Adopted Soldier Chapter 107

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Chapter 107

Alex who was unaware of the rage within the maid, felt like he should send a message to Rachel and Eva, since the two didn’t know that they went to the arcade . He wanted to inform Rachel since she was part of the club, but it also felt like Eva was a part as well . It would be better to keep them posted as to what was happening, while the two were away .

Alex was going to send them different messages, but in the end he decided to simply forward the message he sent to the maid .

. . .

Rachel was in the middle of dodging her father’s attacks, which was getting even more difficult to do . This supposed family trip, turned out to be family training instead . Of course in the first day of their supposed family vacation they did have some family fun, playing at the beach . Going to an amus.e.m.e.nt park, and other such things, but on the second day the whole family except for Rachel decided to head to the mountains .

At first Rachel thought that they were going on a simple camping trip, or just going to have a simple hike, but no, it turned out her family wanted to have a fun training session . Rachel being the weakest of the group had difficulty in the first day, but after a few times being beaten down continuously by her father, the rage she felt for him rekindled greatly, and using that rage she got better and better until finally she was able to dodge some of his attacks .

Today was yet another horrible day, of her whole family fighting against her father, the one who isn’t able to touch him will be the one to catch lunch today . Seeing as catching lunch meant stalking the wildlife and killing it barehanded, Rachel was desperately trying to hit the b*stard of a father, until finally she was able to scratch him, it was by accident, but a hit is a hit .

Rachel finally fulfilling the quota of the day went back to the tents, where she picked up her phone . Upon picking up her phone she saw that she had received a message, and it was actually from that guy .

Excitedly she read the message, as she was reading the message her excitement turned into confusion, then into anger as she saw the picture he sent .

. . .

Evangeline Kain was in the main villa of the Kain family . She was sent here to discuss about what transpired during and after her kidnapping . She of course gave a detailed account about what had happened, how the driver betrayed her, how the mastermind called her a true blue Berdonian, and how her family was called traitors . Yet she skipped the part on how Alex saved her, as well as the bits and pieces she knew about Lilitth .

The elders of her family were deliberating about what to do next, in regards to this recent threat . While all of these was happening the Kain family had heard news of what happened to the Amamamis . When they heard this news, the patriarch of the Kain family, Eva’s father was greatly shaken .

While talking to Carlo Samarita back then, he thought he was the one in the superior position, cause even though Carlo was richer than him he thought his family had more influence than him, as they were an old distinguished family . Now he finds out that Carlo Samarita had trampled upon the Amamamis . A family much more influential than theirs .

Right now he as the patriarch was in a dilemma, it was a good thing that Carlo doesn’t seem to mind his actions back then . . . If he did mind and he decided to crush his family, just a snap of his fingers could obliterate his whole family .

Eva found it amusing how her father who was always so haughty act this way . Of course she wasn’t worried about the Samaritas retaliation, since she believe that the family of her prince charming, would never do anything overly excessive .

Before her thoughts could go deeper into this topic, she received a message from the person she was thinking about . At first she was super excited to receive a message from Alex, since this was the very first time he messaged her first, but when she saw the contents of the message, she was reeling in envy, and squirming in jealousy .

. . .

A few seconds after he sent the message Alex immediately got a reply, from both girls at the same time .

“Alex who is that little girl with you? Did you do something illegal? Are you actually that kind of person? I knew you were weird ever since the first time we met, but I didn’t think you would do something like that . Did you go crazy because you haven’t seen me for a few days?” (Rachel)

“Alex I’m sorry if you think I’m overstepping beyond my boundaries, but I think that going for someone so young is no good . ” (Eva)

Alex wasn’t really sure as to what they were talking about, but they must be misunderstanding something, actually they might think that he had kidnapped the little girl .

“The girl in the picture is my little sister Lilitth . ” After pressing send, as if they already had a reply ready, the two women replied immediately .

“A little sister?! Why am I just finding out about this now?! How come you never mentioned your sister to me? Are you sure you’re not just tricking me to get me off your back?” (Rachel)

“Is that girl Lilitth? Did you actually made someone who tried to kill you into your little sister?” (Eva)

Alex was surprised that Eva knew about Lilitth, that would mean she wasn’t fully asleep back then . This time he replied with two different messages .

“You didn’t ask so I didn’t think you wanted to know . Also my sister just got home, from studying in a prestigious school in the Southern Union . That’s why I haven’t been able to introduce you two . She came a day after you went on your family vacation . ” This was the reply Alex gave to Rachel .

“So you know the truth, I hope you don’t tell the others about it . Everyone thinks Lilitth is my blood related sister, that came home from the Southern Union . ” This was Alex’s reply to Eva .

“Really?! She came after I left, what a coincidence . I think she’s really cute, I hope to get home quickly so that I can meet her . Also Alex thanks for sharing this with me . ” (Rachel)

“Of course I wont tell anyone . ” (Eva)

“Well you are my friend, and a part of the club . So I think you are obligated to have this information . ” Alex replied to Rachel .

“Thank you . If that is all, I hope you have a good day . ” This was the reply to Eva .

When Eva saw Alex’s reply it felt like Alex wanted to end the conversation . Still she wanted to message Alex more, but held herself back since she didn’t want to push him too much . Also the time for her to speak with elders again was coming close, so she needed to prepare for that as well .

Rachel on the other hand didn’t reply as well, since she was being called back by her deadbeat father . She decided to call Alex later tonight for a more thorough investigation about his little sister .

Alex who wasn’t receiving any new messages, decided it was now alright to start playing .

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