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Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 32: So Bad Luck (Part 2)

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I definitely did not enjoy translating this chapter. Not sure which one was worst, describing dead body or open wound fracture. 

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Zhuo Qing still had not figured out what to do, just heard a strong wind flashed through the side of her ears, followed by a loud sound of movement. Staring to look at, a fist sized rock rolled all the way forward, Zhuo Qing’s back went cold, she obviously did not move that rock, where did the rock come from?!

“Who is that?!” Inside the cave, an alert male’s voice lowly roared.

Zhuo Qing’s heart was panicky, hurriedly retreated to squeeze into the bushes on the side, suddenly one pair of big hands grabbed her shoulder. One hand was covering her mouth, while she was dragged to the side. Zhuo Qing was shocked, struggling with all her might, then her ears heard both familiar and unfamiliar male sounds, lowly echoed: “I will draw him to go out, you go in to save the person.”

This voice? It was…. Qian Jing? Zhuo Qing no longer struggled, the hand that grabbed her also let go at last. Zhuo Qing hurriedly turned around, hazy rain fog, towards a pair of deep like peaceful eyes, the person who came was indeed Qian Jing. But this time, his eyes were solemn, and as different as they could be than his ordinarily sloppy’s appearance, Zhuo Qing was absent minded for a split second.

Qian Jing lightly pushed her to the side of the cave near the back of the mountain rocks, he ran towards the pole, and stood outside. Qian Jing put both of his hands on the hips, while his mouth shouted: “In broad daylight, clear sky, unexpectedly and violently s.n.a.t.c.hed a woman from an ordinary family, Xiao Ye (he’s calling himself Xiao Ye this time) could not just watch and do nothing, still did not come out to accept your death!”

Zhuo Qing immediately filled her head with sinister thought, it was obviously clouded and covered with dense, moonless night and high wind, where did the broad day light come from, clear sky, he was really that hooligan whom she was familiar with! Feeling apprehensive in her heart, Zhuo Qing was sticking closed to the rocks’ wall, carefully hiding herself. Suddenly, a light flew out of the cave, Qian Jing jumped side way, had barely dodged it, afterward, a silvery light unexpectedly returned to the cave once again. Zhuo Qing was fearful secretly, what kind of weapon was it.

“Immature and inexperienced small child, watched it that Yeye did not chop you up!” Along with a rude roar, one tall and robust big person showed up, the strong and muscular’ body could somewhat scare people. Zhuo Qing carefully looked at the weapon on his hand, discovered that his arm was twisted with several thin iron chains, underneath the iron chains were hanging a ball smaller than a fist, the surface of the ball was densely packed, flashing coldness barbs. If it hit you, you were sure to be mutilated badly.

Zhuo Qing held her breath, curled up her body tighter, only heard Qian Jing sneered: “Then just look who will die first!” The throwing knife flew out advancing towards that big person. The big person stroke the ball out, a bang bang sound, the throwing knife and the ball stroke with a trace of spark. The big person did not take it lying down, waved the iron chain with his hand to attack Qian Jing, Qian Jing flew backwards. The big person pursued the retreating enemy, the two weapons came into contact, the sound of plants were swaying more and more distant. Zhuo Qing lifted up her long skirt, agilely ran to go in.

The cave was quite big, there was a burning fire in the middle, a small corner, a disheveled and ragged woman was curling up on the ground, she was frightened and staring at her, the thin body was shivering repeatedly.

Zhuo Qing stepped forward, urgently said: “Stand up quickly, follow me.”

The woman not only did not stand up, she was also still afraid and withdrawn, Zhuo Qing pulled the woman’s arm to support her to stand up, at the same time explained: “You are Ru-er, right, it is Qi Tian Yu who makes us come to save you, do not ask too many questions, we will leave now and put off this discussion until later.”

It wasn’t easy to pull the woman to stand up, she was nevertheless still leaning on her closely and trembling repeatedly, motionless. Zhuo Qing was anxious, still did not speak, the woman concealed the glistening teardrops from her eyes, miserably looking at her, with a trembling voice said: “I can not move my leg….”

You could not move? Zhuo Qing raised her leg, a burn flame reflection, Zhuo Qing finally saw clearly that the woman’s right leg had a distinct open fracture unexpectedly.

“Darn it!” Zhuo Qing lowly cursed, the wound cut was unusually big, the bone calf was severely exposed, the flesh was ripped apart, too late to treat and fix it, this servant girl’s leg would be crippled, so to speak, the wound was too large and already started an infection that could take her young life! No wonder that man dared to leave her by herself in the cave, he already broke her leg at an earlier time, let alone tried to run away, she could not even crawl out of this cave!

Looking at the circ.u.mstances of the wound surface and the woman’s somewhat apathetic’s expression, this injury was certainly more than 12 hours. She could not carry her, if she dragged her, afraid after walking not too far, outside was also full of weeds and dried up branches, if there was one more infection…. Zhuo Qing judged the circ.u.mstances rapidly, supported the woman to sit down, ran to the side of the bonfire, looked for two dry branches, returned to the woman’s side. She was tearing her skirt to make some strips of clothes, while saying lowly: “You must endure it!”

Ru-er still did not response, Zhuo Qing already grabbed her calf, the technique to set the bone straight up was fast and accurate.

“Aahhh…..” The pain from the restoring of the bone made Ru-er nearly fainted, slowly coming back with great difficulty, Zhuo Qing already helped to use the branches to fasten the wound properly, a long sigh of relief, Zhuo Qing supported her to stand up again, and asked: “Can you move it?” Everything was entirely a stop gap measure, the strips of clothing were rotating around the right leg tightly, could only ensure that she would not suffer a second fracture, without the disinfection, the infection was inevitable, just wished that she could withstand to go!

Lightly moving the right leg, still hurt, but could already use strength! Ru-er lowered her lips, exerted strength to nod and answer: “I can, let us go, ok!”

“Let us go.” Zhuo Qing was supporting Ru-er to go to the outside of the cave, her heart secretly exclaimed in admiration, one tenacious and smart woman.

“Go to which direction?!”

Two people walked away, the big person’s black and robust silhouette appeared, somewhat complacent, laughed heartily and said: “Thinking to lure an enemy away from his territory, how many years you regarded Laozi to muddle along in Jiang Hu, entirely and clearly in vain!”

Ru-er’s body could not help trembling, Zhuo Qing’s heart raised to her throat, this was the first time that she clearly felt her own frantic heartbeat. Supporting Ru-er, they both retreated all the way, until the ice cold of the wall rocks, no s.p.a.ce to retreat anymore.

The fire was burning more and more, Zhuo Qing’s skirt was already torn into a miniskirt, inside the pants that she was wearing was also so thin. The big person’s expression was dark, his gaze was looking up and down at Zhuo Qing: “Ck, ck, ck, the heavens treat me better ah… This woman is more exciting!”

The big person approached step by step, just in time when his hand was going to grab Zhuo Qing’s shoulder at once, one frivolous edge of blade was flying to attack, the big person promptly dodged his hand. Zhuo Qing also seized the opportunity to drag Ru-er to run to the other direction, who would have thought, after running out for a few steps, Zhuo Qing’s neck was tightened, one fierce power grasped to pull her back. In a moment of desperation, Zhuo Qing could only let go, and pushed Ru-er’s sleeveless garment firmly, wanted to push her outside the cave, just in time time for Qian Jing to come in and catch her head on.

Dragging Zhuo Qing to stand in front of himself, the big person fearlessly shouted: “Young brats, you and I do not have any grievance and animosity in the past or today, I do not want to kill you, you seem to be in a tangle, do not blame me for being ruthless.”

With her neck was covered and pulled by the big person’s iron chain tightly, Zhuo Qing was nearly breathless, with flushed complexion, Qian Jing’s cold phoenix eyes, helped Ru-er up. Qian Jing turned around, with cold voice answered: “You and I indeed do not have any hatred and desire for revenge, but one person’s wealth is also another person’s calamity, if you really have the ability, just fight with me alone, only can take a woman as a shield, mouth shows off as vicious and fierce, are you still a man!?”

“Using this negative remarks method to spur Laozi into action is useless!” The big person used his strength to pull the iron chain. Zhuo Qing was breathing sluggishly, breathing deeply became extremely difficult. Looking at Qian Jing clenched his hand into a fist momentarily, the big person knew that he caught the right person, with a stern voice shouted: “It is best that you obediently throw away the throwing knives that are in your hand, otherwise I will snap her throat!”

Wishing to cry but there was no tears, it was already sufficient to describe her feeling now, ever since she came to this terrible place, she just walked into misfortune continuously, her neck repeatedly suffered a calamity!! Exhausting her full strength to keep on breathing, Zhuo Qing originally thought that Qian Jing would be the same as last time to pretend to take things less seriously and continue to infuriate the big person, then trying to find the opportunity to counterattack, in any case, he already rescued Ru-er.

Who would have thought…

Bang, bang, a clear and loud sound echoed, leaving behind silvery lights of the thin edge of the blades that were thrown away to the ground. Zhuo Qing was staring at Qian Jing, was he crazy?! Did not have the throwing knives, how could he fight with the big person? How he could do it, not only he was unable to save them, but also would have to indemnify for his own life! Or, he still had other hidden throwing knives somewhere else?

“You should also throw away the throwing knives that are on your waist, do not think to play trick on me!” Obviously the big person was also antic.i.p.ated this point. Qian Jing hesitated in a moment, the big person tightened the iron chain one more time. Zhuo Qing who was in pain coughed.

Must not throw away ah! Disregarding the pain on her neck, Zhuo Qing was staring at Qian Jing firmly, by all means, you should not throw away!! The four eyes were staring for a short period of time, with serene and deep eyes, Zhuo Qing could not see what he was thinking in the end, her ears simply heard a few more sounds, a few thin edge of blades already fell to the ground.

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