A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality Chapter 1053: Nascent Soul Convergence

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A bolt of lightning suddenly crashed from the sky and ruptured in dazzling golden light, dispersing half of the ghost face in an instant.

The face let out a miserable scream, but the attack only provoked it further. Just as Grand Immortal Xu rejoiced from the a.s.sistance, the ghost bit down on his neck.

Endless layers of crimson light engulfed him in an instant.

He sensed his body quickly eroding within the crimson light. Frightened, he hastily chanted a strange incantation and surrounded his body in a layer of golden light. It briefly shrunk before exploding.

Golden light flared, scattering the crimson around him, followed by a Nascent Soul flittering out from it. It used instantaneous movement to blink over thirty meters away.

“You want to run?” Corpse Xiong coldly snorted and fiercely grabbed at the air.

A cloud of black Qi suddenly condensed above the Nascent Soul, creating a large hand that swept down towards it. Its very appearance seemed to suppress an area of thirty meters around it with its vast pressure.

Immortal Xu inwardly cursed at the sight.

If it were before the ambush, his Nascent Soul would’ve been able to easily teleport farther away and even have the power to break past the Black Wind Flag’s restriction. After all, the Nascent Soul congealed from his cultivation was immensely powerful and had the ability to fight without a body.

As he had already exhausted most of his spiritual power inside the sea of blood, he stood little chance at resisting this technique.

Meanwhile, Han Li was standing a hundred meters with his hands behind his back, wearing an indifferent expression. He appeared to be unwilling to take any further action after releasing his earlier bolt of lightning.

With no other option, Immortal Xu could only run with all his might.

He channeled his remaining magic power and had his Nascent Soul open its mouth to spit out a metal medallion in preparation to use his soulbound magic treasure to escape.

But then, silver light flashed and a man appeared above the black hand. He raised his arm and a dragon’s cry sounded out. In a bright flare, a green streak glowing with golden light shot out, striking the large hand.

A huge hole instantly exploded in the hand, and countless thin arcs of lightning wildly raged through the air, collapsing the black Qi.

The silhouette in the silver light then blurred, arriving over thirty meters away and quickly moving to Immortal Xu’s Nascent Soul.

He rejoiced in his escape of death and instantly glowed as he flew farther away.

Although the silhouette in silver light had saved him, he wasn’t about to trust his life in the hands of another.

The silhouette ignored this gesture and instead turned to face Corpse Xiong and the others.

The Keen Spirit Peac.o.c.k had received an order from Immortal Xu and its body trembled, launching several of its long tail feathers towards the Lion Hawk.

Rainbow light surged from the attack, forcing the Lion Hawk to withdraw.

The purple mist was dissolved by the rainbow light, creating a large opening.

The peac.o.c.k took advantage of this opportunity to wildly flap its wings, strangely warping its body like smoke as it twisted its way through the mist and rus.h.i.+ng to the side of Immortal Xu’s Nascent Soul.

The Nascent Soul rejoiced and the two immediately converged. An inconceivable scene followed.

The peac.o.c.k opened its mouth and swallowed his Nascent Soul. It soon let out a clear cry, and the peac.o.c.k flared its feathers.

Suddenly, blinding rainbow light then submerged and hid the bird’s body.

At nearly the same time, a cloud of black-white Qi suddenly warped close to the Silver-winged Nightfiend and Lin Yinping’s battle.

Gui Ling appeared and the Nightfiend’s expression froze as soon as he saw her.

She expressionlessly glanced at him, and simply sent him a few voice transmissions before taking any further actions.

His expression faintly s.h.i.+fted and he pondered to himself for a brief moment before drawing out a long sigh. He waved his hands and released Lin Yinping from the a.s.sault, having his Ghosfiend Threads return to him in a dense and ma.s.sive wave.

Lin Yinping rejoiced and thought to escape, but Gui Ling had other plans. Her figure blurred and suddenly arrived at Lin Yinping’s side with the huge silver axe raised. She swung down without any hesitation, light flaring from the weapon.

In her fright, Lin Yinping pointed to her embroidered cloth desperately wis.h.i.+ng for it to block the attack.

But in a strange flash of light, a huge tiger phantom appeared from the axe and pounced towards her.

A rip sounded out as the embroidered cloth was split in two, and the tiger phantom immediately covered the woman in a ball of yellow Qi.

A fishy scent enveloped her and she inwardly cursed. Her head drooped and her body soon plummeted through the air.

Gui Ling then formed an incantation gesture and had the cloud of yellow Qi firmly constrict her.

Black-white Qi surged and Lin Yinping disappeared from her original location. She reappeared at Han Li’s side in a flicker.

As this all happened, Corpse Xiong hadn’t yet to take action. He simply observed with a cold indifference.

With their orders accomplished, the human-like puppet and Gui Ling blurred, reappearing behind Han Li.

Rather than taking even a glance at his new hostage, he wore an odd expression as he looked in a different location.

The rainbow light s.h.i.+ning from the peac.o.c.k was brilliant, and only grew more intense with time.

“Fellow Daoist Han! What are you scheming?” A thunderous voice rumbled out from the blinding light. The voice resembled Immortal Xu’s but was much harsher and carried a furious and violent tone.

“Didn’t I help you by saving Fellow Daoist Lin?” Han Li replied with indifference.

“Oh? So it seems I’ve been overly suspicious,” the voice from the rainbow light softened and the light faded to reveal the Keen Spirit Peac.o.c.k. However, it was much larger than before and there was a s.h.i.+ning white face on top of its head. The face was hollow and transparent, but it was clearly Immortal Xu.

But when he saw that Lin Yinping was unconscious, he wore a worried gaze.

“Relax, I don’t do anything to her, but I have a few things I must ask of you. I hope you won’t disappoint me,” Han Li calmly said.

“Are you threatening me?” The face’s expression sank with faint anger.

“I wouldn’t dare, but don’t forget what you said. Fellow Daoist Lin is by my side only so that you don’t do anything…unbecoming of your position. You’re not going to turn back on your promise, are you?” Han Li sneered and his expression turned sinister.

Immortal Xu’s expression remained unwavering and turned his gaze, “How about we settle this after we deal with the demons before us?”

Han Li stroked his chin and said, “That’s fine. I had the same idea.”

His indifferent att.i.tude came as a shock to the grand immortal. He found himself at a loss of what to say.

Han Li faintly smiled and gave a command to Gui Ling. After, the two flew forward along with the human-like puppet.

When they arrived near the blood sea, they stopped and Han Li glanced at Corpse Xiong, saying, “As the overlord of Myriad Demon Valley, you should’ve come to Kunwu Mountain on important business. So have I, and these two are useful to me, so I’ll be taking them for the time being. I hope you don’t take offense.” Han Li’s words were gentle, but his tone was unyielding, much to the fury of the Nightfiend and the Lion Hawk.

Corpse Xiong suddenly broke his silence, “Fellow Daoist, you are named Han Li, correct? And you also come from the Heavenly South?”

Han Li paused and he cautiously answered, “That’s right. Do you plan on seeking revenge?”

“Not at all. I can turn a blind eye to your actions this time, but only once. The next time you meddle in our affairs, you’ll never see the Heavenly South again.” A green flame surged from Corpse Xiong’s eyes for just a moment.

When Han Li heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched, but he simply wore a silent smile.

Corpse Xiong grasped his hands in an incantation gesture and pointed to the crimson light in the distance.

The light flickered and turned into a huge crimson blade. It then descended towards the blood sea.

The ghost face previously scattered reappeared from the blood blade and sneered.

Then, the sea combined into a pillar of blood and flew into the ghost face’s mouth, soon disappearing in the blink of an eye.

While the blood blade appeared no different than before, the stench of blood was far more putrid.

Corpse Xiong then beckoned to the two demons before flying in the direction of the palace.

In the blink of an eye, the three disappeared without a trace. Corpse Xiong seemed to have another objective in mind, and seemed to have persuaded the two demons to follow him.

Han Li narrowed his eyes to a s.h.i.+ning cold glint.

He then turned around and said, “Alright, Brother Xu should have no trouble answering my questions now!”

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