A Wizard's Secret Chapter 667 – : Settled!

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Chapter 667: Settled!

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Merlin seemed to recall that there was another Spell Caster who had used a Darkness-type spell. Looking at this female Wizard who was also a Darkness Wizard, Merlin could tell at a glance that she already cultivated the Fusion Pandora Demon Ability, Darkness Heart.

Merlin clearly remembered Darkness Heart. It was originally a Pandora Demon Ability from Abyss Fort.

“You’re a Spell Caster from Abyss Fort?”

Merlin hesitated before asking.

“Yes, I’m a Spell Caster from Abyss Fort. My name is Yulais! Please take me with you, Wizard Merlin.”

Yulais knew that Merlin was her only hope. She had just seen how powerful Merlin was when he had defeated five powerful Great Wizards alone. This was unheard of. Perhaps only Ozmu’s First Elder Kleis could compare to him.

Therefore, Yulais wanted to seize the opportunity to remain beside Merlin. That way, she would not have to be cautious of everything and be on the run like before, constantly worrying about being found by Ozmu.

Most importantly, Yulais had seen Merlin use Darkness Eye. It was the genuine Darkness Eye with unimaginable power.

Although Yulais had a fake cultivation method for Darkness Eye in her hands, she was also eager to obtain the true cultivation method for Darkness Eye. That way, there would be a chance to rebuild Abyss Fort and fulfill what her Teacher had entrusted to her.

“I have some special relations to Abyss Fort. Since you’re not afraid, then come up.”

Yulais’ heart soared. She did not hesitate upon looking at the ferocious and frightening three-headed dragon, and directly jumped on the three-headed dragon’s head, standing beside Merlin.

The three-headed dragon spread its wings, and roared loudly at the sky to vent its dissatisfaction at Yulais. Although it had submitted itself to Merlin, it was still very proud. In the three-headed dragon’s view, a mere Fourth-level Spell Caster like Yulais was not qualified to stand on its back.

However, the three-headed dragon did not dare to disobey Merlin’s order. It merely roared angrily, and its huge body quickly flew toward the north.

In an ordinary castle, Wizard Tamo and Wizard Gilles had just opened their eyes, their faces showed traces of helplessness. They were still a little concerned as they thought about what had happened a few days ago

There were five Great Wizards, and Wizard Tamo was even a peak Great Wizard. However, they were completely helpless against that powerful Spell Caster.

“Wizard Tamo, you’ve received the news too. The First Elder has already gone to the northern Spell Caster world. I’m afraid the decisive battle with the Seven Major Spell Caster organizations will begin soon. However, we have no way of contacting the First Elder, so we can’t report this news to him.”

Wizard Gilles said calmly. He knew that this matter was too important and had to be reported to the First Elder immediately. However, they could not contact the First Elder now. Even a grand Great Wizard like him felt anxious.

“Wizard Gilles, what do you think of Wizard Merlin in comparison to the First Elder?”

Wizard Tamo suddenly raised his head and asked.

“The First Elder?”

Wizard Gilles was slightly stunned. After careful consideration, he shook his head helplessly. “There’s no comparison. The First Elder became a Great Legend with Six-Elemental spells. His strength is terrifying. In addition, he also has special Spatial Pandora Demon Abilities, which makes his power even more unimaginable. At least, the First Elder would easily win against the Seven Major Spell Caster organizations of the northern Spell Caster world. As for Merlin, he’s too mysterious. His life force is also faintly similar to the First Elder’s…”

Wizard Gilles trailed off. His meaning was very clear. The First Elder was powerful but Merlin was not weak either. Without a proper battle, they would not know who was better.


Wizard Tamo’s eyes suddenly sharpened, and he said in a deep voice, “Of course his life force is similar. That’s because Merlin is also a Six-Elemental Spell Caster! We must go to the northern Spell Caster world at once and report this information to the First Elder. I have a feeling that the northern Spell Caster world isn’t anything at all but in the entire Spell Caster world, Merlin will definitely become the First Elder’s as well as Ozmu’s greatest enemy!”

Wizard Tamo immediately stood up. In his heart, Ozmu’s greatest enemy was not the Seven Major Spell Caster organizations of the northern Spell Caster world but the mysterious and strange Wizard who had suddenly appeared – Wizard Merlin.

Thus, the two Great Wizards did not return to Ozmu Headquarters, and instead flew to the northern Spell Caster world.


The huge three-headed dragon spread its wings, and found an open clearing in the dense forest to rest.

The three-headed dragon was a “big eater”, and needed to eat large amounts of food every once in a while, such as drinking a small river dry before.

They had been flying for three days and three nights straight, and the three-headed dragon was somewhat unable to keep going. It had long wanted to gorge itself but without Merlin’s approval, it did not dare to leave without permission no matter how hungry it was.

“Go. Remember, come back here before dawn tomorrow!”

Merlin waved his hand at the three-headed dragon. Immediately, the three-headed dragon gave a jubilant roar, and spread its wings, quickly flying to the skies and heading deeper into the dense forest.

Some powerful monsters in this dense forest were going to suffer a calamity!

Merlin closed his eyes to recuperate, and silently waited for the three-headed dragon. Previously, it was just Merlin and the three-headed dragon, so Merlin stayed quiet for a few days. However, this time, there was another Wizard, Yulais.

Yulais watched Merlin with a complicated look. Since the last time she had exchanged some simple words with Merlin, they had not said a word to each other for the past few days.

Yulais wanted to say something but hesitated. She wanted to ask Merlin about Darkness Eye. That was the most important thing to her.

After a long moment, Yulais seemed to make up her mind. She came to Merlin’s side and hesitated before saying, “Wizard Merlin, have you really cultivated Darkness Eye?”

Merlin opened his eyes, and calmly glanced at Yulais. He nodded and said, “Yes, I’ve cultivated Darkness Eye. Why? Do you want to learn it?”

Merlin’s words seemed to see through Yulais’ thoughts. Yulais was slightly stunned and seemed to be at a loss.

Merlin laughed. How could Yulais’ thoughts be hidden from him?

Wizard Yulais had very high quality as a Darkness Wizard, and her gift for Darkness-type spells was even far greater than Merlin. After all, not every Darkness Wizard would be able to cultivate Darkness Heart.

In Abyss Fort, anyone who could cultivate Darkness Heart would be a Spell Caster valued by Abyss Fort.

“Wizard Merlin, I want to learn Darkness Eye. Please accept me as your disciple!”

Yulais bit her lip tightly, and finally made up her mind although she knew that this request was overboard and even rude. After all, Merlin had not only saved her but he was even willing to let her follow him along the way. In fact, he was protecting her.

However, she put forward the request of cultivating Darkness Eye. Even Yulais herself felt that it was extremely rude. However, she had no other choice. She could not give up this opportunity.

Merlin’s eyes narrowed slightly. His gaze seemed to become deep.

“Which Wizard was your teacher in Abyss Fort?”

Merlin did not directly answer Yulais, and asked softly instead.

“It’s Teacher Hobbes. He gave me a cultivation method for Darkness Eye but he personally told me that it was fake, telling me to never cultivate it. However, even such a fake cultivation method for Darkness Eye attracted Ozmu to capture anyone who narrowly escaped Abyss Fort.”

It was the first time Yulais had mentioned that the cultivation method for Darkness Eye she had was fake. However, Yulais also knew that while other Wizards might not be able to tell, Merlin, who had the real Darkness Eye, would definitely be able to authenticate it.

Therefore, even if she had told the truth, to Merlin, he had already long known about it.

“Wizard Hobbes?”

Merlin indeed already knew. He pondered for a moment. To be honest, he owed a favor to Abyss Fort. Back then, Wizard Leo had used a fake cultivation method for Darkness Eye to cheat and gain the Abyss Fort’s Pandora Demon Ability Darkness Heart.

The fake cultivation method for Darkness Eye with Yulais was actually Wizard Leo’s work. This matter had a great deal to do with Merlin.

When he returned to the Glorious Land this time, he did not expect to encounter a Spell Caster from Abyss Fort. It somewhat made him want to sigh.

“You really want to cultivate Darkness Eye? I’ll tell you the truth now. Darkness Eye isn’t easily cultivated. Out of ten, nine will die, and only one will live. Once you’ve cultivated it, there’s no turning back!”

Merlin stared solemnly at Yulais as he said.

“Ah? Wizard Merlin, you’re willing to teach me Darkness Eye? No matter how dangerous or difficult Darkness Eye is, I’ll definitely put in effort to cultivate it. This is Teacher Hobbes’ lifelong wish.”

Yulais was overjoyed. She did not think that Merlin would agree so easily.

“I won’t accept you as a disciple. However, I have some relations with Abyss Fort in the past, so it’s perfectly appropriate to pa.s.s on Darkness Eye to you!”

Merlin laughed but did not tell Yulais the story in detail. In the beginning, Wizard Leo had used a fake Darkness Eye to cheat and gain Abyss Fort’s Darkness Heart. It was a ruse.

However, Merlin returned to the Glorious Land and successfully cultivated Darkness Eye to its seventh-form. Pa.s.sing on Darkness Eye to a Spell Caster from Abyss Fort could be considered making up to Abyss Fort on behalf of Teacher Leo.

Although Darkness Eye was dangerous, it was a special Pandora Demon Ability that the Legend of Darkness, Wizard Oflas, created to control powerful and gifted Spell Casters. However, Oflas would only be able to control them if they had cultivated it to its seventh-form.

Merlin did not think that anyone from the Glorious Land would be able to cultivate Darkness Eye to its seventh-form. Therefore, it was quite safe for Yulais to cultivate Darkness Eye.

Thus, Merlin cast a Hallucinating spell, and used it to firmly imprint the detailed cultivation method for Darkness Eye deep into Yulais’ mind, settling an entanglement with Abyss Castle.

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