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Chapter 1828: Killed

Luo Changfeng was undergoing a fierce conflict of thoughts.

Should he run?

If he wanted to flee, this was the best time. Even Zihe Bingyun was already at the end of her line, but for the sake of survival, one was always capable of exploding with endless fighting spirit, so no matter what, she would still be able to hold on for a period of time, which was enough time for him to flee.

But the moment he left, the Heavenly Dao Jade would definitely fall into Ling Han’s hands.

However, it was only a mere instant, and he had made his decision. He turned around and fled. That was because he and Zihe Bingyun had not been able to kill Ling Han even in their prime condition, so what would grant him the ability to do it now?

More importantly, Ling Han was practically a monster; he was actually not affected in this Mystery Realm!

Shua, a sword light slashed out, blocking his way.

It was the Empress.

Though Bewitching Maiden Rou was willing to step out for Ling Han, she had done so more out of a kind of righteousness and to repay his favor, but to ask her to intersect and kill the Holy Son of a Celestial King Tier sect? She wouldn’t dare to!

Once either Luo Changfeng or Zihe Bingyun died here, it was still fine if the murderer was known as the matter would be simply resolved by having them pay for it with their lives. But if there were no eyewitnesses, then it was not impossible that a Celestial King Tier force would erase all those involved in the matter in their great fury.

Moreover, if it was because she moved that had led to Luo Changfeng’s death, even the Purity Sect would be destroyed.

Trying to speak reason with a Celestial King Tier force? How was it supposed to be done, and who would listen?

Thus, she merely stood on the sidelines.

Luo Changfeng’s eyes swept over the Empress, and he said, “Come with me, and I can fight for you to become a Holy Daughter of our sect!”

Shua, the Empress shot out another flash of Sword Qi. This was her answer.

Luo Changfeng did not have the slightest bit of delusions left. He delivered a palm strike towards the Empress, and his figure rapidly moved. At this moment, escape was his priority.

The Empress humphed, and sent out all nine doppelgangers. Then, she summoned 100 fiery Battle Beasts. She used the unique environment of this place to strengthen her own battle prowess so that she could stand against a third severance peak stage emperor tier.

This was just barely enough, but it was not a problem for her to temporarily fight Luo Changfeng. After all, he was presently in a weak condition. However, even so, with the added factor of the Celestial King Tier Tool, one punch from Luo Changfeng was enough to destroy a Battle Beast, showing his invincibility.

Thankfully, the environment here was unique. Even if one Battle Beast was destroyed, it only meant that she had to reform it. There was enough Fire Element here, and added with the Flame Control Technique, it meant that the Empress had an endless supply of power.

The Empress’s strategy was also incredibly clear, and that was detaining Luo Changfeng. When Ling Han finished on his side, he naturally would come and erase the latter from existence.

Bewitching Maiden Rou’s heart beat madly as she watched. An indescribable coldness rose up in her, but she also felt an excitement that could not be put into words.

Killing the Holy Son and heiress of a Celestial King Tier force. Just how outrageously brazen was this? But just how fulfilling would that feel?

Ling Han’s eyes were set on Zihe Bingyun. He had already drawn the Divine Demon Sword, and had similarly formed 10 Battle Beasts. After advancing into the third severance, the strength of these Battle Beasts had also improved greatly. Each one was no weaker than Zihe Bingyun, what more when there were 10 of them?

Additionally, there was Ling Han, as well as two great Source Powers of heaven and earth, and the Divine Demon Sword, and with all these together, how could they be anything that Zihe Bingyun, who was at the end of her line, could withstand?

“If you kill me, you will definitely be hunted down by the elites of our Zihe Clan! If you offend a Celestial King Tier force, even if you flee to the corners of the earth, there is no way for you to escape!” Zihe Bingyun threatened. Even in this kind of situation, she did not beg to be spared.

Ling Han ignored her. He had already sworn that he would definitely eliminate this inhumane woman.

Zihe Bingyun tried her best. If it was anyone else, she might still be able to succeed. However, Ling Han’s physique was extremely tough, so even if she put her life on the line, he was not afraid. No matter how vicious and fierce her blows were, they would only cause him superficial injuries at most.

Her eyes involuntarily became fierce. If she really was to die here, she would definitely drag Ling Han down with her.

Zihe Bingyun’s body trembled, and suddenly became transparent. That was because the Blood Dragon Armor she was wearing had already been largely damaged. Thus, one could clearly see through to the organs under her skin through these holes. Then, her whole figure became transparent, as if she was about to disappear from the spot she was standing.

Ling Han’s sword slashed out, but she did not dodge or evade. Instead, she picked up speed and pounced towards Ling Han, her arms spread wide open.

Pu, the Divine Demon Sword penetrated her body, but a vicious expression appeared on Zihe Bingyun’s face. Her arms closed around, and tightly wrapped around Ling Han.

In the eyes of outsiders, the scene was very erotic.

A man and woman were embracing each other in a very intimate manner, both dishevelled. Whoever saw this would probably let their imagination roam, wouldn’t they?

But in truth, there was not the slightest bit of romance between the two of them, only endless killing intent!

Multiple symbols appeared on Zihe Bingyun’s delicate body. This was her true greatest move, and was also the last greatest move. By exploding her Divine Fetus, she would die together with her enemy.

Being tightly trapped in her arms, Ling Han couldn’t even enter into the Black Tower, and could only take this blow head-on.

“Void Storm!” Zihe Bingyun spat out these words softly, and her whole person exploded with a boom, turning into a frightening storm of Regulations.

Ling Han bore the brunt of it, and instantly felt like his body was about to be torn apart. However, his physique was too tough. After advancing into the third severance, it had almost reached the level of Three-Star Pseudo-Divine Metal. With a cold humph, he channeled the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll.

With his direct channeling, his defenses were instantly increased to terrifying heights. He would probably be able to withstand the blow of a Yin Soul elite.

Zihe Bingyun was putting her life on the line again, but she was merely in the third severance peak stage. No matter how much of a king among kings she was, she might not be able to break through the line of Dividing Soul Tier, what more matching the battle prowess of a Yin Soul elite.

Boom, the s.p.a.ce storm raged madly, but Ling Han stood there like a mountain.

Zihe Bingyun’s whole person was turning into Regulations. After this full-power attack, she, too, would die, and become a part of the heaven and earth. An expression of disbelief appeared on her face. This attack was actually completely ineffective against Ling Han!

She had already put her life on the line, so couldn’t he at least sustain some severe injuries?

But she couldn’t do anything else any more. Like a porcelain object, her delicate figure was breaking apart piece by piece, and her spirit was also shattering along with it, to disappear with the winds.

Ling Han felt neither joy nor grief. Killing someone was never an action that could bring one joy, but if he did not kill Zihe Bingyun, he would not be able to apologize to the innocent tribe of dwarves that had died!

He looked towards Luo Changfeng. Since he had already killed, he did not mind killing a few more people.

When Luo Changfeng felt Ling Han’s eyes on him, he felt as if all his hair was raised on ends. With a battle cry, he tried to break out of the siege at all costs. He definitely could not allow Ling Han to catch up to him, or he would be following in Zihe Bingyun’s footsteps.

As the Holy Son of a Celestial King Tier sect, he would definitely become an Ascending Origin Tier in future—in fact, he even had a chance of becoming a Celestial King—so how could he die here?

Now that he was using all his might, the Empress was immediately no longer able to block him, and allowed Luo Changfeng to break out of the siege. However, he had also paid the price by being wounded by a considerable number of Battle Beasts. However, at this moment, he no longer cared.

Ling Han used Luo Changfeng, and set out to chase down Luo Changfeng.

An expression of humiliation and fury appeared on Luo Changfeng’s face. In his eyes, Ling Han was just a piece of trash, yet he was actually being hunted by this piece of trash now, which made him feel incredibly humiliated.

He only had to leave this Mystery Realm!

He swore in his heart. Ling Han had two Source Powers of heaven and earth. In fact, he could possibly obtain the Heavenly Dao Jade as well. He would definitely not allow the latter to swagger out. He had to ask the elites of the sect to move out, suppress Ling Han, and s.n.a.t.c.h all his great opportunities away from him.

Crackle, crackle, lightning exploded from his entire body. The Natural Lightning Physique showed its might, and his speed was as fast as light.

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