressed!

Monn finally went upstairs and gently pushed open Little Alma’s door after hesitating for a while.

“Alma, Alma…”

“Oh? Father Monn… is it time to get up?”

“I’m so sleepy…”

“Eh? It’s only seven o’clock? Papa, you woke me up a little early today.”


Little Alma rubbed her eyes in a daze. It was that she was still drowsy.

Monn’s face blushed.

He cleared his throat and said.

“Um… Aunt Millie taught you how to cook fish yesterday. Did you learn it?”

“Papa caught a big fish just now, but I didn’t know how to cook…”


Little Alma understood as soon as Monn said that.

She stretched and closed her eyes to laze for a few seconds.

In the end, she struggled to sit up!

“Father Monn, leave it to me. I’ve learned a lot from Aunt Millie!”

“Ahem… Alma, I’m sorry!”

“Well, why don’t you teach me as well?”

Monn scratched his head. He felt very guilty for waking his daughter up so early because he didn’t know how to cook.

Little Alma smiled and patted Monn’s shoulder like a young adult.

“Father Monn, you can’t even beat me at chess. You definitely can’t learn how to cook fish!”

“From now on, we’ll eat a meal of fish every week. Leave this to me!”

Little Alma’s sensible words touched Monn.

This little girl was too obedient!

“Okay, Papa will go fishing for a big fish every week from now on. Then, you cook the fish for papa when you don’t have to go to school, okay?”


Little Alma nodded heavily and smiled happily.

The father and daughter came to the kitchen, and Little Alma found an ap.r.o.n to put on for herself.

Then, she picked up the big fish that she struggled to hold onto and paused for a few seconds.

She pursed her lips and looked at Monn.

“Father Monn, can you catch smaller fish in the future? This one is too big. I can’t even carry it!”


Monn’s expression turned awkward!

The main thing was that the size of the fish wasn’t under his control!

So it seemed like the effect of the “exquisite fish bait” wasn’t a good thing either!

However, if that was the case…

Monn had another new idea.

He could fish a big fish every day, sell it, and buy some other dishes!

Although a fish couldn’t be sold for much, he might be able to pay for a day’s worth of food if it was big enough!

He could also enrich Little Alma’s nutrition.


Actually, Monn could afford other dishes even before that.

He didn’t know how to cook. That was the main point!

But if he could sell a big fish every day.

Perhaps he could hire a maid who specialized in cooking?

The commission for a cooking maid was low, only about eight shillings a day in that era.

Monn felt that it was troublesome in the past.

But Little Alma was gradually growing up, and the nutrition that she needed to replenish would be more abundant.

Furthermore, Monn had the thought of preparing to hunt dark creatures. So he would have more money.

In that case, hiring a cooking maid seemed like a good idea?

Monn kept on working while these thoughts ran through his mind.

He helped Little Alma put the big fish on the chopping board, then cut off the fish head.

Then, he cut the fish body into a few pieces according to Little Alma’s request.

Finally, Little Alma instructed Monn to add water, oil, and so on to the pot.

Monn could not help with the following steps!

The seasonings of that era were not rich.

But with Monn’s status, they had seasonings like pepper, pepper, salt, olive oil, and so on.


Little Alma stood on a stool.

She earnestly followed the method she had learned from Millie.

She added all kinds of seasonings into the pot bit by bit.

A burst of fragrance filled the entire kitchen before long, along with the heat.

“Father Monn, Aunt Millie said that we need to cover the pot after this step.”

“Then wait for another twenty minutes. Add some vegetables, wormwood, and other ingredients into the pot, and it will be ready!”

Little Alma said seriously as she looked at Monn.

Monn nodded and gently stroked Little Alma’s head.

“Alma, you’ve done well. You’re already better at cooking than papa!”

Monn scratched his head upon looking at the pot that was bubbling with steam.

‘That doesn’t look difficult!’

‘It is just… wash, cut, heat the oil, add water, add some seasoning, and finally braise it!’

‘I shall try it tomorrow!’


Monn carefully placed some vegetables on the fragrant stewed fish after another twenty minutes!

The meal was ready!

“Wow! It smells so good!”

Alma widened her eyes and took a sniff.

The salmon was a kind of fish that was a specialty of the Gaya River. Its meat was fresh and tender, and it was rich in nutrients!

That was the first time the father and daughter had cooked together.

Both Monn and Little Alma felt a great sense of satisfaction when they ate the fresh and tender fish in the dining hall!

Although the fish was fresh and tender, the taste was a little wasteful of the fresh and tender meat.

But that was the first time the two of them worked together. They still had to eat it clean even if it tasted terrible.

Monn tidied up Little Alma’s school bag and sent her to school after they finished eating.

Monn patted Alma’s head at the school gate and said gently. “Listen to the teacher at school and study hard, understand?”

“Okay, Father Monn! You’re so long-winded!”


Monn laughed and handed a five-shilling coin to Alma.

That was her pocket money and lunch money for the day.

After sending Alma off, Monn slowly walked towards the church.

A bishop immediately came forward and bowed respectfully to Monn when he arrived at the church.

“Cardinal Monn, Pope Andrew wants you to attend the meeting at the Holy Church.”

Monn nodded.

“I’ll be right there.”


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