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“Your Highness, this servant doesn’t know. This servant was wrongly accused. This servant really doesn’t know anything!” Bai Xiu struggled with all her might. How could this be? She had clearly done it very cleanly, but why did she still reveal it?

“If you say it, your lordship can give you a corpse, but if you don’t, you should know how Seventh Madame died and how she thinks!” Yun Xie’s pitch-black eyes were full of killing intent, and his slanted brows were covered in a thick layer of killing intent.

The intimidating aura emanating from her body caused Bai Xiu’s entire body to tremble. It was a good thing that a rock was pressing down on her chest, making her unable to breathe no matter how hard she tried.

Bai Xiu’s body trembled like a sieve. Her lips turned bloodless in an instant. “Your highness, your servant really doesn’t know anything!”

“Ahh …” As soon as White Xiu finished speaking, the guard broke off one of her fingers.

The pain of his bones breaking caused Bai Xiu’s complexion to turn pale and cold sweat to seep out from her pores.

“Your highness, I’ll say it, I’ll say it, it was a man, he had been resting when I had my ear cut off, this man disguised as a doctor and injured me, and because I had my ear cut off by an imperial concubine, I had a grudge against her, and that man gave me two bottles of medicine, warning me to give it to her at different times, so that the poison would take effect, and no color smell would be found on my head!” Bai Xiuxiu was in so much pain that she burst into tears. Her eyes were blood-red.

“What did the man look like?”

“A narrow face, small eyes, a big nose, and a mole on his face!” Baixiu tried her best to recall what that man looked like.

“He’s not someone from the Yanyu Manor!” After Bai Xiu finished speaking, Yun Xie came to a conclusion with complete certainty.

The people of the Yanyu Manor had a lot of personality. All the women wore veils, and the men were all dressed in white, and the people of the Yanyu Manor, regardless of whether they were male or female, were all upper cla.s.s. It was impossible for them to have such ordinary appearances.

Furthermore, the Yanyu Manor’s way of doing things meant that as long as they were the ones doing it, they would not hide it from him.

Therefore, the possibility of disguising himself had been eliminated!

Then it seems that the mastermind only bought the poison from the Yanyu Manor at a high price. There was actually someone else who wanted to kill Wei Yuanwei?

“Your Highness… “I really don’t know any more!” What Bai Xiu said was the truth.

“Your Highness, your subordinate will go investigate it right now!” After Xuan Li finished speaking and just as she was about to leave, Yun Xie waved her hand. “Stay here and let Shangli investigate!”

“Yes sir!”

Shangli and Xuan Li, one hidden in the shadows, the other had always been by Yun Xie’s side.

Therefore, many people only knew about Xuan Li, but did not know that there was another Shangli by Yun Xie’s side.

Not long later, Shangli appeared in a place where the candlelight did not reach. “My prince, he is already dead, and his ident.i.ty is indeed a doctor. It seems that he was also used by someone!”

This last clue was also broken. Furthermore, the deceased had no relatives or friends, so it would be very difficult to investigate further.

“Has the Prime Minister’s Estate changed a new batch of maids and wives recently?” Yun Xie said in a sharp voice.

Since the other party was able to so clearly control the movements of the Prime Minister’s manor, it meant that the Prime Minister had his men.

“Yes sir!” Xuan Li replied.

Ever since the main and second rooms had secretly dealt with a group of maidservants, they had bought a new batch of maidservants and returned.

That’s right, there was a high chance that the other party was lurking within this group of maidservants!

Yun Xie glanced at Wei Yuanwei who was still unconscious, and clenched the hand on the table tightly!

The other party was so meticulous that he was not an ordinary person!

Crown Prince Palace

The moonlight had not yet faded completely, and the night was still in chaos.

Xuan Li and Shangli were dressed in eunuch attire as they stood outside the palace. There were still two hours until the imperial court, other than the palace guards, the rest of the palace was silent.

“Are you sure that the prince wants us to steal from him and not from the crown prince?” Xuan Li looked at the golden-painted plaque on the scarlet door and asked.

“The Prince knew that the Crown Prince wouldn’t give it to him, so he decided to steal it from him!” Shangli rubbed her nose, then looked at the clothes she was wearing, and felt a little helpless.

“The Crown Prince’s Palace is so huge, where would the Crown Prince hide Yun Baixue?” Xuan Li had followed the prince into the palace a few times, and also entered the crown prince’s palace a few times.

There were only two hours left until the imperial court. Would they be able to find Yun Bai Lian within those two hours?

“The prince said that you can search the concubine’s sleeping quarters either in the dispensary at the crown prince’s palace or in one of her sleeping chambers. I’ll take charge of the pharmacy!” Shangli immediately began planning.

“Why don’t you go?” Xuan Li’s voice was cold, seemingly very unwilling.

“I cannot reveal my ident.i.ty!” After Shangli finished speaking, he walked into the crown prince’s palace.

Just as Xuan Li wanted to say something, she discovered that Shangli had already disappeared into the boundless night. She could only point at the back of the figure and said: “Is your ident.i.ty something that can’t be revealed? My ident.i.ty will be exposed? “

If it wasn’t for the orders from the Duke, he wouldn’t even want to talk to Shangli!

When the time came, the officials standing guard outside the gates entered the palace one by one and began to pay their respects.

Dressed in a prince’s robe, Yun Xie quickly walked past the crowd. The officials on both sides immediately greeted him.

However, Yun Xie ignored everyone. It was only when they reached the afternoon gate that her footsteps started to slow down a bit. Immediately, two eunuchs followed behind Yun Xie.

Xuan Li said softly in front of Yun Xie. Yun Xie glanced at Xuan Li: “Wipe the rouge off your face!”

Xuan Li immediately looked embarra.s.sed, and used her sleeves to wipe her face.

“Change your clothes and take my ident.i.ty card out of the palace!” Yun Xie handed his ident.i.ty badge over to Xuan Li.

After Xuan Li and Shangli received the ident.i.ty token, they swiftly disappeared from the entrance of the cave.

“Where did the rouge on your face come from? It’s been so long since you came out, could it be … ” The two walked side by side with their heads lowered, when Shangli suddenly asked.

“I told you to mind your own business!” Xuan Li was very unhappy.

Did you think he wanted to come out so late? In those concubines’ palaces, most of them were rouge and powder. A messy pile was placed in front of the makeup mirror, even in the cupboard and the drawers.

It was hard to say where the rouge on his face had accidentally come into contact with!

Peach House

Imperial Physician Song and the other imperial physicians hadn’t slept the entire night to develop the musk, because the prince had said that if the musk was too heavy, the imperial concubine would have to spend the rest of her life infertile and take their sons and daughters to the Mo City to be raised. Anyway, they gave birth to one, and Xie w.a.n.g wanted one!

He was clearly threatening them. If they were to let the w.a.n.gfei become infertile, no one would be able to send them to their deaths in the future.

If it was too light, not only would it not cure the princess’ poison, it would also destroy the last stalk of Cloud Hundred Refinement. Xie w.a.n.g had spoken, the matter of him sneaking the Cloud Hundred Refinement was all up to them, letting the crown prince deal with it! Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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