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Chapter 827 “Tire Them to Death (1)”

Not from the Celestial Realm? Everyone had to take a momentary pause to take in this astounding news. If she’s not from the Celestial Realm, then where? Another higher realm?

Loosening his arms around Bai Yan’s waist, Di Cang slowly came before He Chu Chu who’s still sprawled there on the floor after his attack. It’s dreadful for the lady. Not only did she suffer a severe injury by that strike, the ominous air felt suffocating in her current state like she’s being pressed down by a mountain.

“In addition to the human world, demon world, and celestial world, there’s also other worlds in-between these three. Since you’re no ethereal being from the underworld, it’s safe to a.s.sume you’re from the spirit world, or Spirit Realm by its official name, am I correct?”

Under that tyrannical gaze, He Chu Chu instinctively wanted to squirm away. “You… How did you know that?”

The Spirit Realm was located at the outermost edge of the Demon Realm, it’s also the main channel to the other realms like the human world. Due to the fact that the various realms were sealed and cut off from one another a thousand years ago, the Spirit Realm was also left in seclusion during long period of isolation, hence the reason why the demon elders didn’t realize this fact. But now that the barriers separating the various worlds has been shattered at the hands of Di Cang’s will, everything was quickly coming undone and returning to its original state from eons ago.

“I’ve said it already, those cowards from the Celestial Realm doesn’t have the guts to come make trouble for me!”

Feeling the man’s violent aura coming down above now that they’re only inches apart, He Chu Chu starts fl.u.s.tering in a panic: “Someone, quick, save me!”

The old followers that came with the lady trembled at the thought of confronting this menacing foe. Even so, they are the girl’s guardian and would carry out their duties as needed. With a stern heart, they force themselves to move forward.

“Have you asked for my opinion in making trouble for my man?” Bai Yan’s hand caresses her son’s head, she suddenly chuckles and interrupts the moment.

“You are nothing but a Monarch Rank, do you think you can stop us?!” One of the senior snaps at her.

“I can’t, but they can.” Pointing to the members of the demon council, her face showed confidence in them.

Infuriated by this mockery: “Don’t think just because Senior Wei is dead that you can insult us like so! They are nothing but beaten dogs that lost to us!”

In the world of demons, they are only afraid of Di Cang. As for everyone else, they don’t even consider them a target.

Ignoring the rude remark, Bai Yan comes before the fourth elder again and tosses over a storage bag.

“This is…” Fourth Elder made a surprised and confused face after inspecting the content.

Smiling: “These Dan pills are something I made while staying at the Misty Fairy House, they’re called Limitbreaker Dan Pill. Take one and your physical strength will exceed your original limits. For example, Fourth Elder, you are currently at the upper level of the Monarch Rank am I correct? With this you will be able to have the arm strength equal to a Celestial Rank!”


A pour of gasping sounds washed over these people; their looks filled with disbelief when facing Bai Yan’s gorgeous contour.

A pill capable of raising one’s arm strength by a whole rank? Where did she get such amazing recipes from?

Bai Yan didn’t do much to explain because in her view this wasn’t all that amazing. Sure, it does bring the user’s physical strength up by a whole rank after consumption, but this seventh-grade alchemic pill doesn’t truly changes ones inner power, making it somewhat superficial after the expiration period.

“Also, the other one in there is a type of eighth grade alchemic pill called Mending Dan Pill. You guys saw its effect earlier already when I threw one into Fourth Elder’s mouth. It can speed up one’s recovery if consumed.”

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