After Transmigrating As A Demon, I've Been Adopted By Angels! Chapter 166 – The Feeling Of Weightlessness!

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Chapter 166: The Feeling of Weightlessness!

If she could not remember it, she would not think about it anymore.

Lilia broke into a smile, revealing a cute smile.

“Big brother, will you play with me?”

Davis also smiled and replied, “Of course.”

After saying that, Davis, amidst Lilia’s surprised cries, he picked up Lilia’s pet.i.te body and patted the dust away from Lilia’s b.u.t.tocks.

Lilia grabbed Davis’ clothes tightly and leaned into his chest.

She felt that Davis’ embrace was very warm, giving her a feeling that she had never felt before which was a sense of security.

That feeling was something that even the dragon princess had never felt before.

It was as if as long as she stayed in Davis’ embrace, no one could hurt her.

If he encountered any danger or th.o.r.n.y problems, Davis would handle them for her.

Lilia quickly became addicted to it, unable to extricate herself.

Davis glanced at Lilia, who was curled up on his left forearm, and said tenderly, “Lilia, what do you want to play?”

“Big Brother, take me out. I want to see the outside world. It’s so dark here, I don’t like it.”


Davis reached his right hand under Lilia’s thigh and held her back with his left hand. He carried Lilia and walked out of the dark cave.

The volcano outside had stopped erupting. The hot magma had solidified, forming dark brown volcanic rocks. Only a few places were still emitting black smoke and dust, leaving the temperature of the volcano after the eruption.

Davis held Lilia in his arms. There was not a hint of l.u.s.t in his heart. It was as if Lilia was his daughter at the moment.

As time pa.s.sed, he could feel that Lilia in his arms had already relaxed.

Davis thought of a way to coax a child.

“Lilia, do you want to experience the feeling of weightlessness?”

Lilia had originally closed her eyes and sniffed the thick male scent on Davis’ body. After hearing Davis’ words, she raised her head and asked curiously, “Big brother, what is the feeling of weightlessness?”

“It’s probably the feeling of you diving deep into the water and being oppressed all over, but your body won’t be pulled by gravity.”

Lilia did not understand Davis’ words and only asked, “Big brother, will there be any danger?”

“As long as you trust me, there won’t be any danger.”

“Yes, I trust you.”

Davis gently threw Lilia into the sky.

Soon, Lilia did not have time to be surprised and fell back into Davis’ arms.

She hugged Davis tightly in fear, as her body tensed up.

“How was it? I didn’t lie to you, right? As long as you don’t move around, there won’t be any danger.”

Lilia remained silent. Her body kept trembling, showing the panic in her heart.

David did not force her.

After a while, Lilia said in her clear voice, “Big brother, I want to experience it again.”

“Ah!” As soon as Lilia finished speaking, she was thrown into the air by Davis, and then fell back into Davis’ arms again.

Moreover, this time, she was thrown even higher than the last time.

In Lilia’s eyes, the world shook violently, and then returned to peace.

Her little heart thumped.

“Big brother…” Lilia looked at Davis, blinking non-stop, indicating that she still wanted more.

“Ah!” Lilia was thrown up again, and she found screams again.

After that, Lilia was constantly thrown up, down, up, and down again by Davis…

Lilia was thrown higher and higher, and her screams became louder and louder.

In the end, her screams gradually turned into clear laughter.


Lilia kept laughing in mid-air, and her tense body gradually relaxed.

Davis also noticed the changes in Lilia, so when he threw Lilia, he spun a little.

Then Lilia did a spin in the air.

She spun quickly in the air a few times before she fell back into Davis’ arms.

This time, Lilia did not scream, but laughed loudly.

The more Davis threw, the louder Lilia laughed.

Her voice even vibrated because she was falling too fast.

Finally, Davis stopped throwing.

Lilia fell into Davis’ arms, her tongue sticking out of her mouth uncontrollably, her eyes turning white.

Her chest was still heaving up and down due to the intense movement.

Everything about her showed that she was having a good time.

Davis held Lilia quietly, not waking her up, but waiting for her to wake up naturally.

At this moment, Davis suddenly felt the temperature around him.

The heat from the volcano was so hot that sweat dripped from Davis’ forehead.

Lilia, who was in his arms, was also boiling hot, like boiling water.

It was so hot!

Davis felt that his arms and internal organs were melted by Lilia. It was unbearable for him.

However, Davis’ intuition told him that it was all related to the master-servant contract he had signed with Lilia.

Now was the most important moment.

Hence, he had to endure it.

His body could not help but tremble.

However, his body was not burned.

After a while, Lilia’s body gradually cooled down.

Davis’ body had been burned by Lilia to the point of numbness.

As Lilia’s body temperature dropped, her body grew larger and larger.

A girl grew up in Davis’ arms. From a small girl, she became a young girl, and finally, she became the mature and s.e.xy Lilia.

The temperature in the surrounding volcanoes also became lower and lower.

After the hot feeling subsided, when Davis looked at the surrounding scenery again, he found that the surroundings had become a green forest.

Not far away, there was a clear lake.

Davis carried Lilia, who had returned to her normal appearance, and walked steadily to the lakeside. He used the cool lake water to wipe Lilia’s face.

Due to the stimulation of the lake water, Lilia woke up.

She still shouted in a daze, “Big brother…”

“Lilia, I’m here.”

Lilia heard a familiar voice.

However, it was not the voice of the same ‘Big brother’.

Lilia opened her eyes forcefully.

This was because there was still some lake water at the corner of her eyes, and her vision was blocked.

She could only see a vague outline.

She shook her head to get rid of the water in her eyes.

When she looked at that person again, she saw Davis’ face.

“Master, why is it you?”

Davis was very surprised to see Lilia regain consciousness.

However, he did not think too much about it. Instead, he looked at the reflection in the lake.

A white wing had already appeared on his back.

Davis understood that his body had already returned to the appearance of an angel.


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