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Chapter 817: Unt.i.tled

In the great hall downstairs, Mo Wushuang, Ye Wei, and Ye Hailan stared at An Xunuo until she felt exceptionally uncomfortable. An Xunuo subconsciously went to look for Ye Ningyuan, who was in the central atrium with Green Dragon.

Ye Wei turned her face around. “This la.s.s…”

Ye Wei had this illusion that she had become another person except toward Ye Ningyuan. “Don’t touch me.”

“Mommy, Daddy is the only person who likes it when you touch him. n.o.body else does.”

“Shut up.”

Mo Wushuang smiled with squinted eyes.

“Hailan, can you treat her?”

“I’m not all-capable.” Ye Hailan licked her lips. “While I am very overpowered at treating wounds from fights, both external and internal injuries, I’ve never seen something like this. Besides, my powers aren’t that stable. If anything happens, elder brother will…”

She made a cutthroat gesture. Mo Wushuang looked at An Xunuo curiously whilst propping up her head. “So she’s cousin’s type, huh? It’s kind of out of my expectations. I was of the opinion he would like someone similar to Auntie Eleven’s character.”

Ye Wei also propped her head up as she stared at An Xunuo. “He used to like people of such character, but his style changed in a flash. Now, he has a thing for lolis… What a substantial change in preference indeed…”

An Xunuo coldly looked at them as she did not like people judging her. Ye Wei pondered as she sized her up. Wasn’t this la.s.s’ character s.h.i.+ft a tad bizarre?

She was like a loli before Ye Ningyuan but utterly cold before them. She could seemingly see a silhouette of her through her cold gaze. Ye Wei secretly wondered if that was why Ning Ning took a liking to her.

“Mommy, allow me to remind you that Daddy doesn’t like it when you stare at others for too long: be it other women, men, boys, girls, or even your darling daughter.”

“What he does not like is none of my business.” Ye Wei slammed the table. “Mo Wushuang, shut up, please.”

Mo Wushuang smiled with squinted eyes.

Ye Wei walked out of the great hall and left the few girls behind to talk amongst themselves. Xunuo, with her current character, would end up being made fun of by Mo Wushuang and Ye Hailan. All was good as long as they did not get into fistfights. Green Dragon had ordered her to go down, and Ye Wei seriously asked him, “Are you sure that that la.s.s has really lost her memory?”

“That’s an affirmative. You have got a problem with that?”

“Her character s.h.i.+ft is so huge it’s unbelievable.”

“Auntie, she has been like this since day one.”

“You’re the exception?”

Ye Ningyuan nodded. Ye Wei was taken aback.

He looked at Xunuo in the great hall, and Ye Wei tapped his shoulder. “You really like her?”

“Auntie, what are you saying?”

“Stop acting dumb.”

“You’re mistaken. It’s not that kind of like,” Ye Ningyuan said. He hesitated before saying, “I just hope to give her happier times before she regains her memories.”

Such days would be few and far between in time to come.

“Her body…”

Ye Ningyuan, knowing what Ye Wei was about to say, described what happened last night to her. Ye Wei was aghast. She really thought Ning Ning… She looked at some part of his body quizzically, and Ye Ningyuan gave her a despising look.

She didn’t have to be this blatant, no?

“What an old virgin.” Ye Wei looked at him even more disdainfully.

Ye Ningyuan smiled at her with squinted eyes as he reminded her. “Auntie, allow me to remind you that the man in your house is a properly old virgin.”

Ye Wei remained unfazed. “You will definitely surpa.s.s him, so wait until the day you become the gold standard. How do you hug her to sleep every night and nothing happens? Darling, are you okay?”

Ye Ningyuan was lost for words.

“Auntie, you ought to return to Rome before your Gorgeous Mo Jue flies into a rage with unthinkable consequences.”

“The day after tomorrow.” Ye Wei waved her hands.

The surroundings fell silent at night. At the moment, An Xunuo was watching a movie. Her head, since last night, was starting to hurt.

She did not tell Ye Ningyuan about the many blurred images that flashed through her mind chaotically when she killed them.

The intensity from the overwhelming images stemmed from the all too familiar violence in her memories. She struck quickly as though it were instinct. She took a life, and she knew she took it quickly and precisely.

Especially when she saw the battered bodies on the ground, it sent her into a chaotic confusion and fear that she did not dare to think about.

Some gruesome images were replayed in her mind. She tilted her head and was thinking about them in a loss when she saw Ye Ningyuan. Her dearest daddy had come to pick her up, and the images in her mind were interrupted.

This night, her head started to hurt painfully.

To her, the cheerful chatter at the dinner table seemed especially distant whilst indescribable and blurred images flashed through her head… An Xunuo felt terrible.

When she saw the video, she felt extremely terrible as though needles were p.r.i.c.king her head. She could not help but ram her head into the gla.s.s table.

“Daddy…” She tried to look for Ye Ningyuan. All she had to do was to get to the study room. Her daddy would hug her and her world would become peaceful and serene once again. This was why she loved to remain by his side.

As long as he was present, she was not in pain.

Suddenly, a loud explosion came from behind An Xunuo, and she turned around as though she were hit by something. When she saw the burning fire on the screen, her eyes became reddened and she paused for a moment…

Her eyes were wide open as though she saw something terrible. Bullets streaking the entire place immediately followed, and a chaotic battle ensued. She shuddered as though she were in an igloo, and her face turned pale…


Michael’s face clearly appeared in her mind, and it was as though the image on the screen changed. She saw her daddy’s body coldly lie before her, and then…

Michael reminded her before his death. She saw the scalpel she held cut her most beloved father up in b.l.o.o.d.y cuts. She was so skilled to the point it was as though she was dissecting a figurine rather than her father.

Despite tears flowing down her face, she was so strong that her hands did not tremble. Despite the revolting and brutal scene before her, she seemed as though she was used to it.

An Xunuo felt coldness surge up from beneath her. The unbearable pain, like a knife stabbing into her brain, agitating her, crashed into her head from all around.

Who would save her? Who would save her daddy?

She saw herself take out that chip from the dissected body…

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