Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 108 Death-Point Striking

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Seeing the SMS reminder, Li Yong is satisfied. He didn’t expect to make money when stopping for an action movie. He feels lucky and does not mind of being deceived.

“h.e.l.lo man, the money has been paid to you. Now this girl is mine. I’ll take her away.” The masked man in grey puts forward his own requirements.

“Wait a minute,” Li Yong says. His figure moves again, directly hitting to the masked man in grey.

The masked man in grey is frightened and he tries to dodge but cannot, just like Black Beauty. He has to fight recklessly with Li Yong and seeks to escape.

However, just as he raises his fist, Li Yong’s finger has poked him on the chest. He is half numb, unable to move.

“Death-point Striking!” The masked man in grey is frightened with his body trembling. If it were not for the black cloth covering his face, a look with a deathlike hue would have appeared on his face. He dares not to move.

“Good. You know Death-point Striking.” Li Yong gives another look at the masked man in grey as he feels surprised, and he sees a very twisted face under the mask, like being burned by boiling water.

Li Yong leaves the masked man in grey alone and walks to Black Beauty happily and asks, “You have promised to give me 10 million if I catch him, right?”

Black Beauty frowns her beautiful eyebrows and gnashes her teeth in hatred. Seeing the masked man in grey’s situation, she is quite sure about what kind of man she is now facing. “No.” She says bitterly.

“All right, I will not let you go then. I’ll let go this bro and let him take you away!” Li Yong says as he turns to the masked man in grey, about to release the man.

The masked man in grey, with a gleam of joy in his eyes, full of hope, looks at Li Yong.

“Wait!” Black Beauty stops Li Yong after an intense inner struggle.

“What’s up? Have you changed your mind?” Li Yong asks cheerfully.

“I don’t have that much. I only have four million.” Black Beauty says in a helpless way.

“Four million is enough, at least one million more than that bro’s. Turn it around!” Li Yong says while he pokes on Black Beauty’s chest, and Black Beauty gets freedom immediately. She stretches her arms, kicks her feet, and then feels her body relaxed, no longer numb.

Li Yong gives his card number to her, and she transfers four million yuan to Li Yong.

After receiving the money, Li Yong says with a smile, “I have advice for you two. It is easier to make enemies than to make friends. For my own sake, you shake hands and make up, and from now on no one should trouble the other anymore, OK?”

Having got the money of the two, Li Yong thinks that he cannot give one of them to the other, and he regards both of them as good people. He decides to be a peacemaker to dissolve the hatred of the two.

“Give him to me. You’ve got my money!”

“Give her to me. You’ve got my money!”

The two shouts almost at the same time, which makes Li Yong hesitate.

Li Yong thinks for a while and turns to the masked man in grey first and asks, “If I give her to you, what will you do?”

“Kill her. Make her pay for what she did.” The masked man in grey says in hatred.

Then, Li Yong asks the same question to Black Beauty.

Black Beauty says with a bitter smile, “I want to cure him. His face is accidentally hurt by me. I want to make up for him.”

“I don’t need you to make up. If you want to do it, you die.” The masked man in grey says furiously.

Li Yong sighs, “One wants to kill the other, while the other wants to make up and cure the ugly face. Evil and good, it’s easy to make a decision.”

Li Yong says and comes to the masked man in grey with a smile, “I decide to give you to the police, and let the judge teach you how to behave.”

“You took my money! You promised to help me. You can’t do that!” The masked man in grey shouts furiously. As a killer, the least thing he wants is facing the police. He is afraid of and hates the police.

“I’m sorry. I’m responsible for you because I took your money. I’m doing it for your own good.”

Li Yong takes out his mobile phone and looks up in the phone number list. When he sees the phone numbers of Wei Fangxia and Zhou Yihua, he slightly hesitates and calls Zhou Yihua.

Seeing Li Yong calling the police, the masked man in grey says in hatred, “No, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I gave you three million. You can’t do that to me. You are not helping me, you are hurting me.”

After hanging up the phone, Li Yong asks the man with interest, “How can I hurt you?”

“I’ve killed people, I’m wanted, and if you hand me over to the police, I will be dead.” The masked man in grey says with fear, “You can’t do that to me. I still have money. I can give you more money.”

“You liar. You said you only had three million, and now you have more money.” Li Yong signs, “I don’t like liars.”

“a.s.shole, you a.s.shole…” The masked man in grey shouts.

“Oh, it seems that you are not aware of your mistakes, so I should hand you over to the police. Only the judge can teach you the purpose of life.” Li Yong smiles faintly.

“And she? She’s killed people too.” The masked man in grey points to Black Beauty and says in hatred, “You should send her to the police station, too.”

“I’ll think about it. Shut up!” Li Yong says and pokes on the masked man’s chest. The man immediately faints, and he straightly lies down on the sands with a sound of bang.

Li Yong looks at Black Beauty and asks her with interest, “Have you ever killed anyone?”

“No, absolutely not.” Black Beauty quickly answers and she feels terrified when facing Li Yong. She is so scared that she even has no courage to run away when the masked man in grey speaks out the three words “Death-point Striking”.

She knows the power of the Death-point Striking, which is originated from ancient attacking methods. If she could learn it, the masked man in grey would be no match for her, or even, someone stronger.

“Aren’t you a killer? How could a killer not have killed someone?” Li Yong asks.

“This is my first mission, and no one’s been killed yet.” Black Beauty replies seriously.

“Oh, what mission are you on?” Li Yong asks excitedly.

“I have to keep the secret.” Black Beauty says in a low voice. Three hundred and sixty industries have their own rules, including the killers that have the most complex and strict rules. Black Beauty certainly will not say.

Li Yong doesn’t know much about the killers’ business. He laughs and says, “Tell me! Don’t look like you’re giving birth to a baby.”

Seeing Black Beauty keep silent, as if she had not heard his words, Li Yong threatens, “If you don’t tell me, I will give you to the police.”

Black Beauty feels panic, for she is afraid of the police just like the masked man in grey. She is afraid even when she hears sirens, and her life will be ruined if she is put into the police station.

“I… My mission is to a doctor named Li Yong.” Black Beauty says hastily.

Li Yong takes a choke at the corner of his mouth. It is really unexpected that the person Black Beauty wants to kill is Li Yong himself. Li Yong deeply looks at Black Beauty and wonders why such a lovely girl wants to be a killer.

“Do you know who I am?” Li Yong instantly becomes calm and asks with a smile.

“No.” Black Beauty doesn’t know Li Yong although she fights with him.

“I am Li Yong and I am the doctor you are going to kill.” Li Yong laughs happily.

“Ah?” Black Beauty’s mind is full of all thoughts of despair. Being trapped by a man she wants to kill, she dares not to think about her life. She murmurs, “Let the police arrest me! I don’t expect you to let me go, just don’t torture me.”

“Torture you? You overthink it. If you want to kill a man, why haven’t you done it? What are you waiting for?” Li Yong asks with his doubts.

“I… Do you believe me when I say I don’t want to kill a person?” Black Beauty whispers. She raises her head and her eyes contact Li Yong’s vision, and she quickly hangs down her head.

“Oh yes, of course I do. Since you still have a trace of kindness in your heart, I’ll let you go. I’ll not give you to the police, not to torture you, as long as you…”

At this moment, Li Yong stops with a wicked smile.

However, Black Beauty feels excited and smiles. She says, “Thank you so much. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” It’s better to be alive than dead.

“Who is your boss?” Li Yong asks calmly, which is his most concern.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know. I picked up the mission on a website.” Black Beauty says hastily.

“Get a mission on the website?” Li Yong has ancient things in his memory and does not understand the new things in the modern time. He cannot believe that a killer still gets missions on a website. He asks with doubts, “What website?”

“A killer website called Paradise.” Black Beauty says.

“Can I enter the website with my phone? Open it for me.” Li Yong wants to see it.

“No, you need to use the computer and download and install a special browser.”

“Well, we’ll see that later. From now on, follow me and be my bodyguard.” Li Yong thinks for a while and makes the decision.

“How can I protect you when you’re so strong?” Black Beauty feels decadent.

She thinks that if there’s someone stronger than her coming to kill Li Yong, she is surely dead. In this case, she would rather go to the police station. Ten-year prisoner life is better than death.

“You don’t want to be my bodyguard. Do you want to be my lover?” Li Yong asks with a cold face.

“I… am your bodyguard.” Black Beauty is frightened and says respectfully. What is a lover? Suddenly she realizes and her fair cheeks turn red.

“If you don’t want to be my bodyguard, be my a.s.sistant!”

“What does an a.s.sistant do?” Du Duoduo asks after thinking for a while. She feels upset if she does not know what to do.

“What does an a.s.sistant do? Follow my orders.”

At this time, the police cars come. Soon, a team of policemen surround the spot, headed by Captain Zhou Yihua who is very happy to have got Li Yong’s call, for he can make a contribution.

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