An Exclusive Love Chapter 145 Give You A Wedding Of The Century

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“Young master, did you do something that might make Miss upset?”

Ah Che asked carefully, while opened the car door for Ying Qingcang.

Ying Qingcang gave him a hard glare. “I’ll drive on my own.”

Ah Che looked at Xin Qing, who looked at with tears in her eyes. Ah Che clenched his teeth and said, “Young master, I’ll drive!”

“Ah-ha! When did you dare to decide on your own? Or is it too much leisure time for you? If you have nothing else to do, I’m more than happy to send you to the African wasteland!”

There was nothing Ah Che could do but watch him drove away the car with concern.

“You really did something that wronged me.” Xin Qing sat in the pa.s.senger seat, curled herself up into a ball and accused him, “You can’t just send me away like this, I’m taking Ah Sha, we’re leaving together!”

Ying Qingcang gave her a glare. “Sit still, or I’ll throw you out.”

Xin Qing twitched her mouth and felt like crying again, then Ying Qingcang stroked her head. “Stop crying, do you want to wear the wedding dress tomorrow with swollen eyes?”

This sentence worked like a charm, Xin Qing stopped crying immediately, then took out an eye mask from the drawer in the front, which was used to store her little things. She put the eye mask on her eyes and sat still on the seat. When Yingcang reached the destination, he found out that she had fallen asleep.

Gosh… the man rubbed his forehead, opened the car door and carried her out carefully. Xin Qing hadn’t woken up through the walk, Ying Qingcang frowned and thought about what Shi Qianqian said.

“That girl seems to have anxiety disorders before marriage, she gets those sudden fears that you might fall out of love with her one day, all kinds of crazy thoughts. You have to try and comfort her, or I’m afraid she might get so intense that she won’t be able to get married tomorrow.”

She was indeed very nervous all day today, now she slept like a baby.

Xin Qing woke up from the ear first, then she opened her eyes along with the sound of wave breaking, and met a pair of smiling eyes.

“You are awake!” The low voice blew into her heart along with sea breeze. She sat up in Ying Qingcang’s arms and looked around. “What are we doing on the seaside?”

Ying Qingcang helped fix her hair ruffled by the breeze. “Remember here?”

Xin Qing thought for a second and looked at him. “Is this where you proposed to me?”

“Mm!” Ying Qingcang wrapped her in his arms. “You know, I used to hate women a lot. In fact, I hate women a lot now, except for you, I feel uncomfortable when any other woman comes near me.” Ying Qingcang smirked suddenly. “In other words, you’re the only one who’s able to let me have the s.e.x impulse.” He grabbed Xin Qing’s hand and put it between her legs. Xin Qing pulled back her hand immediately, glaring at him.

“Oh!” Ying Qingcang rubbed his head on her forehead. “So, if you leave me, I might just have to be a monk all my life.”

Xin Qing pouted like a little kid. “I… I didn’t mean to say all those things, I have no idea what’s wrong with me, just a big mess in my head, telling me to get mad at you.”

“Dummy!” Ying Qingcang pinched her chin. “I don’t care if you get mad at me or not, just don’t upset yourself. What horrible feelings it would be if you hold it to yourself all day!” His eyes were more clear than the sea behind him, there was a little shadow reflecting in his dark eyes, that was her, Xin Qing knew.

“I’m fine now!” She hugged Ying Qingcang, suddenly all the fears disappeared, her mind went open and clear in just a second. Such a nice man loved her with his whole heart. Even if he might fall out of love with her someday in the future, she would remember all the good time they shared. Besides, Xin Qing couldn’t see that day coming!

It was getting dark and the seaside breeze was getting colder and colder. Ying Qingcang worried that she might catch a cold, so they went back to the hotel, cuddled together on the bed after dinner. Ying Qingcang even ignored Young Master Shen when he called him for drinks. When it was almost midnight, Ying Hao sent him a message that said he just arrived and accused him of seeing the bride before the wedding, which was against the rules.

Xin Qing knew nothing about all that, cause she fell asleep very early in Ying Qingcang’s arms. Just when she closed her eyes, her sight fell on the wedding dress beside the bed, she never felt this peaceful before. From now on, she and the man next to her would stay together forever, their love would last forever…

Zhang Mi and Shi Qianqian arrived at six in the morning, Ying Qingcang already went to the next room. Xin Qing put on the wedding dress, the makeup artist started to do her makeup. Ah Sha was still asleep while Zhang Mi put her on the princess dress. Le Le came too, his gay pal Chihuahua suddenly died of encephalitis last year. Le Le refused to eat for a few days, started to get better slowly afterwards. Xin Qing planned to set him up for a date, hoping it would turn him straight this time.

Le Le wore a bow knot on his neck, he would be the flower boy with little Ah Sha at the wedding. This was Xin Qing’s idea, Le Le was very special to her, he accompanied her through the most painful stage of her life. Every time she mentioned this, Ying Qingcang felt very guilty, because he was the one who caused all those pain. But Xin Qing told him that those experience would only make them cherish each other and the life they had right now more. So Le Le was the contributor, completely qualified to be the flower boy.

The wedding was held at a church on the seaside, Ying Qingcang stood in front of the father, watching Xin Qing slowly walking towards him. He couldn’t help but cover his chest with his hands, covering the joy and excitement that were gonna burst out of his chest. The other end of the red carpet was right there, but it felt like hundreds of miles away. Something exploded in his heart, went through his whole body through veins, finally flowing into his brain, becoming two words: Xin Qing!

I thanked time for bringing you to me, I thanked you for loving me, when I love you…

Chen Ming, as the big brother from the bride’s family, took Xin Qing’s hand and put it in Ying Qingcang’s hands. “From now on, she’s yours to keep.”

“She has always been mine!” Ying Qingcang tilted his head and lay his eyes on Xin Qing’s veil, reached in and opened the veil gently.

Xin Qing’s long hair got braided into a loose braid, revealing the tattoo beneath her neck, with white jasmine flower in her hair. She was wearing “happiness” on her neck, the necklace she designed herself.

Chen Ming stepped backwards with a smile on his face, from now on, this girl next door walked out of his life completely. She would live a better life than him, because she had a man who loved her.

“You look so beautiful today!” Ying Qingcang looked at the face that made his heart beat out of his chest all the time, she was prettier than the spring flower in May.

“You look so handsome today!” Xin Qing showed no hesitation in admiring the man in front of her.

The father began to read the wedding vows. Hearing Xin Qing said I do, Zhang Mi burst into tears as a bridesmaid. Young Master Shen was naturally the groomsman, he had an itch to kick out the woman beside him.

“Hey, stop crying, it’s not even your wedding!”

Zhang Mi cried even more while watching Ying Qingcang lowered his head to kiss Xin Qing. She even wiped her tears on Young Master Shen. “You don’t understand, I’m crying for her, and these are tears of happiness!”

“But don’t you wipe your tears on me!” He tried to push Zhang Mi away rudely. Shen Batian, who was sitting on the first row, gave him a hard glare. Young Master Shen had to stop. The good thing was the ceremony ended soon, now they were gonna take photos with the newlyweds outside.

On the seaside, Ying Qingcang spent good money and built a huge gla.s.s house, where the wedding was held. The ocean and the sky blended in together and made a gorgeous view, all the guests were in awe of how fancy the wedding was. There was a yacht parked not far away on the sea, at night Ying Qingcang and Xin Qing would take the yacht and go directly abroad for honeymoon.

Xin Qing put on a red cheongsam and wore the jade bracelet that was pa.s.sed on in the Ying residence for generations. Ying Hao looked at her and nodded with satisfaction. But Ying Qingcang looked at that jade bracelet with disgust, planning to give Xin Qing a better one later.

Li Xiaoru and her father also attended the wedding, but to Xin Qing’s surprise, Zhao Jiali didn’t come. When asked about this, Ying Qingcang said with confidence.

“How could I let someone you hate come and ruin our big day.” Xin Qing laughed and rewarded him with a kiss.

Xin Yudie and Huang Jianbin came too, bringing the twins with them. Ying Qingcang was obviously very satisfied with the couple’s behaviors in the past two years, so he and Huang Jianbin had some extra chat. Xin Yudie personally brushed Xin Qing’s hair.

“I’m your big sister, I should be the one who gives you this blessing!”

Xin Yudie brushed her hair while mumbling, “First brush to the end, second brush to the beginning, third brush wishes you plenty of children, fourth brush wishes you grow old together.” Xin Qing blurted out, “Thank you, my elder sister!”

Xin Yudie shook her hands for a bit and snuffled. “I hate you, stop making me cry now.”

The wedding continued till evening without any regret. After the guests had the desserts, Xin Qing went change and put on a purple night dress. She threw the bridal bouquet on the beach, but the funny part was it fell in Zhang Mi’s hands again. Shen Batian slapped Young Master Shen’s shoulder with excitement. “Did you see that? Did you see that?”

Young Master Shen yelled with a long face, “What does that have to do with me?” Then he got slapped into the sand by his dad.

The last part of the ceremony was the fireworks. Ying Qingcang spent tens of millions of Yuan to build a fireworks wall. In the night sky, the fireworks bloomed into heart shape on the wall, again and again, Ying Qingcang and Xin Qing’s names appeared on the fireworks wall every once in a while. Then they got on the yacht. Zhang Mi tried to sneak into the yacht but got dragged down by Shi Qianqian and Xin Yudie. She could only wave hands with the rest of them by the sh.o.r.e.

“Xin Qing! Don’t forget to bring back some gifts!”

If there was anything that upset Xin Qing, it was when the yacht was about to take off, Ah Sha reached her hand towards her and cried as hard as she could that she almost cried her heart out. Xin Qing almost wanted to get out of the yacht and carried her inside. But Ying Qingcang made up his mind and ordered to sail away, then carried her into the cabin.

“It’s okay, the old man will take care of her.” Ying Qingcang stared at Xin Qing, the tenderness in his eyes was about to burst out. Xin Qing was wearing a long white dress, stood in the cabin with the breeze fanning the dress’s hemline. The moonlight flew in through the window and sprinkled on her body, she was pretty as a moonlight fairy.

When the yacht went out to the sea, Ah Che and Ah Nan completed their mission, then they left by the speed boat, leaving the yacht for the couple. Xin Qing couldn’t bear Ying Qingcang’s pa.s.sionate stare and went hiding in the bathroom to take a shower. Ying Qingcang placed the wine and snacks on the deck, put on a night-robe and waited for his shy little wifey to come out, then they could spend a sleepless wedding night together!

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