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But arrogant Ms.c.o.x replied differently, “Mr.Lan, We will see that.”

Sky thought it’s better to escape than to stay and excused herself, “You two carry on. I will go upstairs with Mia.”

Once they were in the room, both played and went to the theater to watch Mia’s Frozen movie. But they were interrupted by Sam and they came down for lunch.

Sky saw lunch table arrangements and instantly understood who prepared the lunch. The way dishes arranged by her chefs and Kris was completely different. But unfortunately, Sky couldn’t eat anything.

When she sat down with Mia and Sam, Sky saw ground nuts in salad and skipped it. She was about to serve chicken, David stopped her and spoke to Kris, “Have you used groundnut for the nut’s paste?”

“Yes! I have used many types of nuts to make the paste.” Kris replied like a gentleman.

Sky took a deep breath and replied unemotionally, “Thank you for the lunch today, President Lan. It wasn’t required. We have good chefs here.”

Then Sky served to Mia and Sam and got up to go to the kitchen. Whenever any guests around, butler and maids usually stay away from the dining hall.

Kris realized why they asked, “President Harley, Are you allergic to peanuts? I can prepare something swiftly.”

Before Sky could reply, A voice traveled from a distance, “Ms.Sky, I will do it for you.”

Everybody’s attention turned towards the man wearing a mask. Excluding Mia and Kris, all knew who he was.

Sky turned to Kris, ” Thank you, President Lan but No Thanks. My secretary will do it.” She signaled Arlo towards the kitchen and whispered to David, “I will go to the kitchen.”

Then she followed Arlo and informed Butler before sending them off. She pa.s.sed the required items to him for cooking and stayed in the kitchen.

“Arlo! You messaged that you can’t come… Why do you have dark bags? Are you fine?” she stood on her toes and checked his temperature by keeping her backend on his forehead.

Arlo had canceled to go Harley mansion but after knowing Kris was in Harley Mansion, he went there. As soon as he entered, he heard Kris’s line and spoke. He was even elated when Sky followed him inside leaving them outside. “I’m fine. I had some work and I finished it hence I came.”

Sky went towards the refrigerator as she asked, “Then dark eye…” she paused when a thought raised in her head, “Nothing.”

Arlo was glad that she didn’t ask about it else he would have to lie.

She saw a can of coconut milk and thought to prepare dessert for Mia and others. Seeing her draining liquid portion in coconut milk, Arlo asked curiously. “Ms.Sky, What are you doing?”.

“Yogurt Parfaits.” Sky replied.

Arlo knew she knows to prepare desserts hence while she was whipping, he kept a saucepan for her and started preparing Parfaits.

When sky kept the whipped topping in refrigerator she saw raspberry mixture was ready, she shot him a glance and took the saucepan, “You finish yours first.”

Since the mixture was ready, she extracted sauce and kept in the freezer for faster chilling.

“Arlo! Do you need my help?” Arlo said yes for the first time for helping.

Sky went towards him, “What is it?”

Arlo turned towards her and lifted her to make her sit on the counter. “Arlo!” Sky was scared and called his name out aloud.

He handed her appetizer drink and spoke, “Cabinets are tall here.” He gave a reason for her with a straight face.

Sky took the gla.s.s from the left hand and pointed at the chairs and table from the right hand as she said guilelessly. “We have chairs.”

Arlo looked at her and just said “Oh”

Both didn’t notice Sam who was standing near the door frame and leaving. Sky finished her drink as she spoke to Arlo. Later she took six and arranged in layers and topped with whipped topping, roasted walnut, and berries.

“I will give them and come.” Sky said and left with four

She had just left, Arlo took a gla.s.s and tried it. His lips slowly t.i.tled up. He liked her frozen Yogurt Parfaits than what he makes.

Even though he wasn’t sure whether he liked it because of taste or because of Sky made it, He finished before she entered back inside.


Sky served them who finished their lunch and was waiting for Mia. After serving four, she was about to leave, Sam asked, “Sky! You prepared?”

“Hmm! Arlo helped.” Sky replied and pushed it more forward, “Try? I didn’t taste.”

David knew Sky prepared it, hence he had taken it and was eating. Mia who heard her left her fork and took the dessert. Sky looked at her but didn’t stop her.

Sam tasted it gave thumbs up. Mia ate a spoon, “Sister Sky! It’s very tasty.”

“Indeed.” Kris said carrying his signature smile.

“Thank you! President Lan.” Sky thanked him and turned to Mia, “Mia, If you want some more, Let me know.”

Mia nodded and enjoyed dessert. Sky took her mobile and went back to the kitchen. She saw there was only one gla.s.s and smiled. She prepared one more and took its picture. She sent it to Loran with the lips smacking emoji.

Within a minute she received a video call from Loran,

As soon as she received, Loran’s voice sounded, “Sister Sky! This is not fair. Why did you make when I’m not there?”

“Then Come here.” Sky replied teasing him holding a gla.s.s.

Loran pouted, “Fine. When I come next time, make me a crepe cake.” “Deal!” Sky agreed.

“By the way, why did you make? Why are you in the kitchen? Do you want me to tell Brother Jai?”

“Loran! Don’t whinge to Brother Jai. Else I’ll not make anything for you. Mia stayed overnight I made it for her and served others too… Oh yeah, That blue-eyed man who you said perfect and all, he is here. He actually cooked for all but they had Peanuts. Butler uncle never brings them home, I don’t know how he got in our kitchen…”

She was still continuing, Loran anxiously asked, “Sister Sky, Did you eat it? Did you get rashes? You don’t have a breathing problem right?…”


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