A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 709 – Shen Yuechuan, You Can't Be That Selfish (1)

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Chapter 709 Shen Yuechuan, You Can’t Be That Selfish (1)

Xiao Yunyun had stayed in the hospital for a period of time because of an illness when she was a kid.

Xiao Guoshan and Su Yunjin were very busy, so it was the doctors in white gown who accompanied her during that painful time.

She decided to become a doctor when she grew up, right after being discharged from the hospital. Just like those doctors who cured her, she would also treat every patient warmly, cure them and help them all the way to their moment of discharge from the hospital happily.

She had a falling out with Su Yunjin just to be true to her wish, then left the place where she had lived since childhood and studied overseas as an exchange student.

She finally put on a white gown after five years of med school studies. She was about to graduate and was qualified to be a regular doctor…

However, the president had just told her that the hospital was going to fire her, and the school was also going to expel her from school?

If she had really made an inexcusable mistake, she was willing to bear such serious consequences.

But she didn’t. It was Lin Zhixia who had framed her. The money was obviously in Lin Zhixia’s hands.

She forced herself to calm down, then she looked directly into the president’s eyes and requested, “President, I can prove my innocence. Please give me a chance.”

“…” The president didn’t speak, and looked at Xiao Yunyun with embarra.s.sment.

She was unwilling to compromise, adding, “President, I wouldn’t have been tempted even if it were 80,000 yuan, let alone 8,000 yuan. I have no reason to ruin my reputation and future for the sake of 8,000 yuan.”

“I know,” the president finally agreed. “But now, the clamoring crowd demanding your expulsion is very loud on the Internet. It concerns the reputation of the hospital. I have to deal with it as soon as possible.”

“Give me one more day,” Xiao Yunyun said, “before getting off work today, if I can’t prove that I am innocent, I’m willing to accept the punishment from both the hospital and the school.”

At this time, Dr. Xu pushed the door open and went straight to the president’s desk, saying, “President, I promise with my reputation that Yunyun would have never done that kind of thing. Give her one more day. Don’t strangle such a medical talent.”

The president hesitated for a while, but finally agreed. He emphasized, “Remember, you only have one day.”

Xiao Yunyun didn’t want to waste time. She turned around and ran out of the president’s office.

Dr. Xu chased after her and asked, “How can you prove that you were framed?”

Xiao Yunyun thought about it, and calmly said, “The last straw that breaks the camel’s back is the extra money amounting to 8,000 yuan in my account. The key is that I didn’t deposit that sum of money at all. Finding out who deposited that sum of money into my account should be helpful to improve the situation somewhat.”

Dr. Xu pondered for two seconds. “Want me to go with you?”

Xiao Yunyun was stunned and shook her head with a smile. “No, I can do it by myself.”


Dr. Xu looked at the slender Xiao Yunyun; he couldn’t imagine how such a girl as her would deal with those things.

“No ‘buts’.” Xiao Yunyun smiled lightly. “Patients need you more than I, especially Mr. Lin.”

“Are you still worrying about Mr. Lin?” Dr. Xu looked at Xiao Yunyun in surprise. “You wouldn’t be in such a plight if it weren’t for his daughter.”

“He’s just the patient, taking his family matters aside,” Xiao Yunyun said helplessly, “Dr. Liang said that as doctors we should try to make a difference between the patients and their family members, no matter how troublesome they may be.”

Dr. Xu couldn’t help laughing. “If you need help, contact me at any time.”

Xiao Yunyun nodded. She returned to the office, then took the car keys and went straight to the bank.

She took a number and the note read: “There are still 17 people before you.”

Xiao Yunyun thought that she didn’t have much time to waste on waiting, but she couldn’t cut in line. What could she do?

Coincidentally, Qin Han called her just then.

The young master was more direct than anyone else. He asked straight off, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yes,” Xiao Yunyun said hesitantly, “I am in XX bank. I want to investigate the source of the deposit the day before yesterday, but there are too many people waiting ahead of me.”

“Well, I’m the business partner of that bank.” Young Master Qin didn’t take it seriously and asked with a casual tone, “Which branch are you in?”

“The branch in Huaxia Road.”

“Got it,” Qin Han said, “I’ll call the manager right away.”

In less than two minutes after Xiao Yunyun hung up the phone, a girl in bank uniform walked to the waiting area and asked, “Who is Miss Xiao?”

Xiao Yunyun raised her hand and answered, “It’s me.”

“h.e.l.lo, Miss Xiao.” The staff politely made an ushering gesture and said, “I’ll lead you to our manager’s office.”

Xiao Yunyun had no time to exchange pleasantries with the manager; she directly told him her purpose.

The manager nodded and replied, “This can be investigated. Please show me your ID and bank card.”

After the verification, the manager swiped the bank card to make an investigation. Then he wrote down the address on a note and handed it to Xiao Yunyun. “At ten o’clock the night before yesterday, you made a deposit of 8,000 yuan to an ATM with your card. We can’t confirm whether you operated it personally. You need to go to the branch according to the address.”

“Thank you.”

Xiao Yunyun took the note and walked out of the bank. She got in the car, located the address and went to the other branch.

She explained the purpose of her visit to the lobby manager. The latter looked at her and said meaningfully, “Oh, you’re the intern hotly discussed on the Internet, aren’t you?”

Xiao Yunyun’s eyes were instantly covered with frost, and she looked directly into the manager’s eyes. “What do you want to say? Which intern am I?”

No matter which intern Xiao Yunyun was, she had entered the bank as a client. At the moment, the look in the eyes of this client made the lobby manager wary.

The lobby manager coughed and looked at Xiao Yunyun with disdain. “You don’t have the right to order us to play the surveillance video.”

“Why?” Xiao Yunyun suppressed the anger in her heart and tried to calmly say, “Eight thousand yuan was deposited in my account for no reason. Can’t I find out the source?”

“For no reason?” The manager sneered and looked at Xiao Yunyun meaningfully.

Xiao Yunyun’s face became clouded. “I’m requesting to watch the surveillance video. You only need to answer yes or no. If you continue to beat around the bush, your name will soon be on the wall of complaints.”

The lobby manager rolled his eyes at Xiao Yunyun and said, “You’re not allowed to watch our surveillance video. Who do you think you are!”

“Oh…” Xiao Yunyun coldly asked, “Why?”

“Because not everyone is allowed to watch our surveillance videos,” the lobby manager looked elsewhere and replied arrogantly, “It may concerns the privacy of our clients. We don’t know what your purpose is. How could it be possible for us to play it for you?”

According to the lobby manager’s att.i.tude, it was impossible for her to make such a tough request.

Xiao Yunyun had to calm down and ask, “How can I watch the video?”

The lobby manager snorted and said, “Go and report the case to the police station, then bring the police here, or you can get the police certificate. Then we can show you the video.”

At this time, the bank manager came out of the office in a hurry and walked to meet Xiao Yunyun. “Are you Miss Xiao?”

Xiao Yunyun replied with a “hmm” and thought that there was a turning point, but the bank manager just said, “Mr. Qin made a phone call just now. I’m really sorry that I didn’t serve you in time. But Lin is right. If you want to watch the surveillance video, you really need to make the police come here. So, could you please go to the police station?”

“Lin?” Xiao Yunyun looked at the lobby manager, and there was a faint suspicion in her heart. “Sir, what is the full name of this lobby manager?”

“Lin Zhiqiu.” The bank manager asked in confusion, “Miss Xiao, why do you ask this?”

“Lin Zhiqiu? You have something to do with Lin Zhixia, don’t you?” She took a step towards the lobby manager and said slowly, “Maybe you know how the money was deposited into my account. However, you’d better have nothing to do with this matter, otherwise, you’ll receive more than a mere complaint.”

After that, Xiao Yunyun stepped out of the bank.

The bank manager stared at Lin Zhiqiu and asked, “What did Miss Xiao mean just now?”

Lin Zhiqiu replied evasively, “I… I don’t know what she’s talking about.”

“You’d better wish that’s true,” the manager said angrily, “Do you know why I came out? The young master of Qin Enterprises called personally. The girl is not as lonely as she seems!”

Lin Zhiqiu understood the manager’s meaning—Xiao Yunyun had the Qin Enterprises as her backer at least.

He vaguely felt a little uneasy…

Outside, Xiao Yunyun got in the car searched the address of the city police station; she then set up the navigation and directly drove forward.

Unfortunately, it was lunch break, so Xiao Yunyun could only sit in the waiting area.

“You’re Jian’an’s cousin, right?” Captain Yan pa.s.sed by and happened to see Xiao Yunyun. He went over and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Xiao Yunyun thought for a moment and remembered that she had seen this person at the party when Xiyu and Xiangyi were one month old. Su Jian’an also introduced him to her. He was the captain of the vice squad with whom she had worked, and he was surnamed Yan.

“Captain Yan.” Xiao Yunyun stood up. “I’m here to deal with something. Well, to report something… to the police.”

“Wait a moment,” Captain Yan said, “I’ll call a colleague to help you deal with it.”

Xiao Yunyun was extremely grateful, but after listening to her story, the police officer said that this matter couldn’t be processed immediately.

“Why?” Xiao Yunyun couldn’t help saying in a somewhat altered tone, “The money was inexplicably deposited to my account. I was framed, and I’m going to be expelled from the hospital and the school. Why can’t this be processed?”

“Calm down. We can help you investigate it,” said the police officer. “However, your matter cannot be considered as a “case,” and it should be dealt with in order. So, you need to wait.”

There was less than half a day left for Xiao Yunyun. Clutching the last glimmer of hope she asked, “How long do I have to wait?”

“One or two days, maybe three,” the police officer said, “and you should first fill in the form we’ll give you later. We’ll contact you if there’s any progress.”

She couldn’t wait for a half day, let alone a whole day.

But those were the rules. There was no difference between her problem and the others’ being taken care of. She had no right to ask the police to deal with her case first.

Xiao Yunyun left the police station after filling in the form. She felt that the autumn wind was a little cooler; not even the sun could dispel the chill.

She had to hold herself in the cold wind and get some warmth from her own arms…

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