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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

The youth’s eyes narrowed, about to open his mouth to speak . Suddenly, the imperial body guard moved and blocked him with his body, “Sir, be careful . This miscreant isn’t easy to deal with . ”

However, the Crown Prince still didn’t calm down, beckoning his aide, Fu Sheng, to him . Hearing what the Crown Prince had said, he sneered . “ Right now, there are 7 princes, and all of them have the capability to inherit the throne . You punk, how can you be a king?”

Chen Li laughed, but her smile was cold . “You want to rule this era? You are too reckless . ” Brandishing her spear, she waved it once and only a gleam of silver could be seen before everybody felt their belts loosening . A loud clang of a sword sounded as one dropped to the ground, and with the clang, also sounded everybody’s belts and underpants falling . Everybody rushed in panic, desperately pulling up their pants .

Chen Li’s lips hooked up into a smile, but before it could spread, a pair of warm hands covered her eyes . Behind her, Xing Yun sighed, “Don’t look; Too dirty . ”

For a moment, Chen Li was so shocked by the warm hand covering her eyes that she had even forgotten to scold him to let go . Not caring that she had just turned several men naked, Xing Yun still had always looked at her as a girl under his care .

As a real woman… . .

When everybody realised what happened, they all picked up their swords hurriedly, hobbling back awkwardly whilst holding up their pants . However, Fu Sheng’s belt seemed to be a bit different as he had no hint of embarra.s.sment on his face but instead an expression of pondering . His eyes stared at Chen Li for a moment, before ultimately deciding not to say a thing and went with the others . Now, there was only Chen Li and Xing Yun, 2 inside the flames and charcoaled remains of the house .

Chen Li put away her silver spear, but did not touch Xing Yun’s hand . Her eyelashes brushed against his palm as she said . “ Let’s go . I’ll send you to Prince Rui’s residence . ”

Then it’s time to leave .

“Ok . ” Xing Yun agreed, his tone a little high . He let go of Chen Li and watched the burning flames . “Wait a bit . ”

Chen Li turned her head to the side to look at Xing Yun . The raging fire was reflected in his pupils, his lips had a rare frown on it . She suddenly remembered what Xing Yun said to Rui w.a.n.g yesterday . He said that he wanted to stay in his small courtyard because it was his home, but now it was being destroyed, swallowed up in the raging flames . His mood, how could it be good?

Chen Li’s fists tightened . If she could, she would’ve definitely made the Crown Prince pay . But if she were to use more of her powers, then in but a few days, the pursuers would’ve definitely come to kill her . She cannot continue to stay here . Chen Li gazed into the fire, slowly burning the courtyard to ashes . She knows that her time here has come to an end, but, her heart has never felt so reluctant to leave . In the end, what to do……

“I don’t know how long it’ll burn . ” In Chen Li’s somber silence, Xing Yun suddenly muttered to himself . “This way, I can’t know if the fish in the pond is still edible, raising so many, what a waste . ”

“Y-You… You were actually just thinking about that?!?”

“Otherwise, what else would I be thinking?”

Chen Li took a deep breath and grabbed Xing Yun by his collar and moved .

The garden in Prince Rui’s palace was silent . Suddenly, there was a flash of silver light, and 2 figures abruptly appeared in the garden . Xing Yun walked as he glanced at the moonlight above them and sighed . “Moving thousands of miles with magic really is far move convenient, but why did you have to choose this inhabited garden?”

“Do you think I want to come here?” Chen Li shot back . “This is because I cannot locate Prince Rui’s bedroom . ”

Xing Yun smiled . “It’s still your job to find him . ” He moved forward to step out of the small garden, but Chen Li grabbed his wrist . “ Don’t you see the strange thing here?!”

“What’s strange?” His ears couldn’t hear anything but the chirping of insects, and his eyes could only see the shadows of the trees against the moonlight . It looked no different from any other night . Chen Li waved her hands and caught something, something tiny . “ During the day, I didn’t even see it . Why would Prince Rui want to raise so many unformed demon sprits?”

Xing Yun raised his eyebrow, releasing his wrist while Chen Li wasn’t paying attention . He walked out of the pavilion, and in the silence, he spread out his arms . Walking 2 steps forward, he turned to Chen Li and confidently said, “There is no malice . I cannot see the so called demon spirit, but I can determine the atmosphere . Chen Li, you worry too much . ”

However, it wasn’t that Chen Li was worrying too much, but rather, because Xing Yun could not see what was happening . Here, the power of heaven and earth was overwhelming in b.a.l.l.s of light, resembling clouds of fireflies within a beautiful, midsummer night . In the moonlit garden, it illuminated every corner . He did not know that, when he walked forward and spread open his arms, he was like a mortal so magnificent, to even be able to receive the admirations of the G.o.ds themselves as he embraced the dazzling light . It was so bright that Chen Li even had to squint her eyes, countless thoughts running in her head .

This man, who had awoken her from the nightmare . This man, who opened his umbrella to protect her from the drizzling rain . This man, who rested as pockets of sun fell on him through the grapevines . One who could make her feel so at ease, this kind of man… . .

“Come . ” 2 steps away, Xing Yun held out his hand . “If you are afraid, I’ll hold you . ”

He to her, he really sees her as a woman… . She cannot look, cannot look .

Chen Li grabbed his palm forcefully and pulled him, making him stagger 2 steps forward . Before he could recover, Chen Li roughly hit him and pulled his robe . Xing Yun had an almost dazed look . “Why did you?”

“Did you forget who was standing in front of you?”

Xing Yun froze for a long time before letting out a helpless smile . “ Yes, mighty Chen Li . I didn’t mean to look down on you… . . ”

“You listen well, I want to tell you something . ” Chen Li didn’t bother listening to Xing Yun, just staring at him sternly . “I’m about to fall for you . ”

The crickets chirp . Chen Li’s words were the only things spoken in the silence, sticking in Xing Yun’s ears . After a while, he simply grinned . “Ok, got it, let’s go!”

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