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Chapter Ten Encounter At Intoxicated Fragrance House

An extremely quiet period pa.s.sed, the two working people were both completely concentrated and forgetting the time. Xue Zhuyue looked at the People’s Welfare Hall’s information, his sword eyebrows [1] creasing. Unexpectedly, behind the People’s Welfare Hall was Yin Yue country’s seventh prince, and with the imperial family’s struggles, this was a th.o.r.n.y situation. It wasn’t that they lacked power and mutual aggression, it was that, provoking the imperial family would cause the aftermath to be harder to deal with. Moreover, they didn’t wish to take part in the imperial family tearing apart their relations.

This seventh prince was currently the most doted on by the emperor and he had extraordinary means, he wasn’t an easy person to deal with. But according to Yi Yi’s nature, they would definitely fight against each other, no matter what. He didn’t know which was the best way to settle this matter.


After saying her own misgivings, Gu Weiyi turned silent. Naturally, she knew the power of influence. What was called the people having no part in government struggles because ordinary citizens had no way to resist or rebel against the power the government had. Even if gege were extremely wealthy, they wouldn’t be able to contend against a country.

It seems like they could only negotiate with the seventh prince by distributing benefits. After all, the medical shop had only recently rose up, compared to Wan Li mountain, the difference was too large.

“Ge, I want to have a chat with that seventh prince.”

“Out of the question!”

Xue Zhuyue immediately denied her without a second thought.

“Why?” Gu Weiyi doubtfully questioned, “Ge can accompany there, ah. Why can’t I?”

Xue Zhuyue frowned and tried to persude her, “Yi Yi, that seventh prince isn’t simple. He’s extremely dangerous and his thinking is extremely profound. Ge is anxious you won’t be able to take him.”

Gu Weiyi laughed, in her previous life, in order to survive, what sort of experience hadn’t she gone through. Although she enjoyed a carefree life as a rice weevil, she hadn’t forgotten her skills in a.s.sociating with other people. She had smoothly settled all sorts of crafty plots on the business scene, why would she be scared of a person from the ancient times?

“Second brother, do you still not believe in my strength? Moreover, even if I can’t cope, don’t I still have you?”

“Let’s go back and consult with big brother. Yi Yi, regarding this matter, you can’t be willful.” Xue Zhuyue muttered to himself and didn’t give her a direct answer. But Gu Weiyi knew, second brother, basically, wouldn’t oppose her. She just needed to pa.s.s through big brother, that checkpoint, and everything would be ok.

“Okay, it’s almost wu shi [2]. In a moment, Ge will bring you to Intoxicated Fragrance House to have your noon meal. That is a restaurant famous in the capital, the flavor is like no other, o.”

Gu Weiyi really looked forward to this. She had already heard of Intoxicated Fragrance’s reputation, now that she was allowed to come out, she wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

After handling the data and ledgers, the two people left together.

The capital’s streets were bustling. All sorts of brightly and magnificently dressed males and females walked to and fro and peddlers’ shouts rose one after another. It all seemed exceptionally lively.

In high spirits, Gu Weiyi looked all around as she walked behind Xue Zhuyue. He led her by her small hand as they walked along the pedestrian side.

She saw Intoxicated Fragrance’s sign from far away, and subsequently, bursts of the smell of the food and drink also floated over. Taking a deep breath, it was full of the smell which enticed people’s appet.i.tes. She excitedly pulled at Xue Zhuyue’s sleeve, “Ge, let’s go faster. Yi Yi’s stomach is very hungry.”

Tall, vermillion walls, elegant and gorgeous spiral staircases, cla.s.sical yet modern decorations. The boss of Intoxicated Fragrance really was an expert at doing business. It all nearly caused Gu Weiyi to suspect whether or not this boss had come from the twenty first century as well.

Entering the building, there was a large screen that was horizontally arranged. On the screen, there was a rhyming couplet written in regular script. There were guests milling all around, softly talking. In the wake of Xue Zhuyue walking into a private room on the second floor and having a waiter take their meal, Gu Weiyi couldn’t help but open her mouth and ask, “Little brother, what’s going on here, why is there so many people?”

The waiter had worked at Intoxicated Fragrance House for over ten years, he had seen countless high officials and n.o.ble persons, but he hadn’t ever met such graceful and beautiful gongzi before. Although the senior gongzi was cold and detached, he was beautiful enough to cause people to gasp in surprise; and although the younger gongzi wasn’t as beautiful yet, he was also extremely exquisite, one could vaguely see his magnificence later on. Hearing Gu Weiyi’s question, he was extremely happy to clear up the confusion. He promptly answered, “Little gongzi doesn’t know? Our Intoxicated Fragrance House has released a Infinite Absolute. If anyone can correctly solve the couplet, they will receive the privilege of eating any and every meal, free of charge in any Intoxicated Fragrance House, for all eternity. Does little gongzi have any interest in trying it out?”

So difficult? She had seen this couplet in a book before. Indeed, it was really difficult, but regarding her, who had long since already known the answer, answering it was extremely easy. But, she wished to see if anyone could correctly answer it in this dynasty. The wisdom of ancient people was actually very high. In later generations, they had only been able develop based on their (the ancient people’s) foundation.

“Ge, what do you think? My second brother is so intelligent, you can definitely answer, right?”

This demon, first she let him where a dunce hat, if he couldn’t answer correctly, she would certainly tease him. Xue Zhuyue warmly laughed, somewhat helpless.

He muttered in his heart and quickly thought of an answer. Looking at Yi Yi’s expectant gaze, he ordered the waiter to bring ink and paper, writing the ant.i.thetical couplet down. To the side, Gu Weiyi watched him and when she saw the first sentence he wrote down, she was endlessly astonished. Second brother is truly too awesome, what he wrote down was the exact same as the standard answer, ai! Xue Zhuyue turned around to instruct the waiter, “Give this to the manager.”

“Second brother, are you correct?”

“What?” Xue Zhuyue was puzzled. Gu Weiyi stuck out her tongue, really is rubbish. In any case, second brother was the same as her, she had done so many things, how could he still feel amazed?

They ordered several of Intoxicated Fragrance House’s signature dishes. Gu Weiyi ate with gusto, really wasn’t bad, it was comparable to food from a five star restaurant in modern times. Xue Zhuyue took out the fishbones for her, placing the deboned fish inside her small bowl. Gu Weiyi loved to eat fish, but she always felt that the fishbone was inconvenient. However, with big brother and second brother, she never had to worry about these matters.

Sometimes she would think, what good deed did she do in order to warrant her meeting them and experience such happiness.

Opening her mouth to eat the food that second brother personally put in her bowl, Gu Weiyi was very relaxed.

Right at this moment, a knock sounded at the door. It was the waiter.

“Gongzi, the manager wishes to meet you. Are the two of you willing to follow er de [3] to the loft?”

“Second brother, it must be the ant.i.thetical couplet you wrote down, scaring them into becoming celestial beings, so they wish to meet you!” Gu Weiyi happily said, “Let’s go meet Intoxicated Fragrance House’s legendary manager, okay?”

Xue Zhuyue couldn’t bear to throw away her good mood and nodded his head, “Lead the way.”

The so-called loft was the third floor, which was forbidden to people to enter. As it turned out, it was actually Intoxicated Fragrance House’s manager’s personal room. When they entered the room, there was the faint smell of incense. It was unusually and elegantly decorated. In the middle of the room, there was a sliding plum blossom screen, and a round table made of real wood emitted the faint smell of sandalwood. Placed on it was exquisite food and drinks, and at this moment, a black clothed scholarly gongzi sat there. His existence was practically the explanation of gentle as jade. He was simply sitting to the side, but the people who saw him felt their hearts immediately calming down. His five sensory organs weren’t the most handsome, but it caused people to feel like he was unmatched in his generation. His brows and eyes, lips and nose seemed as if a woman had used the softest brush to draw them, using the warmest mood to portray him. He was as gentle as water.

Gu Weiyi looked at him and couldn’t believe it.  Weren’t all merchants and businessmen treacherous and had deep features? At the very least, this type of person ought to be a cultured and refined gongzi of an influential family.

Upon seeing them enter, the black clothed gongzi gently smiled. Suddenly, it felt as if a hundred flowers had bloomed. “Two gongzi, please sit.”

His voice was clear, like spring water, causing people to become intoxicated. This was the first time Gu Weiyi, apart from the two gege, felt a good opinion towards a male and lowered her vigilance.

But, Xue Zhuyue wasn’t too pleased, Yi Yi’s admiring gaze caused him to feel jealous. This male was quite remarkable and possessed a sunshine-like warmth that they (the two brothers) would never possess. They lived in the darkness, they were monsters with hands were covered in blood. They could only forever struggle in despair. And this male was so dazzling, his existence was something they (the two brothers) both envied and hated.

[1] sword eyebrows – you can read about these eyebrows [2] wu shi – 11am to 1pm [3] er de – I (when speaking to a superior)

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